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  1. Well, I have been using the NiZn batteries for a while now. They do last a bit longer than the Alkies, but still not enough. I have found that I have to charge the NiZn batteries one at a time in the charger to get them to charge properly. FWIW, I have the PowerGenix charger and cells. I just ordered a Maha Powerex MH-C9000 charger so I can try some Eneloops.
  2. Eneloops are great batteries but I do not use them in my 62st or Oregon as I find that I have to force them too much to fit in - they seem to be a bit too big and I am worried they could eventually break or damage the contact plates. The energizers and other brands fit fine. Does anybody think that they are oversized as well or do I have a bad batch? No, you do not have a bad batch. I am certain that I have a different batch than you do and those in my batch have a larger diameter than expendables of brands such as Maxell and Energizer. For some reason, my energizers fit fine but my eneloops do not. I bought them when they were on sale at Costco - got one of those multi packs. I compared them side by side to energizers rechargeables and they are physically different. The eleloops as was mentioned are fatter, and at least mine are a tiny bit longer with the positive nib sticking out a bit more. I tried loading my eneloops in the GPS but I am not confortable with the amount of force that is required so I stopped trying. I am pretty sure that the earlier eneloops were "thicker" than the current ones. The change was made about the time they started advertising 1500 vs 1000 cycles.
  3. I am running 2.6 on my 62s and my unit randomly freezes (screen frozen and no buttons work). I have to pull the batteries to get it to reset. This happens several times a day. I just reinstalled 2.6 again - I will see if that helps.
  4. I've been using this for over a week and it appears to be stable (knock on wood).
  5. I've been using this for over a week and it appears to be stable (knock on wood).
  6. You can load 3rd party maps..... (as in free maps)....
  7. bcblues

    enabling waas

    Ah, for differential correction. I use hi end Trimble GPS units for work, and I am quite fluent in GPS (and GIS), but I was wondering about my new recreational GPSr. I just went out on my deck, and sure enough, all the sats had a D next to them! Thanks for the tip dfx. Must have missed that gem in the manual!
  8. Mine was definitely hung, unless it takes over an hour to reboot!
  9. I have some new NiZn batteries in the charger as I type this. Will try them and see. The old 60 seemed to go forever on the standard alkaline batteries. Even while backpacking I could sometimes go 3 full days without changing. I think I would need a whole carton of batteries for the 62! Will try the NiZn bats soon and see how they work. Although I have a whole shoebox of rechargables, with the 60 series it doesn't seem to make much difference between even the hi capacity NiMh and Alkaline. I just might have to dust off the old NiMh charger again! (well - maybe not if the NiZn work OK). Here in America's Outback, it can get really (really) cold AND really really hot. Talking temp differences (seasonal) from 104 to -40 (just last year). The NiMh do NOT like the cold!
  10. I recently upgraded from a 60cx to a 62s, and I have noticed a much shorter battery life with the 62s. Using DuraCell and Eveready alkaline batteries, I get only 5-6 hours of life out of a set. Backlight 50% set to off at 2 minutes. Anybody else have battery issues with the 62? I could go two days of heavy caching with the old 60, maybe more, on a single set of the same batteries.
  11. bcblues

    enabling waas

    I've got a Garmin 62s with WAAS enabled. How do I know if I have a lock?
  12. It should show up as a separate drive letter in Garmin Mass Storage mode.
  13. Thanks for the link. I downloaded the 2.40 file in case I need it. I have been caching the last couple days and it seems stable now (knock on wood). Good to know there is a way out if I need it though. The method described here worked for me: Can I force an upgrade or downgrade to a particular release?.
  14. I updated from 2.40 to 2.40 via the MyGarmin Dashboard. It said I needed and update, which it performed, but the version didn't change. The Garmin Updater Utility program said last night I was up-to-date. So I am not sure what is going on with the update via dashboard. It did work fine after that "update". Then, I installed 2.44 beta, which froze on reboot at the "Garmin" screen, apparently just like others on this forum. I pulled the battery and powered up again. It booted normally, and I have the new firmware. Took it out for a quick lunchtime find, and it froze up while entering a note on a cache. I had to pull the batteries again, then it rebooted fine. But I did notice that in bright sun, the map screen flickers quite noticeably now, especially the boundaries around the text boxes of the dashboard. Love the improvements, but possibly not quite ready for primetime. Anybody know how to roll back to 2.40?
  15. You could prepare two separate cards with your map fils, one for geocaching and one without. Then just switch cards and you should be good.
  16. Garmin Oregons', Dakota's, and Colorado's NEED the following features added: 1. File Manager to move pocket queries from back up directories to the GPX file folder. I have almost 40 pocket queries that I work with. Heck, it could also be used to move maps from one directory to another. It is a pain to have to do this with a computer! 2. It needs to have a way of easily resetting the internal geocache database so that it doesn't hang when you add a large amount of new caches. 3. Brighter screen. 4. Better power connector - USB is not up to the task. 5. A way to save track on SD 6. The geocaching dashboard needs to work with Waypoints too so it can be used on multi's 7. A way to change coords on a cache so you have all the info right there. 8. Several hard buttons that can be custom configured. 9. 10.
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