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  1. I don't know if this is related, but I found today that the builder will crash if you create message to the player with custom buttons to click, and any of the buttons have a comma in their text. I was creating a message at the beginning asking if the player wants to autosave the cartridge, with the two button choices of "Yes, Autosave" or "No thanks". It crashed everytime until I removed the comma in the first button text.
  2. The philosophy I use on my caches is that hints are for finding the cache, not solving a puzzle, finding parking, taking the right trail, etc. If it's a tough puzzle, I try to put hints in the cache description, ask them to email me, etc, for solving the puzzle . The hint, if any, is just to help them zero in on the correct area, once they near GZ. That said, my feeling on urban micros or high-muggle caches is that the challenge should be in retrieving, signing, and replacing the cache without attracting undue attention, not spending 30 minutes searching. I don't enjoy crawling around on all fours, looking in shrubbery in front of the library while dozens of people gawk at me, and I figure other cachers don't either. I will all but blatantly tell exactly where the cache is hidden in the cache description and hint for these type caches, and let folks enjoy employing their ninja skills for the grab. Just my .02...
  3. Can someone explain this in non-programmer layman's terms how to add this to my cartridge? Can I use the new Edit Author Script function in the latest builder?
  4. If you're going to leave golf balls in a cache, make sure they are Titleist Pro V1's or maybe Nike One Platinums -- no Top Flites, Pinnacles or Dunlops please. Now THAT'S quality swag!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I tried it again on my home computer (before, I was at work) using IE7 and it seemed to work OK. I added a few caches to one of my bookmarked lists and then it started acting up again. Just now, I tried viewing bookmarks using Firefox and it seemed to work OK. I guess I need to go strictly to Firefox, but I've never been able to get used to that browser.
  6. I've always had problems viewing bookmark lists, my own or others, especially if they are more than one page. It doesn't matter which computer I'm using, or whether I'm at home or work. I'll pull up a list, click to view the next page, and the same caches will be listed as on the first page. Sometimes, I'll click the drop-down box to change it to display 50 caches on a page instead of the default 20, but it will still only show 20 caches. Other times, it works fine. Just now, I was trying to view Jeremy's bookmarked list of oldest caches by state. Page one starts with a cache called "High" Desert. If I click to go to page two, or three, or fifteen, I still get the same list starting with "High" Desert. I'm using IE and haven't tried it on Firefox. I couldn't find anything elsewhere on the forums relating to this. Is it just me?
  7. Are your tasks both active and visible? Yes, as I said, they appear when run on the handheld. I also found that if I went to the "Locations", "You See", or "Inventory" screens, and more than 4 zones, items or characters exist there (& are visible and active), I couldn't scroll down and view the ones at the bottom. So basically, it's a scrolling problem. I can only see what's viewable on the screen at the top and nothing I click on on the emulator will scroll the screen down. No one else has experienced this?
  8. I had the same lock-up issues with the tutorial cartridge on my M5, especially locking up when I tried to scroll the screen. Each time I reset it, I could get a little farther in the game. After about 5 tries, it locked up while displaying the completion code. Success!!! .... I think. I loaded and ran another locationless cartridge that worked fine, then built my own simple test cartridge that also ran with no problems. I'm wondering if it was the more intensive media in the tutorial? Still experimenting....
  9. I created a test cartridge and ran it on the emulator, but couldn't see any of the tasks, just zones, objects and inventory. When I ran it on my PPC, the tasks were there at the bottom (had to scroll down some). No matter what I try, I can't scroll down to the tasks on the emulator. Am I doing something wrong? Wherigo Builder - Beta 2.0.4927.3981 3/27/2008 Running Windows Vista and PPC is Garmin iQue M5.
  10. A group of us cachers, most of which played GPS The Game (movie promo) two years ago, went to the showing in Houston last Thursday night. We organized it too late to make it a smiley event, but it was fun nonetheless. The movie was a campy, slasher/thriller, but pretty well done for a low-budget indie film. Daniel Magill, who played one of the central characters in the movie was in attendance! The opening sequence is a two-car chase scene on a winding forest highway. What are they racing to? Why, an FTF, what else!!!
  11. It's probably improved response times for those who can still access the site! Still blocked at my work...
  12. I agree with the Muddy Buddies. I stopped using the "Plan to Attend" function and just post a note to the event page because I didn't want the event reminder on my My Account page for weeks after the event. It will even stay on as a reminder after I've posted that I attended and the event has been archived! Let's fix this.
  13. Love the maps. No problem with fonts using IE. However... in addition to the extra gibberish at the bottom of My Accounts page, if I click on "Show All Logs for: Caches", the list that comes up has no clickable cache titles in the list, except for archived and disabled caches. What's up with that?
