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  1. Hi Chris, Activesync does connect desktop to PDA and recognise it. I had ticked just the files option (not interested at the moment of using it for outlook etc) so I could use activesync to automatically send files over to the PDA. When you tick the files box it sets up a copy of the PDA's 'my documents' folder structure on the desktop for you to drop stuff into. This bit is not working when I get the Desktop and PDA to sync, the files Ive dropped in do not copy from desktop to PDA. Also when you access the PDAs files via Activesync (explore option) and copy and paste a document Windows goes through a conversion process and then says its failed. "The system cannot find the file specified". No idea why. Add or remove programs via the Tools option on Activesync will remove programs but will not add them, error "cannot copy the file" make sure your device is connected (and it is!) The fact that I can FTP files via bluetooth actually makes this PDA now work, and to be honest not connecting via a cable just leaves me a free USB so its not too bad. Thanks for the advice on the GPS, it was set to automaticaly detect and I switched it to specifically look at port 2, the GPS test was successful so I will do a field test tomorrow. Bit of a mixed bag really but at least it all works. Thanks for your help. Mark
  2. Success, well sort of, managed to get the .net compact framework CAB file to the PDA via bluetooth ftp. Wherigo player now works. Just sorting out why the GPS bit is not working. Activesync still does not work, drag and drop still does not work. I can't believe this is a recommended PDA. What are all the rest like? I'll update on the GPS error bit later on today or tomorrow. Thanks to everybody on this thread that provided 'helpful' comments, and to Ranger Fox on the main Wherigo forum.
  3. So sounds like you are having similar issues to me? Ive spoken to MIo tech support by email and Ive not had a response yet. Im also trying to use activesync by bluetooth and if I can establish a connection then that would be fine for the future. I'll let you know how this goes...
  4. Ive spent hours on forums and back working on the thing now, if I cant resolve it by the end of the weekend the only place it will be going is back and Wherigo can wait.
  5. Thanks, I know the version of .net needs to be replaced on the device, because the Wherigo player (which I bluetoothed across to it) tell me so but activesync between my desktop and device does not appear to be syncing (although it shows a successful completion of sync and no errors) so cant get the new version across to the device. All very frustrating. Will have another fiddle this morning. Mark
  6. More info here. Thanks I will try this.
  7. I read on another forum that the Sandisk Ultra II 4GB card works - will let you know. Hmm, forgot I have the standard windows firewall, I'll give it a go. Thank you Thanks everybody for your help. determinteed to get to the bottom of this or the device goes back and Wherigo will have to wait. Mark
  8. OK, Im having a real problem with my new MIO P550. Activesync 4.5 installed and Ive set it up to sync files only at the moment. When I set it up activesync created a copy folder on my desktop. Ive put some small files in this folder, when i sync they do not move across to my device, and Activesync does not show any error messages. When I manually try to copy and past files across from desktop to PDA I get an error message saying "The system cannot find the file specified" during the copy and convert to mobile device format process. EDIT - Ive now managed to bluetooth across the Wherigo cab file and install but the player wont play without the .net compact framework 2, when i install this on my work laptop and home desktop I get the error message saying that it cannot connect to PDA device, despite the fact the device is connected to Activesync 4.5. Im now at a loss so any help would be much appreciated. Mark
  9. Thanks for your replies. Ive got a 4GB SD card on its way to me, one recommended by someone on another thread and Ive got a few weeks grace before I send it back so I have plenty of time to have a fiddle with it! Mark
  10. lol, yes. Its not that good. Which PDA have you guys got?
  11. Thanks, Ive reinstalled and rebooted the pc. I dont get any error messages, it simply does not synchronise the files I put in the special folder it set up during the initial partnership set up between Activesync and the device. If I manually try to swap over the files I get the following error whilst conversion is taking place"The system cannot find the file specified"
  12. At the risk of public humiliation Im in need of help with my new MIO P550. Im having a nightmare getting it to synchronise and I wondered if there was anybody else out there that had similar problems or who was an expert on this device and could help me. I have Activesync 4.5 running on my XP PC, and I do not get any errors after the sync has run, but nothing has synchronised. I really wanted to try it out this weekend with a Wherigo cache Mark
  13. Funnily enough Ive been talking to Mr TeamSP about WAAS all weekend. We both were quite surprised to have the little D's appearing, I had not seen any since I had been caching on top of the Mendips last year and Mr TeamSP hadnt seen any since his trip to Florida at Christmas. I suspect we have not been that observant, but we will from now onwards as accuracy halved. Mark
  14. Many thanks for all your time and effort Adam. Mark
  15. Ive renamed some of my cycle route caches with the NCR prefix. Mark
  16. Has anybody else heard anything from Adam?
  17. My searching goes approximately like this: 10 mins search (providing Im not being regularly disturbed by muggles otherwise much shorter), Read the clue, 10 mins search, Re read the clue, looking to see if Ive interpretted it correctly and stand back looking around the area for something more obvious, 10 mins search, Review the other visitors logs for any missed clues or PAF (especially if they have done the cache already) So really between 20 and 40 mins searching, although on some caches Ive done a much longer search over a number of visits. Mark
  18. I know we are a few hours ahead overe here but cache logs from Friday (26th) are still showing as yesterday?
  19. Yes, its a couple of years old in my part of Bristol, my neighbours grass and borders still resemble the 'World of Leather' symbol.
  20. Yes, that would be taking it to the extreme end of multis and puzzles. But for the more straightforward ones with a couple of stages it wouldn't bother me if my coins were put in them.
  21. Try to put them in Puzzle caches or large multis, they might not move so much but it just puts a further barrier up as they will have to do the multi or solve the puzzle to get the coin. I had one recently nicked and Im convinced it was because it was in a traditional.
  22. And its down again now, on the plus side Geocaching & Trigpointing UK are both back up so it will be good to clear that backlog now.
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