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  1. I have up for sale a Magellan eXplorist 610. It is about six months old, and looks like new. I have used it a few times for geocaching, but I have another one, and I don't really need two. I t comes pre-loaded with the Summit Series topo maps, and you can purchase the City Series for turn-by-turn navigation also. This is a full featured, rugged gps, and has loads of dedicated geocaching features. Asking $275 OBO. Shipping will be by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation, unless you desire another carrier. Here is a link to the full description: http://www.magellangps.com/Products/eXploristseries/eXplorist-610 Thanks, Joe
  2. I have been looking for an eXplorist 710 for a good price for a long time. I would like to buy this unit! You can message me here, or redleg7@comcast.net. Thanks! Joe Jeske
  3. No cable to computer? What type of interface is it? I am interested. Tell me where to send money. Joe
  4. I am definitely interested for $200. Joe
  5. Very interested. Still have it? Joe
  6. Hello! Will you ship to the United States? Joe
  7. Sent you an email at the above address, have not heard from you.I am interested. Joe
  8. I let it go for $320.00 shipped to the lower 48 states. Last chance before it goes on eBay. How about $300? $310 is as low as I can go. Does the unit still have a warranty? Amazon is offering the same model for 349.99 brand new right now.
  9. I let it go for $320.00 shipped to the lower 48 states. Last chance before it goes on eBay. How about $300?
  10. Hello Everyone, I have a Delorme PN-40, that has not been registered with the company. It has been used twice for geocaching, and that's it. It comes with the box, topo maps of the whole U.S., and TOPO 8 on DVD. It has the manual, the lanyard,USB cable, 2gb SD card, and everything that came in the box. It is a very accurate gps, and geocaching ready. You can directly load single caches from gc.com, or load pocket queries with Delorme's cache register software. With the detail maps loaded, you can do turn-by-turn routing to cache locations. Now that I am 50+ I need a little bit bigger screen. I'm looking for $150, plus shipping. If you live in or near Baltimore, we can do a local pickup.
  11. Can you email me the name of the unmentionable app? I'm curious. jgjeske@gmail.com Thanks
  12. Hello, I am looking for the best caching app for Android phones. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. I have looked into the official app from GC.com, but I have only seen negative reviews about it. Does anyone have an opinion on it, or any other apps? There are dozens of them in Android market, I just would like to know which ones are better before I spend money on one. Thanks for any input.
  13. Go to maps4me.net You pay something like a $13.00 annual fee, and you can download all the maps you like. Sockeye from the tritonforum has placed topo maps of all 50 states on the site. I They also have street details. I download the maps I want to my computer, then transfer them to the sd card I use in my Triton. Then I just choose the detail map I want from the menu, and voila! There it is! You can also get Accuterra maps from Magellan's website, but I do not think these are as up to date as Sockeye's maps. Also, they are a bit pricey. National Geographic also has maps available that are supposed to work with the Triton series as well. I have no experience with those, though. There are a number of free mapmaking programs you can use to make your own. Gmapmaker is one, and TritonRMP is one that converts maps to raster type maps that are usable on the Triton. If you don't want to invest the time to learn the programs, or spend money, I would go with the maps4me.net option. I currently have these maps on my Triton 2000, and I am quite satisfied. At $13.00 a year, it's hard to go wrong! Good luck! Email me at redleg7@comcast.net if I can be of further assistance.
  14. Is the unit still available?
  15. Love to buy it if it's still available. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/style_ima...ages/italic.gif \
  16. Greetings Everyone, I'm looking to buy a Magellan Triton 2000, in good condition. Thanks!
  17. Hmmmm.... I wonder if I could use that excuse on my wife, "honey I accidentally bought a new truck..."
  18. Would you consider an offer of $425.00?
  19. Tiger Direct. com has a Bushnell Onyx on sale for $79 THIS WEEKEND.
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