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  1. I'm sure H2nut didn't realize the furor his cache would create. I completely missed seeing this cache at GW, but I did have the honor of walking up a hill with and finding a cache with him. ( A real, numbered, permanent cache). I had never met him before this time, but he is the real deal. He has served for 22 years, and getting ready to retire from the Army. I think his intentions were entirely honorable.
  2. In addendum, I don't think it is fair for Vinny and Sue Team to slander the entire Texas caching community based on the actions of a few people whom are not from our great state. Also, carleenp: are you married?
  3. Following is my post on the TXGA forum: After getting a heads-up from another local cacher, I checked 3 of my caches that were logged by DRR for the run. Yes, the containers were all signed on the outside. However, this did not in any way compromise the camo or the integrity of the caches. This is not the way I would have done it, and I personally think a record attempt should have time budgeted for actually SIGNING the log, or at least afixing a sticker. Maybe there should be a rule written to specifically prohibit signing the container in these types of attempts, but I am proud some of my caches were found in this record attempt, and since there was no harm done to the caches, I'm inclined to let it slide. I'm all about having fun instead of obessing over numbers anyway. BTW, I enjoyed meeting some of these PIRAT's Saturday at GW, and wish them well and safe return home. Hats off to all the organizers! Now, having said that, and after reading some of the posts here, I want to modify my position. While I am not going to delete the logs from this attempt, I think this "record" will always have a certain stench attached to it. Maybe it should have an asterisk by it and fall in the same category that Barry Bond's eventual home run record will have, i.e. "drug enhanced".
  4. A much respected local cacher, who in fact has done some coding for geocaching.com posted (to his credit) a DNF on the first few days after cache of mine was posted, and sent me an e-mail to the effect that it was missing already. The same day, on my bike ride, I investigated, considering his reputation. The cache was indeed there. And, when I got home there were two new finds posted from other caches. All well and good, but the first cacher had deleted his previous DNF post! Is this kosher?
  5. Well said. The flavors of ice cream I don't care for is few! Each to his own.
  6. Who cares? The find is the thing! Unless my kids are with me of course, then the the swag can make all the difference! And my kids know the meaning of trading up. What they put into the cache may not mean much to some adults, but it means to them more than what they take, and they put a lot of thought into what they give up. My son recently gave up one of his prized "Thomas the Tank Engine" cars , because he was thinking of his 4 yr. old cousin who lost his Thomas toys (and all his other toys) after his house had been flooded up to the eaves for two weeks in New Orleans. Perhaps all us adults should lighten up and take our cues from the generosity of kids! "Quick Watson, the game is afoot!"
  7. What's the big deal? I use mine eveytime I fly. It is a receiver, and as such completely passive. The airline objections to some electronic devices is the possibility of their transmissions affecting the avionics. Even cell phones will be allowed fairly soon, I predict. Of course, if the flight crew objects, in this day and age, you don't argue!
  8. I agree with wimseyguy, give it a rest. My brother lost everything in the Lakewood neighborhood of NO. The enormity of this tradegy is just overwhelming. He is safe in Baton Rouge in a relative's "camp", but spending his time with his wife and 3 yr old boy pondering his future, anxious to find what he can save, but dreading it at the same time. This is the first week since I began caching, that I have not been out to cache at all. It just seemed trivial and silly with everything that is going on, not to mention the sudden spike in gas prices. But I am recovering, as New Orleans will recover too. In a mont or so, when the waters recede, I will take a weeks vacation to help him clean out his house, or help him move, if that is what his decision is. But while I am there, I am sure I will place a few caches, and find a few too! Happy Trails!
  9. Are there any plans to provide WAP content for cell phone browsers? It would be nice to get an e-mail update of new caches, link to it, and then be able to open a cache page on my cell phone browser. Or to run pocket queries to a cell phone.
  10. If he is not a premium member just because GC uses the .Net framwork, he must not go to many major sites. In my six month experience, GC has excellent uptime.
  11. I just got a wireless webcam I am going to put up aimed at the corner for a webcache. Haven't determined what I want them to validate the log with.
  12. An inexpensive option for protecting maps is to use the clear laminate used for cabinet shelves. It can be written on with pen or grease pencil and is very waterproof. The only drawback is that after repeatedly unfolding and refolding over many cycles, it will crack. But with a 7.5 minute quad topo, the area of the actual map you will be using on even a long cache is not that large, and can be seen without refolding.
  13. I bought an adjustable aluminum pole from Wally Big Box for $10.00. Has a grip, leather thong, and a useless, tiny compass. You may look a little silly using one on a parking lot micro, but on serious terrain, they do lend a little extra stability, and are great for deflecting briars and running interference for your hands in hidey holes.
  14. If you buy the orange Wal-Mart match containers for .86, they are very durable, and are the perfect size for a micro or a redirect to a another stage. And, a 1" spade bit is the ideal size for drilling into wood limbs ot insert these containers. Drill into a the end of a weathered limb or stump about two inches and insert the closed end.
  15. This is the real problem with micro caches. They lead to PORN!
  16. Dog poop in the woods, oh no! Maybe we should ban mosquitos and PI also. Even in a manicured park you will see some of these things. A stinking pile on a concrete fo gravel path is one thing, in the woods is another. Maybe she should find another pasttime.
  17. Frank Zappa said it best "Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow" Once, a long time ago, I was leaving a party at someones house, and people were parked all over this large treed yard. It was very dark, and no one was around. (Or so I thought). I stopped in front of my car, which was facing another car. I had just finished, and the headlights came on in the car I was facing. Talk about the deer caught in the headlights! Three girls climbed out of the car, giggling and clapping! Fortunately I did not know any of them, or they me.
  18. Has thought ever been given to a system where the relative difficulty of a cache be applied to the overall number of caches found? It seems to me that many cachers are hung up on the number of caches found intead of the quality or relative difficulty of the cache. Isn't it just as much of an accomplishment to find 50 with a rating of 4X4 as it is to find 100 or more 1.5X1.5's?
  19. I have an idea for a cache, and I'm sure it has already been tried, but do not know a name for it or whether it is "legal" or not. I cannot find a answer in a general inquiry thru the forums. I am new to caching, but grew up around maps and reading maps. This would be to teach or develop basic map reading skills. It involves the technique of resection, or the opposite of intersection. The idea is to give at least two easily identifiable landmarks on the east side of a lake in the body of the cache page, and the clues would require at least two accurate "back" or reverse azimuths to these landmarks, and either a topo map or mapping software to determine where these two lines intersect, on the other side of the lake. The cacher would then have to travel to this "intersection" and log the coordinates and take a photo of the west side of the lake landmark, w/ GPS'r in the photo to me. This is a kind of combination of a virtual cache and a locationless or reverse cache. I have no idea whether it has been attempted or approved. Comments or suggestions?
  20. It's all a huge, secret, nefarious plot by Garmin and Magellan, aka "the twin sisters", to sell more of their hardware! Do not be fooled! Don't do it! It is one of the things your mother should have warned you about!
  21. Well, urine mixed with........................ Never mind, I'm kidding!!
  22. Why don't we see more caches in .223 ammo cans? They still hold quite a lot, but are easier to hide and cheaper. I use one (painted appropriately) for a first aid kit container.
  23. My question is for Renegade Knight. Just how many major cities are there in southern Idaho? Seriously, I met up with a local officer on patrol while looking for a cache near a playground (there were no children around), and explained what I was doing. He asked all sorts of tech questions about the GPSr as he was thinking about buying one fro hunting and he actually helped me look for the cache for a few minutes, which we found.
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