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  1. I've been using a similar device for as long as I can remember. I call it a pencil.
  2. The FCC? (Yes, I am aware this is not covered by the FCC, just making a point) It's also not covered under the first amendment. I guess it might be if the OP is a member of congress but we all know how hard those people work and they would never have had time for geocaching.
  3. For the prices you are charging, I strongly recomend that people check the manufactureres site first. They will likely be a lot cheaper.
  4. He is getting a fairly reasonable rate for shipping so it's not all bad.
  5. I like searching eBay and then when I find one I like Google search the coin. Most coins on eBay are available from the original manufacturer much cheaper.
  6. Howard Carter found one in Egypt a while ago that was pretty big and quite valuable.
  7. http://www.google.com/webmasters/igoogle/t...h%20translation
  8. Use a combination lock and make it a multi. First cache has the combination and lat/lon of the final .... or get a combo lock that you can set the numbers on and set the combination to the last 3 digits of either the latitude or longitude. Cheers, Panda Inc Or to be truly diabolical, make the coordinates to the locked ammo box. Draw or paint on the outside of the ammo box the lat and long of a film canister that has the combination.
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