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  1. I think your logs, as well as your hides and listings, are a reflection of you. I don't always write a book for a log but I usually write a good humorous story as to what happened, what we faced, and what the experience was like. I also like to add pictures when something was deserving and have a lot in my gallery. I love reading the long logs on my hides and like seeing people who had fun at a hide I own. I also like it when people find their very first cache on one of my hides and add "WE'RE HOOKED!" in the text. Another victim... MUH-HA-HA-HA.... errr, excuse me. It comes down to imagination and effort put forth on both logs and hides. Have seen caches in really neat areas with a lot of history and great scenery and the cache page reads "Quick PAG should be easy to find" and that's it, no links, no background image, nothing. So much potential wasted. I have micros hidden at neat spots (not condusive to full sized caches) where the listing page is several screens long, done in HTML with pictures and all kinds of info. The hide is worth the effort and I think it makes it more inviting to seekers and entices them to add to the gallery. As long as everyone's having fun it's all okay, but good logs, like good hides, enhance the game tremendously.
  2. We are now... no longer the Knights Who Say 'Ni'. Shh! We are now the Knights Who Say 'Ecky- ecky- ecky- ecky- pikang- zoop- boing- goodem- zoo- owli- zhiv'. Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... with... a herring!
  3. On every one of my caches, I edit the cache after it was found and give credit to the FTF person with the date on the cache page itself. Kind of a perk for the FTF. But if more then one person was there for the FTF I give credit as a CO-FTF and credit everyone involved. Then again if I changed the camo, spot, technique, or something with the cache that makes it a fairly new hide but decided against making it a totally new cache, I give credit for the person with the FTF IN NEW LOCATION or something like that. Give credit where credit is due
  4. If owners should not interpret the guidelines but take them literally for what they actually state, the only thing referencing false logs states : The responsibility of your listing includes quality control of posts to the cache page. Delete any logs that appear to be bogus, counterfeit, off topic, or not within the stated requirements. You feel that owners should not interpret the guidelines but accept them at literal face value, they state to delete logs that APPEAR to be bogus or counterfeit. At no place in the guidelines does it state to delete logs that ARE bogus regardless of how they APPEAR. So if owners are not to interpret the guidelines away from their literal meaning, if you delete logs that are proven to be bogus BUT appeared to be valid, you would be BREAKING THE LITERAL MEANING OF THE GUIDELINES as they state to only delete logs that APPEAR to be bogus!!! #1 FAKE LOG : Was a great hike and a nice adventure. Enjoy your caches and always like places like this. Thanks for bringing us here! #2 REAL LOG : don't remember but marked found on gps Now at the literal meaning of the guidelines, you should delete #2 because it APPEARS bogus, but you should leave #1 because it APPEARS valid, regardless of the FACT that #1 is faked and #2 is valid. Yeah, that's where the LITERAL meaning of the guidelines get you when you do not allow the freedom to interpret the guidelines by owners. Enjoy!
  5. infiniteMPG was coined from the fact that we like anything that doesn't burn gas... as stated on our webpage : Dedicated to Geocaching, Pedaling, Hiking, Paddling, Skating, and anything that brings man and nature together burning desire rather then oil Thus, the infiniteMPG (Miles Per Gallon). I did originally have my old BBS handle as my GC name which was "phlyx" for my liking of movies (phlyx = flicks = movies) but it didn't fit well with the GC theme.
  6. .... totally jealous.... totally. Dang... we don't even had admin rights on our workstations anymore! Grrrrr.... still trying to find a way to run Mapsource portably.... ::sigh::
  7. Not ME! Wasn't my GPSr.... I am most definitely not jinxed.... let me prove it. Hold my 60C8x (the "S" kind of smeared and it looks like an "8".. dang Sharpies!) and hand me your 60CSx. Now walk away.... no, further away.... now get in your car and drive home and I'll prove I'm not jinxed!
  8. I know....shhhhh..... but they're both in Indiana.....
  9. Good firm example... I can see how these would alert someone and hopefully it is handled before it causes an issue. Looks very armchairish and if it were my caches I'd check into it. I don't anyone in here said they would do "nothing" if it showed up on their caches, but I don't think people will go out specifically looking for it. A good responsible cacher posted the alert and kudos to them! I got two alerts yesterday from similar responsible cachers who notified me of a camo job failing and a hiding spot falling vicitim to age. I will handle it. Would I of run out and checked just for chuckles? Probably not. But now it will be dealt with. I would bet more maintenance issues come to an owner's attention from other cachers then from the owner themself checking on their caches. Same from the sound of this cache example. And as with any other maintenance issue, when it comes to light, it will be handled (by a responsible owner). My personal comment on the cache is that the supposed false log if from September 15, 2007. The alert is from January 1, 2008. It's now been over 6 weeks since the alert and the supposed false log is still on the cache page. If we're professing an owner should handle these things is this also an example of an owner not dealing with a supposed false log?
