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  1. Glad you pointed that one out, it was on my hit list for this year, wouldnt have given the co-ords a second look until I was on route with my co driver, as its so close to me.
  2. I dont think this has been mentioned yet, apologies if it has but Ive also found baby wet wipes very useful if you find a particularly mucky cache and need to clean your hands before eating something! Also how long would you reasonably expect a muggled cache to remain disabled whilst the owners replace the box? 3 months, 6 months?
  3. I dont think I will attempt to do any caches in the dark, I have enough trouble with balance as it is and Im bound to disturb a tramp or be mugged. Somebody did my cache in the dark and took pictures of the surrounding cities which were pretty good and Im currently developing a multi cache for Halloween which will have some glow in the dark items in it.
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