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  1. In my case, not an Explorist 500, but a Colorado 300, but it shows the limits of the Blacberry I had to use my Blackberry Bold 9000 with CacheSense for weeks following a Return for Maintenance of my Colorado. These weeks have been awfull and made me see how usefull and simple was geocaching with the Colorado. The capability of live access to Groundspeak site given by the Blackberry doesn't worth all the capabilities of the Colorado, ond other actual geocaching GPS. Hereafter are some of the problems I had: - Battery not designed for heavy whole day geocaching, and too expensive to have spare ones. - Sensibillity not that great and accuracy perfectible - Slowlyness - Java bugs (java exceptions) crashing the handset - With no embedded maps, necessary to use Google Map or Blackberry Map ==> Not usable possible when no 3G coverage and battery consumption - When Map download is possible, necessary first to select/filter caches, to see them on the map. On this point the Colorado is very conveniant, when using it whatever is the map (road or topo), I see whole caches in the erea, even if not using the geocaching feature. However, using the Blackberry made me try geocaching with no GPS, when the handset switched off after having arrived in the cache area, interesting experience
  2. Hi all, I'm facing the same problem with the USB port on my Colorado 300 wich seems to be broken, the metallic part moving in the slot. The USB contact is not that great, from time to time it is possible to have the USB connection when moving the cable in some positions in the USB port. Could not be blocking for use as, as said above, the SD card can be use to put GPX files. The problem is that I use it in my car too (helpful for FTF with a Garmin cable. The electric contact is no more relaible enough to have the power supply. Fortunatelly, when I bought it, I took an extended warranty and I'm going to ship it to the retailer.
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