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  1. TeamSP have managed 926 in just over 13 months.
  2. Still cracking up at these logs!!! he should write a book. Inspiration to anybody who always writes TNLN, because they cant think of anything else. Excellent read. Mark
  3. Thanks Mrs B, thats very kind of you. I understand the passports are still valid and the transport has been recently washed in preparation for a clear up visit over the water tomorrow. Someones been littering the area with new caches since our last visit. My favourite logs come from Corporal Goretex, they are so honest. Mark
  4. Yes, I am... a bit later in the month... I'm a cuspian, y'know As there seems to be a lot of Piscean-ing about, dare I mention that there is a very fishy cache in Bristol? MrsB Your being shamless again, Mrs B, not thinking of placing another cache to celebrate are you? Its my birthday weekend as well, but unfortunately it looks like I wont be able to attend this time. Mark
  5. I bought a huge umbrella that's big enough to sit under whilst keeping contents of cache dry and signing log book. Walking to the cache wearing waterproof coat and overtrousers it gets used as a walking pole (great for poking into holes too) then only gets put up at the actual cache. Brilliant. Ditto! Nice to see you doing as your cacher name says Mrs FB at the Burrington Bash at the weekend, flying down the path from Burrington slopes cache!
  6. This is going to be such good fun, 160 cachers all logging local caches - empty out those email inboxes!! Its going to be reminiscent of the Gowenhouse bash last year, we ended up caching in coach parties of 30 or more! Are you expecting people to bring name badges for identification purposes? EDIT - Ive just read on the cache page that you are already suggesting name badges!
  7. I asked about repair to the rubber strip on my Legend C which was suffering ths standard issue of coming unglued. They wouldnt accept that the glue was not up to the job in the hot weather and their stock response was to give me a reference number to quote when sending the whole unit back. The fee was £90 and would cover return P&P, the latest software update and any repairs needed. Seeing as my Unit was fine other than the rubber strip I though this was a bit steep based against the price of a brand new one so I never took it further.
  8. Yes, well almost, Raine said it would be fixed on the next release. I would suggest you latch onto my thread with your own geocoin icon issue (which sounds identical to mine) and ask Raine to include yours in the next fix as well. Mark
  9. Ive got this same problem with one of my coins, see attached thread opened a few days ago, and you explained it so much better than I managed! see here Mark
  10. Thanks Guys, If I look at my account details page, right hand side, I see all the coins and TB's I currently have in my possession. The deception coin seems to be missing the default coin logo but then if I click on the coin icon/name and go into the coins own page I can see the icon has appeared correctly in the top left. Im wondering if this is something to do with the coin having an icon originally which was swapped for a default one about the time I got one fo the coins? Either way it would be nice if it was showing correctly on my profile - can anybody help please? http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=313284
  11. Sorry if this has been covered before. Im not sure of this history of the Deception Pass geocoin, I know it did have an icon but then the icon was taken away and it defaulted to the standard personal geocoin icon. But could somebody advise why this coin has been showing the little red cross error box on my profile for months yet it shows as the default personal geocoin icon when you enter coins own screen and also how to get this fixed please? Thanks very much Mark
  12. Im an Assistant Explorer Scout leader in Wansdyke, sounds interesting. Certainly a few of my scouts have found a few caches with me as we just happened to be passing when on a hike etc.
  13. I considered mailing the mods as well on this, because I was concerned that someone with so little find experience was really experience enough to place a cache and I see Bruce has made comments about the coordinates being off. I did wonder if it was a joke cache designed to lure our resident FTF'er out for a nano/micro search in urban Bristol for humour reasons or something more sinister. Mark
  14. Yes I had this one on my watchlist as it looked suspicious. Spooky indeed Mark
  15. Ive got one, and it wasnt to go to Hochheim, Germany. Will drop off soon.
  16. ...and I did this one on Christmas Eve. Never really knew much about them until researching this cache.
  17. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. This happens when I tried to filter out finds.
  18. Great idea - not in Cornwall perchance Maybe.....maybe not...
  19. I have possession of a green one, I will be putting it back out in the wild on Christmas Eve, to give someone a nice walk on Christmas Day afternoon.
  20. Oh yes, I would recommend this one to be on your list of potentials as well. C_UK
  21. Bruce, the Corporals 'Hotwells Reincarnated' (which I found today) works fine with the false bottom and the magnet underneath, did you glue that? If so what did you/he use and where did the plastic disk come from - it looked very professional. Im actually going to modify my magnetic micros to the same, currently they are taped in without a problem, however age will affect the strength of the tape.
  22. Well Done Guys, looking forward to doing some of the next 500 with you. Mark
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