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  1. Im fairly new to this forum so Im sorry if this question has already been raised and answered previously but Im having a problem with my Legend base maps. Ive noticed that when Im travelling down motorways my GPS track is always about 50m out from the base map, it looks like Im travelling in the field next to the motorway rather than the road itself. Also I went caching alongside the river Avon some week ago and according to my GPS I was walking in the middle of the river the whole afternoon. Features I manually upload or insert appear to be in the right place, like cache boxes because the co-ords are always very close but its the base map that seems to be 'out'. I cant seem to find anyway of uploading a new base map or fixes / updates to my GPS. Can anybody advise on how I can correct this problem please. Thanks. Mark
  2. Glad you pointed that one out, it was on my hit list for this year, wouldnt have given the co-ords a second look until I was on route with my co driver, as its so close to me.
  3. I dont think this has been mentioned yet, apologies if it has but Ive also found baby wet wipes very useful if you find a particularly mucky cache and need to clean your hands before eating something! Also how long would you reasonably expect a muggled cache to remain disabled whilst the owners replace the box? 3 months, 6 months?
  4. I dont think I will attempt to do any caches in the dark, I have enough trouble with balance as it is and Im bound to disturb a tramp or be mugged. Somebody did my cache in the dark and took pictures of the surrounding cities which were pretty good and Im currently developing a multi cache for Halloween which will have some glow in the dark items in it.
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