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  1. Riverina Geocaching has had a group going for a while too. The Riverina area is in South West NSW, but you would know that if you are in the area. You can find info here - www.rivcache.com and contact us too if you want to join, or just meet up with some of the locals. .
  2. I will be there in NOV 09, and will be looking for a local team to show me the sights too. So, Pioneer 'n' Tiff, if you are interested in another trip then, we might be able to catch up too. And maybe an event could be on the cards too? I might be looking for a few more from the US to come down to OZ for our 1st Mega event next Easter. Greg Roostaman
  3. MEGA UPDATE : After only 3 weeks we now have OVER 100 TEAMS who have given their commitment with lots more still not sure. It also takes the tally to 250 people attending - just 1/2 of the required number & still there are lots of Aussie cachers not aware of this event. Please keep spreading the word at the upcoming Xmas events and ask your fellow cachers to log their interest on here so we can track the growing numbers and lodge our request for Mega Event status.
  4. There is a topic in the Australia section of the forums. For anyone interested in going to Oz for their 1st MEGA Event, here is the topic ---> http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=207953 There is plenty of time for you to plan a holiday for easter 2010 and make the trip worthwhile. Cheers, Roostaman on behalf of Riverina Geocaching
  5. Error in post - please refer to announcement here ---> http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=207953 Thank you.
  6. This notice is for all potential travellers to Australia in 2010. Welcome to the launch of the first ever Geocaching Mega Event in Australia. The exciting 4 day event will be held from Good Friday 2nd April 2010 till Monday 5th April. The location will be at Wagga Wagga, in the Riverina, NSW. Wagga Wagga: Wagga Wagga is the largest inland city in NSW with a population of around 70,000. There are around 130 caches located within an 18 km radius. The city is very close to the geographical centre between Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and is nestled on the banks of the magnificent Murrumbidgee River. Wagga Wagga is a dynamic and cosmopolitan regional city with thriving businesses, and boasts fantastic sports and arts communities. The city offers a temperate climate, is rich in cultural heritage and has a wealth of fantastic attractions making it an ideal destination for visitors all year round. It is the gateway to many attractions within the Riverina. The Venue: The location is at "The Kurrajong Reserve" on the Oura Road, 4 km's outside Wagga Wagga. The 15 acres of natural bush reserve is owned by the Scout Association," Riverina Division". Included in the amenities are two large halls, 2 toilet blocks, 2 shower blocks, permanent skip bin and 12 wheelie bins, multiple bar-b-q facilities, and a 70 person bunk accommodation facility, which includes beds with a fitted sheet. But the highlight is a picturesque facility that can stage up to 1700 campers with privacy all around, and is the ideal location for geocachers. A nominal fee per night for campers. A small event was held at this site Easter 2007. The scouting association's "Kurrajong Reserve" has full liability insurance and Geocaching.com has a "disclaimer" when you join, that all cache seekers assume all risks involved in seeking a cache. Mega Event Committee: A group of local cachers have formed Riverina Geocaching and will be hosts of the event. Your Mega Event Local Committee currently consists of 17 and is keen and fully ready to host and display the great community spirit that Wagga is famous for. The group will be growing and evolving as time progresses, and starts with - 1. The Farmers 5 - 2 adults and 7 kids 2. Roostaman - 2 adults 3. The Lucas's - 2 adults 4. Fred 6603 - 2 adults 5. baby and Mrs gopher - 2 adults Extra committee on the weekend will include - Mr. Coffee and the coffee clan - 2 adults and 2 kids, and Marcus Vitruvius - 2 adults. The local committee has 140 hides between them and over 4000 cache finds altogether and have a wealth of experience in staging events of all types. The host group will conduct and be on hand for the 4 days with enthusiasm that will be unrivaled. The Exciting 4 Days: We anticipate that Easter Friday will be a big travelling day from all destinations. Easter Saturday will see the host committee hold the registration of all Geocacher teams. Each team will be presented with a free gift pack from the Wagga Wagga Tourist Information Centre. The event will be listed on the Wagga Tourism website and featured in Canberra and Albury newspapers. Your free team gift of a logo'd carry bag will consist of a Wagga Map, Riverina Map, Wiradjuri Walking Track Map, a large 56 page visitors guide, 12 other special brochures, stickers and a logo'd pen. The Mayor of Wagga will then give a welcoming speech to all geocachers on behalf of the "City of Wagga Wagga". A special one off "commemorative event geocoin" will be available at the event. Some exciting things are planned including a puzzle cache that commences in each capital city prior to the event and finishes at the one spot in Wagga for big prizes. Melbourne will be organised by Alansee and Mr Coffee. Sydney will be conducted by Richary. Brisbane will be organised by Green Gecko. Adelaide is handled by Cached. Canberra will be co-ordinated by mtbikeroz. Hobart's link and puzzle cache will be organized by Redtag. The keen Perth contingent will be conducted by Two +Four. Multiple Event caches will be happening for terrific prizes on Easter Saturday. There will be many puzzle competitions, guessing events, lots of geokids competitions and fun games and other ideas include: 1/ Geocoin table session. 2/ Garmin representative talk 3/ Mystery events for the kids 4/ Giant campfire. 5/ local wine prizes from nearby wineries close to the camp and much more confirmed later. You will be given a rare chance to experience the unique sport of "Bowhunting" and it will be available after special arrangement with the "Riverina Bowhunters" exclusive course. This pristine private area has target shooting of artificial moose, wild deer, pigs, boar and even 3D crocodiles floating on picturesque lakes, plus numerous other animals on a course set out at various distances in a natural bushland. Voted one of the best venues in Australia. All equipment is supplied. All ages are permitted and various Bowhunting gear is available for categories for a small nominal fee and will thrill any geocacher. Team Crackers has very kindly donated a spectacular "Fireworks Show" at the camp for the Saturday night and will be a finale to thrill the crowds in a night-time extravaganza. Sponsor: This much anticipated event has a sponsor and is a well known "Outdoors Retailer" that will be revealed later. Minor sponsors will feature with some exciting involvement as well. Why not arrange your annual holidays to coincide with this great adventure and be part of the 1st Geocaching Mega Event to be held in Australia. What we would like each team to do here on the forum. 1/ List your team name and how many people would be attending, even if it's a "maybe at this stage". 2/ State your intention to stay at the camp or elsewhere. 3/ Suggest any ideas for the event. We will look at them all. 4/ Pass on the message to other Geocachers, some are not on the forums Riverina Geocaching realise you will have plenty of questions. We have many more exciting parts to reveal too, but can't do confirmations until the event is listed. Remember this is for Easter 2010 not 2009. The event will be very exciting with fun times for all and the chance to meet all those great geocaching teams from around Australia. The Event can not be listed as a Mega event until March 2009 and when at least 500 people have given their intentions to attend. This announcement is also listed on the Geocaching Australia & NZ Forums. Riverina Geocaching is looking forward to your positive responses.
  7. Hi. I live in Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia and it is a sister city for Leavenworth, Kansas. I was hoping to find a geocacher who would like to help me and help them complete a cache. It's waypoint is GC4226 and is called 'Sisters'. Very simple to do just need some pictures of the Welcome sign to Leavenworth, even better if there is a mention of the Sister city to Wagga Wagga. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks, Roostaman - riverina2@bigpond.com
  8. Hi to all. I am so new to this I haven't even got my new GPS yet. I bought it on ebay so it should be here soon. I can't wait to get into this sport. It looks like much fun. Greg the RoosterMan Wagga Wagga NSW Australia
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