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  1. We come back on the 27th. What ship will you be on? Maybe we can meet before you board and when we disembark.
  2. What ship were you on? I am wondering if you would have some co-ords for on board. so I could organize an an meet and greet event on board.
  3. HEY THERE We spent a week there last year and found all but 2 on the whole island. One was no longer there and the other we would have had to rent a kayak to get to it and we didnt have enough time by the end of the week to do it. If you look up my name you can add me as a friend and look up all of the caches on the island on my site so it will give you an idea where to start.
  4. Hello Fellow cachers. We are taking a cruise starting out of Miami April 20th 2013. And would like to know if their are any fellow cachers that will be aboard the same ship ( Carnival Liberty ) If so I would like to hold an event during the first evening of our sailing on the Lido deck. If anyone knows how to set up an event without knowing the exact co-ords. Please let me know. Or do I just post it here and hope for the best that people show up. Maybe I can get them to anounce it over the speaker after the ship has sailed. Anyone have any thoughts about this. Thanks
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