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  1. Can this thread be 'stickied' so we don't loose it and maybe you could update us Ian on the progress in a few days? Best of luck in getting it all fixed.
  2. Ive saved some 'tick' infested caches and some urban caches for the winter. Although to be fair as long as its not blistering heat in the summer or pouring with rain in the winter Im happy to cache all year.
  3. Some nice muggles dropped off a Spliff in one of my caches last week. Apparently they went to the area of my cache for some <in their words> 'lovin', they even left their phone number and offered me some!
  4. Found a squirrel cache once. I wont say where, it will spoil it.
  5. I had a DNF on a cache recently so I moved on to do another by another cacher and met the 1st cache owners at the next cache. They corrected my mistake and then I was able to return and switch my DNF into a find!
  6. I was on a footpath recently where a gate had been chained shut and covered in barbed wire. The other side of the gate there was an electric fence and a some very large horses cantering around. Needless to say I didnt go any further but I did contact the Ramblers Association and completed an online report from their website. Three months later the gate was clear and the path reopened again.
  7. But dont make them too tricky, anything more than a few hours internet work and most will loose interest.
  8. I know a couple of FTF's, everybody else makes it into a race to try to get there before them, especially on the more difficult puzzle caches or caches set at weekends when the majority of the working population is around. Certainly in this area is all friendly and good fun, quite often friendly banter starts up on the cache listings before even FTF has been claimed. Mark
  9. Thank goodness nobody has quoted my log on a recent cache. I found a herd of young females and a bull in one field and a herd of young bullocks in an adjacent field. Of course the cache was along the hedgerow between the two fields. The young bullocks were thundering around the edge of one field and each time they came near the cows and bull in the other field they were set off in a stampede as well. Luckily the cow/bull field had an electric fence around it (I found out it was working!) and the animals knew this as they never came closer than 5 feet from it. Here is my log. See below picture (the bull is far right in brown!) I actually dont like groups of any uncontrollled farm animals, although Im fairly comfortable with sheep (minus horns). Im also always suspicious when I find a lone cow or sheep in a field - was it lost, or left there for a reason and should I be in the field with an animal that could be a killer? Mark
  10. PDF format also looses the bottom of the cache listing if its over a certain length. Very useful when your doing a multi or indeed looking for additional waypoints. The only reason why I used the format was because the show last 5 logs was dropped from printer friendly. Now Ive had to go back to printer friendly and write out any interesting / useful comments from the last 5 logs manually.
  11. Thanks Hans. Is anybody else getting the problem Im reporting above on the same cache listing?
  12. Ive just started to printout the cache listings in PDF format and Im getting a problem where part of the cache listing is missing on the printout when a cache page is large or including some HTML coding. Im using Adobe Reader 8 and if I try to print PDF last 5 logs for this listing - GCR0MB, the last sentance I have printed is '....35mm film canister! It is located in the Sandpit Field, about half-way along the Sea...' and then the next item printed is the GeocachingUK symbol, everything inbetween is missing. Can somebody please tell me how to fix this issue or if its a known fault. Thanks very much Mark
  13. If you decrypt the cache page before clicking on the pdf link, it will show the hint decrypted on the pdf. Tigs Cool, thanks Tigs
  14. Jon, I used to do this as well, I think the option has been dropped, and now I print the PDF format with the 5 last logs, however this doesnt give you the option to decrypt the clue before printing which the print friendly option did. So although I think I actually use less paper with the PDF format I actually end up writing the clue on the back of the sheet before I leave home which takes more time (especially when Im preparing for a day out caching.) Mark
  15. Yes both myself and Stedman Single noticed that yesterday we didnt get any email notifications for caches visited onther 1/7/07.
  16. Yes I was just planning mine as well. Was going to go for an early start but now its going to be a little later tomorrow morning.
  17. Yes I had this problem on the weekend. I had notification on one cache but not another within the radius I have set up.
  18. Ive not received emails from caches on my watchlisting. At the moment this is a fairly regular occurance, they usually start catching up again in a day or so. I guess its something to do with the ongoing changes to the whole site that has been creaking at the seams for a while now.
  19. Well Done chaps, looking forward to catching up at the next Bash.
  20. I managed to glue a new cache box to the lounge carpet last week. Dont ask....however Ikea has a nice selection in rugs....
  21. Well Done Guys, your good fun to cache with. Have you cleared Wiltshire yet?
  22. My missing notifications from yesterday have just arrived in my inbox, which is good news although I see the site is hit and miss on performance as usual.
  23. Thanks for raising this, Ive just checked and two of my caches were visited yesterday but I didnt get notification.
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