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  1. I have just the basic yellow etrex from Garmin and I drove all around the Kruger National Park last June, saving the route as a track log. Now I'd like to get that data off of my unit, on to my computer, and map where I went. What software and websites do you recommend? There's a nice google Earth module for the park, for example, and it would be great to visualize the trip that way, but even a 2-d visual would make me happy. Please help. Thanks.
  2. I hate the ones who say TNLN: took nothing left nothing. Boring.
  3. Just because where YOU live, thousands of miles away, you can't pet stingrays, doesn't make it unusual. Apparently, from your decription, you are much more likely to see a stingray at the location then a bird. Sounds like stingrays are pretty common in that neck of the world. Lets make my cache example more specific, ok? Lets pick a specioes of bird thats very common here on the east coast, yet non-existant where you live on the west. NOW does my virtual get approved? I would imagine you don't have a degree in logic. Anyway, I was on this island for ten days. This is an island that has as many visitors in one year as Hawaii has in one week. Only when I boated out to this specific location did I see stingrays. They weren't exactly crawling up on shore for sun and fun. And I saw LOTS of stingrays. LARGE stingrays. And a few of them just contacted me by email and asked me never to post their coordinates because they THOUGHT they were special, and now they realize they're just like common birds from central new jersey. And several were concerned they might end up photoshoped into a fake photo, just so someone could say they found a cache. Yes, they have heard that humans spend all kinds of time falsifying stingray photos. And underwater caves are a dime a dozen. Just like a container . . . at the foot of a tree. I can't believe anyone would actually say that. How many of you have been to an underwater cave? So, be petty, squelch an imaginative spirit or two. It must feel so powerful to moderate at geocaching.com. If anyone cool's interested in a beautiful island and some friendly rays, let me know. I'd be happy to share.
  4. I would have gladly answered a question if asked. Frankly, the "find a sign at the base of a statue" virtuals are pretty boring after awhile. Wouldn't I have found the famous site on my own??? I submitted this with the idea that mods might have a creative outlook and actually think this was a pretty cool idea. As for the person who said something to the effect of take a picture in the forest of a bird. That's a cache. Um. No. It's not the same. Do you see stingrays everyday? Birds yes. Stingrays that you can pet? No. I stayed at a hotel that provided free canoes. So renting is probably not an issue if you are already on this island. You can also walk or swim to this location; it is shallow, but it's a third of a mile. I would imagine that few of the locals have GPS units. Perhaps we should ban all geocaches on islands where underprivleged non-gps-owners live. That's logical. No "vacation virtuals" and since none of the locals will hide a cache, no caches at all.
  5. Here's the whole thing . . . This virtual cache requires a boat. You may rent a motorboat, outrigger canoe, or a kayak. It is possible to stand with your head above water at the cache location. Very friendly stingrays frequent this location. To log this cache, you must email a photo of a ray, preferably with you in the picture too. I recommend an underwater camera because your land one might get wet. Disposable underwaters can be had for about $30 USD on the island, or better yet, buy before you arrive. You'll be glad to have this camera, not just for the rays, but also because you might see some other cool creatures. It is possible to pet the rays on their backs -- the side with the beautiful eyes. They feel like wet mushrooms. I have heard that the mouth feels like strong suction, but they don't bite. I even accidently touched the tail (stinger!) which felt like a dull sawblade. They only sting when in danger and the pain supposedly only lasts a few hours. Note: After I snorkled here, some friends went to the same location and a boat party was feeding the rays, which attracted sharks. The sharks are supposedly harmless, but thrashed a bit when food was available. I would not recommend feeding the rays. Additional Hints (Encrypt) Don't be afraid! I swam with these beauties and with sharks in another nearby spot. It was an experience I'll never forget. From: <noreply@geocaching.com> [ Save address ] To: <signupz@comcast.net> Subject: [LOG] Owner: erik88l-r permanently archived Les Raies (Virtual Cache) Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 06:39:53 -0800 This is an automated message from Geocaching.com You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing. erik88l-r permanently archived Les Raies (Virtual Cache) at 1/1/2004 Log Date: 1/1/2004 Hi, Please see the rules for Geocaches posted here http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx Please see the section on Placing Caches on Vacation here: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#vacation Thank you for your cache submission. Your contribution to our sport is appreciated, however... I suspect you'd be unable to maintain this cache from your home 4700 miles away in Oregon. I'm afraid the prohibition on "vacation caches" applies to virtual caches and webcams as well as the traditional physical caches. Have a happy new year! thanks for your understanding, erik - geocaching.com admin NOTE: do not select "reply" in your e-mail program if you wish to respond to this message from the geocaching.com mail bot. Go to your cache page and e-mail erik88L-R from the log there. Be sure to reference your cache URL or GCxxxx waypoint number so it can be found. Visit this listing at the below address: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...d84-89072d638fe 9 Visit GCHDXM http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ca7-49c3-aed2-4 58cf0f2a5c8 Profile for erik88l-r: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=96...d8-27e8e218dc98 Search for caches from this location: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...49.900466666667
  6. I'm thinking of putting the coordinates on my personal website because it's such a cool place. Is there a "rival" geocaching site?
  7. I submitted a "vacation cache" that was not approved because I would not be able to maintain it. Well, the thing is, it's a virtual cache in a bay: something that will not go away. So I don't understand why this can't be a cache.
  8. This is a very nice park even though it's in Gresham It would also be a cool idea to organize a benefit for their annual salmon festival.
  9. This is a very nice park even though it's in Gresham It would also be a cool idea to organize a benefit for their annual salmon festival.
  10. Let's get Groundskeeper Willie aka Wil Wheaton to be the keynote speaker. Jeremy could be co-keynote speaker. Maybe WW would lower his normal fee since he's a geocacher . . . I think he'd be very entertaining.
  11. Wil Wheaton wants to go geocaching! Wm. F*ing Shatner
  12. Wil Wheaton wants to go geocaching! Wm. F*ing Shatner
  13. Wil Wheaton wants to go geocaching! Check it out. The Crusher!!!
  14. Wil Wheaton wants to go geocaching! Check it out. The Crusher!!!
  15. ganesh

    The Search

    This was an outstanding event! Thanks again to all. For next year I have a few suggestions: Limit team size to two or three. Do not allow teams to split up and share results; a team of six with three sub-teams has a clear advantage over a team of two. Disqualify anyone who removes or relocates a cache. Make certain that each team only takes one award points card in each cache by labeling every card. I like the "everybody wins" method with raffle tickets. It was also fun to do introductions by username! Visit http://cordle.info for photos of the event. Kelp Pouch[/url
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