  14. Amen! I've brute-forced a few caches in my time too, found caches by accident while looking for other caches, etc. I was told by more experienced cachers when I started this game that as long as you find it and sign the log, it's a find. In this particular instance, I think you have to take the mindset of the hider into account. A prolific cache hider in my area was placing a series of caches along a new hike and bike trail with a new cache coming out every couple of days or so. After getting FTF on two or three, I started snooping further down the trail, looking for the next hide, but had no luck because he was acutally placing them one at a time. One morning I got the latest FTF, and on the way back to the car, spotted the hider walking along the trail. I snuck up behind him as he was hiding a cache and said, "that'll be my easiest FTF ever". He laughed and laughed, then offered me the logbook to sign, which I did. I mean, really, it's an FTF. There's no prize money involved, no national rankings, no bonus air miles, just bragging rights.
  15. I'm actually SAVING money caching. Since I started 2-1/2 years ago, I've cut down on my golfing ($30-$40 per round) and I don't fly planes anymore ($100 per hour + incidentals). Sure, I've spent a little more on gas, and spent some money on cache containers and supplies, but it's chicken feed compared to what I COULD be spending!
  16. OK, I'm one of those misguided folks who helps Snoogans put this together. I donated some Folgers cans I collected from work (shift workers drink LOTS of coffee), attended at least one preliminary event to stuff micros.. uh, seed caches... and sand and paint the pod caches. At the GW4 event, I took two seed pod caches with me to place. One I placed in scenic vista location (well, as scenic as you can get on the flat coastal prairie), and the other I hid near a major freeway with the intent of making it easier for the seeds to be spread far and wide. The second placement was muggled (twice) and in retrospect probably wasn't that good of a spot. Live and learn! I really enjoyed the events and the teamwork of putting the project together. After all, the entent of this geocaching thing is TO HAVE FUN. As a bonus, I ended up with a seed pod cache bearing my name hidden in Ontario, Canada, of all places!
  17. OK, I'm not nearly as cute as Bella, but I do have a coin just like hers! I saw that the ECB had dropped a coin in one of my caches, plus one in another nearby cache that I had yet to find, so I thought it was a great day to go caching. My only find of the day, but well worth it. Thanks Easter Coin Bunny!
  18. I'm proud to say that of my 40+ hides, not a one is under a lamp skirt. I do have one in a parking lot, that routinely gets rave reviews, and another just outside the door to a business. The latter is placed with the permission of the business establishment. Both have killer spoiler hints, for those who want a quick find. My thoughts on urban micros is that they should either be hidden in such a way that any cacher with 20 finds will almost instantly know where it is, or the cache page should just flat out tell you where it is hidden. The challenge should be to remove, sign, and replace the cache without arousing suspicion, not to crawl around on all fours while dozens of muggles qawk at you. It always kills me when someone hides a cache in the shrubbery in front of a busy establishment and then puts on the cache page, "Please be discrete when searching for this cache. It's been already been muggled 5 times." I mean, duh, what do you expect?
  19. BTW, GREAT event today, Snoogs! That makes my 900th find! I would have made 900 yesterday, but one log got deleted....
  20. On this particular "hypothetical" cache, I had worked on it for a while without getting very far. In a post where I found another of the hiders tough puzzle caches, I made some note to the affect of "how about a hint on XYZ cache". The cache owner then PM'd me the coordinates as a "Happy Belated Birthday" present! Hypothetically.....
  21. #1 Purely hypothetically -- I was a little peeved, uh, er... I mean... I'd be a little peeved. Especially considering the cache is still in place -- hypothetically... But, it's all small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. There are lots of other caches out there to find.
  22. Well then, that explains it. Thanks!
  23. I have the same issue. I had to move a cache about 500 yards and, due to the naming convention (it's a One Degree of Separation cache), I didn't want to have to recreate it. I disabled it, then posted a reviewer note with the updated coords, asking if the reviewer could OK the move. Five days later, I've gotten no response. Also, my reviewer notes are visible to everyone who visits the page. I thought reviewer notes were only visible to the cache owner and the reviewer. WUWT?
  24. . I would think a 1/2 mile RT cache IS a park n grab. This is precisely why we have so many threads going about, well...., we've all read 'em. A 1/2 mile cache is nothing to one cacher but is quite a walk for others. A park and grab to me is one where I can basically park within a few hundred feet. But for an avid hiker in great shape, a park and grab might be up to a couple of miles. Exactly. In cool weather 8-10 miles is a piece of cake for me. In hot, humid, down-south weather... OK, even then a mile or so is a piece of cake. But you'll notice I said it was a bushwhack through briars, thorns, palmettos and those nasty giant banana spider webs (if you've ever cached in coastal Texas or Louisiana in the summertime, you'll know the spiders I'm talking about). There were no trails. Total time spent on the hike and searching for the cache was probably 45 minutes. That's about all you want to do when the heat index is 105 and you're wearing blue jeans, snake boots and covered in mosquito repellent. I know, not exactly the Bataan death march, but still tiring enough to make you appreciate a few park and grabs this time of year.
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