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  1. Of five caches published this afternoon I only had email notification for one of them. Come on Groundspeak this must be the third time in recent months, how many more times are we having to raise this issue?
  2. So are you the new mystery cacher that has just filled up my inbox with 'a series' of new cache notifications this morning (and keehotee's no doubt ) - there is no cache size mentioned, so I hope that aren't all nanos No Im afraid not! But I am going out to maintain a few of my caches which are very close to the path the series takes, just to encourage a few more finds! Ive got a circular walk published that Im planning to extend with different sized containers so I have no problems with them whatsoever. But i can understand why people are frustrated by 21 micros. Mark
  3. Any ideas on this mystery cachers identity?
  4. Can you imagine the size of the log books needed for 500+ visitors, micro and nano owners would have to stand by their caches with new log rolls at the ready. Your right about there not being too many series / power walks around Bristol or Bath area, Ive been looking for somewhere suitable thats also maintainable for sometime and compared to other nearby counties the number of footpaths/ bridal ways is noticeably less. Mark
  5. Congratulations Sid and Bob, Its was really good doing some of your caches yesterday. Mark
  6. Down for me too, for the last 20 minutes getting slowwwwer and slowwwwer! Acutally now completely down, server error.
  7. Oh thank goodness! Its the day after I come back from holiday. Im very much looking forward to this event. Mark
  8. I use a combination of Metcheck and Met office data. The 5 day forecasts are computer generated from one evolution of many calculated possabilities. On the whole Ive found Metcheck seems to be good for trend spotting past 3/4 days but no more than 7 or 8 and its pretty accurate for predicting 2/3 days. I also keep a copy of the met office rain radar on my favourites on my phone - surprising how useful that is! Mark
  9. My explorers has been introduced to Geocaching in the last 2 years though my random trips over to landmarks etc whilst we are on expeditions. I did run a geocaching item in our programme over the summer and I had 6 fairly enthusiastic explorers (being teenagers a glimmer of enthusiasm was all I hoped for). It worked out quite well because some wanted to operate the GPS whilst others wanted to find the clues. Two wanted to gossip until the search started! Certainly more GPS units would be needed if I had more with me and to be honest that could have been a logistical nightmare with just two leaders, and only one being a geocacher. We used the same area for navigation so if we were to have more explorers turn up then we would run both activities simultaneously with 2 or more leaders extra. Mark
  10. This is the error Im getting: Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user: 'geocache_stats@localhost' (Using password: YES) in /home/geocache/public_html/stats/connect.php on line 24 I cannot connect to the database
  11. ...and its gone again....oh dear! Mark
  12. Hello, Could we have an update on this issue please its affecting 50% of all the Wherigo caches in my area, including the two from Cartooners mentioned above. Thanks Mark
  13. Thanks for all your support Lacto and Ecky, you will be sadly missed. I hope to bump into you at a cache site one day and after 3 years of being on here Ive registered with GAGB forum for my future posts and threads. Mark
  14. I have a pair of Secateurs called Mrs Blorenge. So named because Mrs B announced on a cache log that she need the secateurs to get to the cache, and as I had just purchased a new pair of secateurs that day for caching I thought it would be good to name them. Its surprising how often I get Mrs B out for a bit of pruning whilst on the trail. Mark
  15. Hi Dikri, Thanks for the translation, I got something similar from an online translater but I wasn't sure about my TB but I am now. Thanks very much. Mark
  16. Vandaag op cache-onderhoud geweest. Jammer genoeg zijn de twin towers neergehaald... We zullen een nieuwe schuilplaats in orde maken hierdoor zal deze cache eventjes offline gaan. P.S. De TB is niet verloren gegaan de doos werd teruggevonden... Im particularly interested in the PS. as I think it refers to my TB. Thank you. Mark
  17. Its the same error I had originally. I'd be really interested to know if you have been able to activesync the MS .Net Compact Framework files over to the PDA. Ive had to resort to getting the CAB file and sending it by Bluetooth to my MIO550. Mark
  18. Ohh yes, but best done on the hottest day of the year, like when I did this one. Mark
  19. I get this problem. It attempts a conversion and then says "File specified cannot be found". IVe tried almost everything suggested and Ive given up with Activesync at the moment and I bluetooth everything between PC and PDA. Works a treat. Mark
  20. The event is as the Bucket and Spade in Weston-Super-Mare. GC19XJQ Its the 'wrong' side of Bristol for me, so Im not going but Ive met some of the people who are and they are all really nice! Mark
  21. I have a 550, perhaps we could compare settings etc. Chris from The Blorenges gave me this advice, which might be helpful. "GPS - it is an NMEA device and defaults to com2. You need to set any programs (like memory map) to look at that port" When I ran the test Wherigo cartridge it gave me the option to amend my GPS settings which I did to the advised set up from Chris and it all worked fine. Let me know if you want to compare settings etc. Mark
  22. THanks Brat Pack, I raised a thread there also but nobody replied. I also raised a Technical question with the manufacturers about 2 weeks ago and Ive not had a reply yet either. As Im not planning to use mine as an email, contacts sync device and just use it as a sat nav, Wherigo cachemate device I can send files by bluetooth which overcomes this 'glitch' with activesync. Cheers Mark
  23. Thanks Moche, I'll have another look at the firewall over the weekend. I am creating partnerships rather than guest. On a good note I actually got the Wherigo player working and completed the tutorial earlier this week. Now off to do a real Wherigo. Thanks for your advice. Mark
  24. Thanks Everybody Thanks for all the kind offers of help you have given me with solving this problem. Gralorn -I'll let you know about the 4GB card. Field test tomorrow. Mark
  25. Hi Dave, My set up is the same as yours. I tried Activesync 4.5 and then switched back to 4.1 thinking it might help as it was the one that came on the disk. Didnt seem to make any difference, but at least bluetooth works and can get me going for now. I can tackle the other issues in the next few weeks. Thanks for your help. Mark
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