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  1. I have the Dakota 10, and talkytoasters maps are brilliant, get them on your GPSr now!!
  2. I just wrap the lanyard around the handlebars before clipping it on, it's never jumped off yet but i do like the extra bit of security!
  3. go for a dakota 10! brilliant gpsr for paperless
  4. I think this http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=14eb852b-db41-4ad4-bff5-f89ec514c340 may work now??
  5. We are going to London in August for our wedding anniversary and would like to do a spot of caching whilst there, I have heard a Geocaching Tube Map being refered to several times, but try as i might I cannot find it anywhere, can anyone help?? Also, are there any must do caches while we are there, so far I only have 2 Last Delivery & Abbey Road Thanks in advance for your help / reccomendations
  6. try having a look here http://www.geocachetrails.com/
  7. Just done a bit of digging, and I see you have placed your TB in a puzzle cache, I have found that TB's seem to sit in these for a while as they do not tend to get as many visits as Trad's. I have found to get TB's moving the quickest the best bet is to either drop it off at a TB Hotel or a New cache which will attract more finders
  8. Or pop down to the cache if it local to see if the TB is still there??
  9. u need to recalibrate the compass, should be an option in the menu somewhere??
  10. Misty_Minou, I have a Dakota and find that the standard handlebar mount from Garmin does the job just fine for me
  11. I did a lot of reasearch into gps before finally settling on a Dakota 10, paired with a set of talky toaster maps it does exactly what we want, it's cheap & battery life is good.
  12. I am trying to find some more info on Birdseye myself for my Dakota 10, but as for if it's routable, from what I understand it is an overlay so your Talkytoaster routable maps will still be there too
  13. Is there anyway of doing this so that I can have a birds eye view overlayed on my gps screen?
  14. I am in the UK and I don't own any GC's. I likie cycling and walking my dog if you have anything that fits that would be great to have something travelling that we can watch!
  15. Recieved my envelope in the post this morning, we have Peggy's (The Amigos) & Joann's. Will get them off and running soon Big thanks to Gary for putting all this together
  16. Have been on the "World Release Register for Trackables." since I started caching but never recieved anything from it
  17. If you'd like one starting off in Norfolk, UK then I would be happy to help
  18. Hi there Glyn, another UK cacher! I have the garmin etrexH and along with my Blackberry running the Trimble Geocaching app between them they do everything you could ever need. I didn't find the serial cable being an issue at all as I found a uk ebay seller that does a usb cable for £13.50 and it works faultlessly. If you want anymore info on it feel free to give me a shout!
  19. Cheers weston wanderer, will take a look there too!
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