  10. Lots of common ground and no problem agreeing the meth heads should be stopped, it's just the question if you going to go out there and personally do it?
  11. This all still comes back to semantics.... False logs are not degrading the game any more or less then any of dozens of other actually verifiable problems so "allowing" them doesn't hurt the game except for the purist's pride who just don't like cheaters and those who play for high numbers. No one likes them or condones them or defends them. We will all deal with them or delete them if we find them, but you will find very few who will go out of their way to deal with them. If anyone feels that strongly against it and wants to spend (or waste) their time doing that... go for it. Just don't expect or demand anyone else to. But entertain the rest of us by popping in here and posting : 1 - How you have policed your caches for false logs. 2 - How much time it took (and how many caches you are checking) 3 - What are your results. How many false logs you found. Then when we get shown results by example as you demonstrate that the time you are spending has shown results, we might start to listen. If you spend ten hours a week policing logs and over six months don't find a single false log, don't expect us to listen. I don't expect anyone else to be swayed by my opinion on this any more then anyone else should expect me to be swayed by theirs. We all have our beliefs and it appears we've hit an impasse. So unless someone wants to post some results I think this dog's tail has been thoroughly chased and the one dead horse lame example has been thoroughly beaten.
  12. The point is what are you personally doing different in your life to prevent it from happening to you? Not driving under overpasses anymore? Putting armor on your windshield? Spending your evenings driving over overpasses being sure no rocks or debris are around that could be thrown? Or are you just aware this has happened, it has been a problem for a few people but the chances of it happening to you directly are so slim you don't mind tuning in a radio station while passing under an overpass rather then slowing to a crawl and looking all around the overpass for someone that might do it to you? There is a difference between living your life and being cautious about things that might happen, or living in total paranoia thinking the sky is falling and everyone is out to get you. Yes. People have throw things from overpasses. Yes. It does make driving a little less "fun". Does it make anyone change the way they drive or live? Probably only a very small paranoid people and probably not much different because the chances are so slim. False logs are not a "good" thing, but unlike the overpass example, no one has brought any actual problem example to the thread so the chances of it causing a problem for anyone would be impossible to even calculate.
  13. Yup, see post #1.Post #1 stated this as the only solution : I am proposing that cache owners who agree with the premise of physically visiting the cache location, do their part to enforce it - don’t allow false logs on your caches, and don’t be embarrassed to enforce this basic notion of geocaching. That's like saying the solution to terrorism is to not allow terrorists to do anything bad. A little abiguous and totally vague. A solution is what people would actually do to fix the problem, not just saying "don't allow false logs". What is your proposal of HOW people would not allow false logs (and pick someone like me with over 200 hides that it would take me a month of vacation time to physically visit each one once)?
  14. Has happened : http://www.kmbc.com/news/10621822/detail.html By the same account, could someone drive beside you and throw a brick thru your windshield causing you to fly across the road into head on traffic? Yes. Has it happened yet? No. Could it happen? Yes. Should you do something to prevent someone from throwing a brick into your windshield? Have you gone out and bought brick-proof glass for your windshield and only drive where no one's in front of or beside you? Not many of us live in a paranoid world trying to prepare for things that are highly unlikely to happen. Anything being done would be based on the chances of something happening, not on the possibility of it ever happening. And from what the world has shown, people don't do much of anything until something has definitely happened enough times for it to become an actual problem. Dang people, muck up the works... hehehehe
  15. Sir infiniteMPG: How do know so much about trackable items? Queen PyrateWench: Well, you have to know these things when you're a queen, you know. Cool..... Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
  16. You post with the strength of many men, Sir Sioneva. I seek the finest and the bravest posters in the land to join me at my court at GC.com. You have proved yourself worthy. Will you join me? You make me sad. So be it! Come, Signal! ::clop-clop clop-clop clop-clop:: ::this is where you say NONE SHALL PASS.... ::
  17. Good man Smart man... live to cache another day dirtking sits right next to me at work and I got him hooked so we often yakked about GC... up until he tried to get FTF on my Pine Nutz cache nearby and his GPSr fell out of his bike pack and got run over by a truck and smushed to bits. Same day his wife tore up their van. Loaned him mine to get the FTF but wasn't a good day for him. We haven't talked much GC since the accident... I mean with the GPSr, not the van....
  18. Crayon??? I'd at least use my black Sharpie! I think the scientific term is "MUCK". Stepped out of my kayak near Caladesi Island (Honeymoon area) to try to snag a cache and sunk in that muck up to my knees... almost lost my water shoes! It's old phosphate mines, lots of trees, lots of elevation changes, and good caches. That's always fun. We were tagging behind Snowbirds VT a few weeks ago at Gasparilla Island (Boca Grande) and finally caught them. That's always a blast. Good luck and welcome to the wild and whacky (and sometimes bush-whacky) world of geocaching. