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  1. The question we need to be asking is: What are Groundspeak going to do about improving the quality of the current mapping?


    Yes, since Groundspeak dropped Google maps, the alternative has been vastly inferior to what we've been use to. We've even lost aerial/satelite imagery.


    With regards to the normal mapping, we also have the option for OSM rather than MapQuest, (which is what I use most of the time). Cachers could also improve OSM maps by adding and editing the tracks from their GPSs to the OSM system as they would most likely be following footpaths and bridleways, (in the UK).


    Another thought: Do Bing charge for there map content usage like Google do now? If not, why aren't we using that platform?

  2. Was asked about my P7 and P3 at the Sussex Xmas meet lastnight and did a little demo for other attendees.

    I'm sure I saw someone use their smartphone and bought one there and then using their Amazon app.

    Afterwards redirected male clued me into this string and both me and my caching partner Geo J0 use nothing but Lensers.

    I found Lensers independently of the forums and any hearsay from other cacher and they are really brilliant torches. In both form and function.

    I have noticed that using my P3 is better for night caches that use stealth tape and reflective pins. The P7 can be too bright and overpowers anything reflecting back.

    Night caches using firetacks seem to cope with the P7.

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