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  1. Normally I would only swap a TB or geocoin if I had another to replace it, unless the TB / coin owner had specified something different or if it had been trapped in a rarely visited cache. What really alloys me is when a new cache is set up with TBs and coins to attract visitors and the FTF plunders everything in sight and leaves nothing. Typically if I want the icon for a coin I cant swap because I dont have enough items then I simply log the coin out and in of the cache and leave it for the next person to collect as an incentive.
  2. ohh! I might be available for this one. Will check my diary this evening.
  3. I did this one on 21st June last year in early evening, and yes although the area has signs of activity (The Downs are known for it) I didnt spot a soul the whole trip (which stupidly I did alone). The walk is mostly in open ground with woodland either side. As long as you make the risks perfectly clear then its up to the individual to decide. I would keep it open as is or I would find an alternative placement (you sure there isnt anything else you can use?), it would be a shame to loose this one. Mark
  4. Congratuations, and also special congrats on some very good quality caches set by you as well.
  5. Im a bit of a Star Trek nut, so I took my name from the daft Voyager series. They did a spoof black and white episode of Flash Gordon, and instead of Ming they had Doctor Chaotica and I just liked the name so I created Captain Chaotica and based my TB on that with a couple of themed caches as well. Capt Chaotica TB has done one race and is currently resting - awaiting his secret mission in the summer.
  6. Thats funny, I asked exactly the same question earlier today. This is the link to the thread.
  7. Thanks Nediam and Dino. My caches and my profile look much better now.
  8. Hello, Can somebody please tell me how I set up some 'clickable' links to TB's and other caches embedded in my own cache descriptions. Thanks very much Mark
  9. You can access it directly from a link in an email. Ive just got in through a watchlist email link and its all available but not through the geocaching.com main page.
  10. and some of it is still in my garden.
  11. Yes I put them on my watchlist as well.
  12. At what point do you go back and do DNF's? I know it depends on the particular circumstances, but personally if Im the first not to find after a sensible duration of searching I log it and wait to see if the next couple of visitors find it without a problem if so I go back and try again. The trouble Ive found in my local area is that if you record DNF's against caches others are reluctant to make the trip out to search themselves so Im always very careful about when I do record DNF's. Mark
  13. Yes I was there 4 years ago - £89 for a round of 8 beers. I had to get the flexible friend out for that one! In Bergen we found Pepes Pizza offered daily 'all you can eat' for a few pounds, and for the three days I was there although I was thoroughly sick of pizza by the time I left! Mark
  14. Im going in July and was thinking about raising the same question, perhaps the norweigan forum would be able to help?
  15. Theres a motorway mayhem FTF up for grabs. GCTGVZ Motorway Mayhem - J18 - M4 (Bath) by Gowenhouse
  16. Zensunni, to be honest as I was the last visitor to the Bristol one I was going to suggest the same course of action when it hit 6 months disabled status (which I consider an acceptable period of time with the particular circumstances of this cache) and it was only a couple of weeks away anyway so youve done me a favour - Cheers Mark
  17. Zensunni identified one for archiving in Bristol as well. I got the email alert as I have been watching it for the last 5 months waiting for it to be reactivated.
  18. Thanks Stonefisk, Ghost Train was an interesting cache.
  19. Oh yes, thats within my reach as well. (the area - not your mother in law )
  20. If my caching habits are anything to go by it would be a 'confusion of geocachers'.
  21. I think you need to look for Satellite 33 on your display - thats our WAAS satellitte. When my GPS has downloaded the corrections from no 33 it displays a D against each Satellite signal strength bar.
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