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  1. I think millionaires and billionaires are inconsiderate, they should give me some of their money even though I didn't earn it or deserve it. Spoken like a true Troll.... Not really.
  2. It seems like you want to have all the rights, but not the people who actually own this website. Its their website, you have to play by their rules. Deal with it.
  3. "All of us now understand that you don't like challenge caches" Really? Because I never said that. Stop putting words in my mouth. Thank you. "and that you like restricting my activity" I didn't create the rules, so I have no clue how I am restricting your activity.
  4. I think the rules are pretty simple. You are just steamed because you can't hide the type of cache you want to hide, so you are making a big deal about this and trying to pull the "slippery slope" cliche.
  5. Yea that's it. They are creating rules just for the sake of creating rules. That's the ticket.
  6. Personally I would not say anything to him until he had one of my coins.
  7. The interesting thing about forums, is that you don't have to read every thread or respond to them.
  8. What concerns? I hope its not how she looks, since this game is far more gritty and realistic than any other game. Besides, the game comes out next March. Which is probably why we have heard nothing since January.
  9. OK, I'll bite: what is the origin of the term "muggle" if not the immensely popular book series that predates geocaching and uses the term in the magical world exactly the same way you've just explained that it's used in the geocaching world? Who said anything about it using the term in the magical world exactly the same way? All I said was that it doesn't have its origin in Harry Potter. Google it if you want to learn more. I was thinking the same thing. My friends had a band in the 90's called "Muggles". It still has the 1920's meaning to me no matter how many times I watch a Potter movie or see it on this website.
  10. Having just dealt with a cache thief, I would suggest just letting it go. Confronting a person who has the gall to steal a cache and hide it as their own is not going to solve anything. It is just going to create more drama and make you a target. That is of course if this person actually stole it. If they did find the camouflage on their own you are going to create drama by accusing somebody of theft. That is how I look at it.
  11. So not having a skill is derogatory to you? I have no clue how to do plenty of things. People pointing that out is in no way an insult. It is not belittling. It just just simple a fact. This is just another example of somebody grasping to be offended.
  12. Why are you calling yourself a snob? Stop hitting yourself.
  13. How dare Groundspeak run their company the way they want!!!! And I leave next to an airport. I don't hear the planes anymore. Its just ambient noise at this point.
  14. They were the first ones to find it. Does not matter if they gave out the coords before they submitted them to geocaching.com. It has nothing to due with ethics. And I do not see how they are being dishonest about anything.
  15. What karma? She did nothing to this CO. She has no control over other people's caches. If I were this lady I would just move on.
  16. That is a cool place. I have a cache hidden near there.
  17. I know! The trinkets are worthless! Maybe to you. Its one of my favorite things about geocaching. I have a nice collection of "worthless" stuff that I think is awesome. So people taking a trinket and putting down a nickel really annoys me.
  18. Bad cache, bad cache. Whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when I try to find you?
  19. Because they think its an even trade when they take a trinket. But its not.
  20. Most New York City playgrounds do not permit adults without children. Wow! I almost can't believe that. I'm kidless by choice. I'd totally feel discriminated against by that rule/law/whatever is is. Do those without kids have to pay any taxes for those parks? Do 4 legged kids count? Here in Vegas, there are huge SID fees (thousands of dollars) for master planned communities. I'd be really upset if I had to pay that and then couldn't enjoy the park. No the kids don't pay taxes. But there parents voted on this law. And it passed and it should be respected. I don't feel discriminated when I can't go into a womens restroom at a park.
  21. Why no respect for the local laws that people voted on? Instead you just insult them. If you think its silly, then do something about it.
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