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  1. Hi all I was wondering if any have tried to connect a GPS to the iPad with the camara connection kit ? My idea was to download GPX files with the iPad and then transfer them to the GPS. Now Im thinking of it I could probably take out the sd-card in my Oregon 300 GPS and put that in the camera connection kit. But have any one tried any of this ?
  2. The Stats page does not look right in Firefox, compared to IE.
  3. Sigh. Workin' on it. we are many that can not live without that great script. So keep up the good work
  4. I can confirm it works again for me.
  5. I have some problems too. However it seems to only affect Firefox. If I go to "Skagen" I get this message But it works for me in IE6
  6. Hmm.. Yeah works fine here too. I'll try again at work where it didnt work, or maybe my tongue is sitting the right way now
  7. Hi all.. When I go to this page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx and choose "-Unknown Cache" - "By State/Country" and choose "Denmark" the first page shows correctly only unknown caches. However when going to page 2 it then shows all types. That must be a bug ?
  8. Boost

    Track Analyzer

    Hi. I know this is an old topic, but is the program still under development (Maybe the source code is available) ? I would like the statistics outputted in metric instead of miles and feet. I have a Garmin Legend HCx where I use POI's for the caches. How do I combine the geocaches with the tracklog gpx file ? Thanks Boost
  9. See this post. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=182072 Maybe that has something to do with the overhaul of the Travel Bug maps ?
  10. SmartGPX should do the trick. Have thought about it myself, but hadn't tested it yet. See info here: http://www.smartcaching.de/smartgpx.html
  11. I tried cachemate on my pocket pc, but I dont like the cachenav. The navigation window is just about half the screen. But the way it handles found/not founds is superb. I have tried writing to the authors of BeeLineGPS but no response.
  12. Only problem I have with BeeLineGPS is that it does not seem possible to sort on found date. So when coming home from a cache hunt, I have to look at each entry to see which ones I found so I can log it on geocaching.com. And GSAK does not support the exported GPX file. Any one have a better way to do this ?
  13. I can confirm that. Im using Firefox 2.0.6
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