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  1. Hello Everybody, Just been looking through the photos submitted in May and its quite a tough choice to make. Ive made a few comments and I hope you dont mind. INDYandCO - really liked the modern feel to this photo reminds me of something you would see in a magazine. DrDick&Vick - nice photo, great landscape, a broken cloudy sky would have added to it (not that you can predict the weather). shiltonpig - vibrant colours and a feeling of 3D drawing you in. Firth of Forth photo 1 - lovely landscape with the dappled sunlight through the trees. Firth of Forth photo 2 - grand bridge, i would suggest looing at taking it lower down towards the water line and a bit further back along the bank so your eye is drawn along the bridge span and making the most of the sunlight. Guanajuato photo 1 - good action shot, I can never get these to come out. Guanajuato photo 2 - although not an entry, I rather like the nervous look from the sheep! themitchell5 - lovely family caching shot, I have one almost identical from a day out in Tenby a few years ago. Nick & Ali - two interesting shots of urban wildlife Von-Horst - what can I say, an interesting puzzling shot, until you see the waves! Clever. Cornell Finch - two very fine shots and perfect for what we expect to see in May. The second one is naturally framed taking us deep into the woods. Birdman-of-liskatraz - two fine photos, I like them both Guanajuato - photos 3 and 4, again really interesting pictures. DrDick&Vick - photos 3 and 4, nice action shots. The Flying Boots - I like the cloud stretched over the top of the island. The Blorenges - two very nice shots, good to see people in them as well, no sign of any bad or ugly that I could see? mitch.mob - Nice photo, I would have taken it from a slightly different angle using the curved rock as a frame on the bay, good photo. martlakes - yep I think we have all been there looking for that nano! Nice balanced shot. One thing I always struggle with is a level horizon, you have it spot on. Jedi Caching Powers - you should have had your camera on video mode and made £250! Nice action shot, just a shame about the finger shadow. Broken-Bones - a very nice pair of shots, a typical scene from May, lovely. MikeyG. - two very nice pictures, particularly the second one, but then Im a sucker for a good waterfall. goldpot -lots of interesting colours, rather wanted something to take my focus, still potential in that picture. So the results are as follows 1ST PLACE - shiltonpig - Deer in the valley. Stunning 3D effect and a picture I would put on a wall. 2nd place - Cornell Finch - Millie in the Bluebells - lovely vibrant colours. 3rd place - themitchell5 - Family and a lighthouse photo, typical geocaching scene. Thanks to everybody for the taking the time to enter, the quality of the pictures made this a really difficult task. Best of luck to shiltonpig for judging in June! Mark
  2. If it helps, quote from Wiki Avon was, from 1974 to 1996, a non-metropolitan and ceremonial county in the west of England. The county was named after the River Avon, which runs through the area. In 1996, the county was abolished and the area split between the Bath and North East Somerset, City of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire unitary local authorities. The Avon name is still used for some purposes and the area has a population of approximately one million people. Mark
  3. I believe there was siome work in the area as it was unsafe in the cliffs below. Mark
  4. I had the same issue, my 60CSX was just out of warranty and imaculate, except the broken screen where i trippped up and it landed face down on the corner of a stone. I got the full charge and a reconditioned replacement. It does seem to be if you get a good one, on the bright side it was back within 5 days. Mark
  5. Thanks to hobgoblinkiteflier for his excellent analysis of all the pictures, and for picking me as the winner! I rather liked Keehotees' horse photo! My second photo was certainly enhanced by volcanic ash. I'm judging this time, so please get your photos posted on this thread before the 1st of June. I'll also just cut 'n' paste the rules (the latest version from the original January 2010 thread): 1) The only hard and fast rule is that the photo must be cache related and to do with a specific cache, caching series or caching trip. There should be a hyperlink(s) to the cache(s) in the post. The cache(s) must be from the UK or Ireland. 2) Two photos per cacher per month (give or take). 3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules. 4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish. 5) Photos should be recent if possible. (No debates as to what recent means! This rule is flexible.) 6) The competition runs from the 1st of the month, until a date specified in the OP by the previous months winner. This should give sufficient time for the winner (or other person if necessary) to start the new thread. As this is 'just for fun', I'm not going to be strict about rules 2 or 5, although rule 1 will have to be adhered to. However, if there are several good photos to choose between, I might be tempted to pick one that was actually taken in April 2010 and even more tempted if it's associated with your own caching log! And is the photo is REALLY old, it might only get recognition for Historical Interest. Obviously, this is going to be highly subjective, so don't get disheartened if you thought your photo was better than the eventual winner. Please keep on trying - especially as the judge will change monthly. If you haven't already uploaded a photo, a good tip might be to upload to one of your log entries (it can just be 'post a note'). Then, display the photo and copy the URL to provide a link to the post. If it's not actually relevant to the cache you've used, delete the note and the photo - the URL will still work. Cheers guys, looking forward to seeing a few entries. Mark
  6. Similar issues, mine were raised early evening (UK time) and they arrived at 3.08am and 3.09am this morning. Mark
  7. Its taken me countless times to get a PQ to run this afternoon, just keeps on saying NEVER but shows 272 caches in the preview. Its finally run now. :x Groundspeak looking at this thread which has been running a few hours there appears to be a problem, any comments please?
