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  1. I have put my NiZn batteries on the shelf temporarily. After charging (and I ALWAYS get the blinking red light error when charging the NiZn batteries) my batteries read 1.84 volts! I have been in touch with PowerGenix (maker of batteries and charger), but they have not responded since my initial contact. But I have crappy luck with rechargable batteries. I always get a dud in a set, and even with good ones, I am not satisfied with how long they last in my 62s.
  2. This happened to me as well, but I THINK it was when I was running 2.70 (geez, I hope so - I hate to trade one glitch for another).
  3. Ha! I did the same as VK: Turned on the Geocaching dashboard on the compass page. Big compass + little compass = useless!
  4. Yeah, I have an 8gig one, but recently bought a couple 4 gig ones. I could fits several states worth of 1:25k topo maps on the 4 gig ones, so that is enough. I typically carry a pair and a spare, since my 62s tends to corrupt the geocaching files on boot-up far too frequently for my liking.
  5. The 62 does not have an electronic compass, while the 62s does. I like the electronic compass for geocaching.
  6. I use post-processing at work to get sub meter accuracy with my Trimble GeoXT. It basically operates like a local base-station, but it downloads the base-station data from permanent, always running stations (hopefully one near where I am working). It ios called post-processing because you cannot achieve a sub-meter solution in the field (at least without a local base), but rather later, in the office when you post-process the data. I do this with Trimble's "Pathfinder Office" "Differential Correction" utility. With my last survey grade Trimble, it had an OmniStar beacon to achieve sub-meter accuracy real-time. Now, with the CORS stations, it is just easier (and cheaper) to post-process. http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/CORS/
  7. Version 2.80 is out for the Garmin 62 series. Hopefully it will fix the lockup on load and slow map redraw issues.
  8. I actually think that a useful application of ANT+ would be sending a cache data from a smartphone to a GPS for two-fisted caching.
  9. I assume it is similar to my 62s: You can get you "found caches" into GSAK simply by dragging and dropping your geocache_visits.txt file (from the Garmin Directory on your GPSr) into your GSAK program (just dump it in with the rest of your caches on the main screen).
  10. Better antenna for one thing. I don't think my Trimble has more than one receiver (in fact I am certain of it).
  11. I see the chirp as an interesting and potentially fun aside to the traditional cache. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  12. My 62s has twice froze on the boot up screen (loading waypoints, routes....). Running 2.70. What the heck is up with this? Maybe Garmin will fix it in the next software release..... It really sucks to lose geocaches when on a trip (happened once - don't want it to happen again).
  13. They make the Pelican Case for some phones. I would think that would be the most weatherproof housing. You can always go the cheap and easy route by slipping your phone into a small ziplock bag when weather threatens.
  14. I don't have an Oregon, but on my 62s, you go to the geocaches page, then menu, then setup geocaches, then under "geocache list, change it to "show names". Given that the Oregon and 62 menus are pretty close, that should get you there.
  15. Does GSAK work on the MAC? If so, you should be able to do the conversion with GSAK.
  16. Anybody else notice that map redraw is way slower with the 2.70 firmware? Sometimes my battery saver timeouts the display before the map is drawn. Never saw that in any of the previous versions, and it does not happen all the time, just often enough to be irritating.
  17. The difference between the s and st is preloaded topo maps on the st. I suggest going to gpsfiledepot.com and downloading the free topo maps there. They are every bit as good as the Garmin maps, and the free 24k maps are actually better than the 100k Garmin maps that come on most units. If you want maps you can navigate with, you will need either the Garmin maps, or there are 3rd party free maps available for that as well. If you use the free maps (or any maps not preloaded onto the GPSr you buy), you will need to use MapSource (comes with your GPSr) to load the maps. You look like you are already a premium member of this site, so you can download Pocket Queries, which are the way to go. Be sure to select the new 1.0.1 format for the GPX files if you go with a new Garmin (like the 62 or 450). Then it is simply a matter of dropping the file into the Garmin/GPX folder on your Garmin device.
  18. I suggest looking for a unit (regardless of brand) that has an electronic compass and barometric altimeter. These are really useful features for hiking. Also, a unit (again, regardless of brand) which allows the use of high quality (24k) topo maps. IMHO, a hiking GPSr without maps is of limited use.
  19. This could be due to your battery save settings. The same thing happened to me once, I thought my batteries were dead. If this happens again, try pressing a button and see if it recovers from battery save mode.
  20. It is really not that hard. I agree it is not very intuitive, but if you just try a bit, with an open mind, you will find that the pocket query generation is pretty straight forward, and GSAK (like all powerful programs) is as simple or hard as you want to make it. For simply aggregating a series of pocket queries (if you need/want more than 1000 caches), it is as simple as dragging and dropping the files into GSAK, and then exporting as a single gpx file.
  21. I have been running 2.70 for over a week. I ran into what I thought was a frozen GPSr after changing batteries. During the boot process, the display lingered a LONG TIME on the loading gpx files screen. I pulled the batteries, replaced, and it booted right up. But it also corrupted my GPX files (all of them) on the unit. No geocaches showed up on the unit at all, even after multiple (hopeful) reboots. Unfortunately, I was on a road trip and did not have my laptop, so no more caching til I got home (500 miles later) and removed and replaced (with updated file) the gpx files. Other than that, I have not had any issues with the 2.70 update. No more freezes on the map or geocache screen, like some previous versions.
  22. This is spot on. Check out gpsfiledepot.com.
  23. I use GSAK to download to my old Legend (serial). No problem.
  24. Another way is to just record a few different coord measurements. While at GZ, write down the coords. Then, walk away at lewast 50 feet and back to the same GZ, write down the coords (they should be really close). Then walk off in a different direction 50 feet and back, repeat. You will find that most are the same, with perhaps one or two different ones. I just use the "same" ones. Then I go home and verify with Google Earth. The Google Earth coords are really pretty accurate in my stomping grounds. I HAVE used a survey grade Trimble unit to verify the locations of a few of my caches (not that I have placed very many), and the results with my 62s are accurate to the decimal places GC.com uses, so it is clearly overkill. Averaging waypoints is a time consuming venture, unless you have an absolutely unobstructed view of the sky and/or lots of patience.
  25. I guess I was just taking Garmin at their word. They advertise 20 hour battery life for the 62s, and 18 hours for the 60 csx. I ran a 60 series and found their rating farily accurate, and all I was hoping was that their rating for the new 62 series would be accurate too. At least with my unit it is not. I went from 20+ hours on alkaline with the 60, to less than 6 with the 62. Even with the best rechargables I am several factors short of Garmin's 20 hour spec. Don't get me wrong. I love the unit. I love the paperless geocaching, and the ability to load lots more caches into memory. I just want the battery life they advertise. After all, if they advertised 5000 caches, and it really only loaded 2000, folks would be complaining..... Oh well, it looks like it just might be my unit. I will call Garmin support and see what they say. Thanks for the dialog.
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