  8. For the record the new format doesn't work on my HTC Diamond using the Opera browser, it doesnt error, just stretches out the cache page making it long and thin rather than the old format which just gave a mini version of the cache page. Mark
  9. The advice I was given for a trip to Africa was simply "prey runs". Ive had a few run ins with dogs, I usually get the "on sorry he wont bite", unfortunately by then you have been slobbered all over and covered in paw prints. Ultimately if they were kept on leads, even extendable leads the problem wouldn't exist. Ive avoided fields of cows on regular occasions. They are too big and unpredictable for my liking. A cacher colleague had a run in with a horse that decided to lick the back of his neck all the way across a field. Mark
  10. To be honest myself and Hugh Jampton had a good old go at it as well, but we couldn't quite get the coordinates to work in the checker. We cleared the rest of Clevedon anyway! Good fun! Mark
  11. 500 error again, have we had any official comment fromGroundspeak over this issue? Mark
  12. Error 500 back again. Or at least it is for me!
  13. Getting "500 internal error" again
  14. Thanks, I knew the minute I posted a note on here it would start working again and it has on queue. Please close this topic. Cheers Mark
  15. Hello, Is there a problem when uploading photos at the moment. Ive hada couple of attempts over the last hour and each time I get the stock respose ' an error occurred.....' page. Ive tried different caches and different photos. Thanks. Mark
  16. I snapped off the clip for opening and shutting the rear battery cover of my 60CSX, I rang them last weekend because I couldn't get a spare anywhere else and they sent me a new cover free of charge, arrived yesterday. Well done Garmin.
  17. My ISP is Sky. Its worth mentioning that from conversations with my friends Im not aware of any other emails from other sources going missing. Of course its difficult to tell until somebody asks yo why you have not replied to an email or you see a reply from somebody further down an email thread and realise you never got the original. This happened to me before Sky went to Gmail but not since. I actually dont use the sky email service, I use 1and1 internet email services and my junk folders are empty because I don't get spam. I'll keep on watching and see if I get another example. On the subject of watchlists, I dont have a problem with receiving emails from those tat have been removed from the list but when I was deleting a few out of my watchlist last weekend i was getting an error message on some saying they had already been deleted which was interesting...thought they might be my oldest ones that had corrupted or something (recently my premium membership elapsed fo a month or so) but its turned our to be fairly random, some deleted no problems, whilst some had the error message. Certainly the watchlist is a page that is long overdue an overhaul. Thanks to both of you for replying. Mark
  18. For the last few months Ive noticed that Im not getting notification emails for some caches published in my local area or some visited caches on my watchlist. Ive checked the settings in my profile numerous times and just put it down to me deleting a notification before I have realised what it is. However today I have found a cache very close to my home that was published yesterday without a notification email being received. Groundspeak - Is there an ongoing problem with the email notification facility?
  19. Having just swapped from a Etrex Legend C to a 60CSX in the last 6 weeks I have not regretted it for a single moment. I loved my Legend C, had it for 4 years and no problems with the exception of the joystick position which being righhanded I found my screen was covered by my hand when using it. Yes the 60 is bulkier but I dont even notice and the upgraded chipset certainly seems to make a difference, will be interesting to see how it operates this summer when the tree canopy is in full leaf. After watching another cacher trying to us his Oregon in full sunlight and not being able to see the screen Im very glad of my choice. Ive also kept my Legend C for cycle route caches as Ive got all the handlebar gismos! Reading the comments I guess its personal choice. Mark
  20. I went local to clear up a load of the caches that had appears in recent months so around Thornbury Bristol and Radstock, Bath (lovely little mini series there!) and managed to bag about 30 caches. The weather was warm and sunny, just a shame the website was so slow for logging and half my email alerts didn't come through, but then I guess you can't have everything. Mark
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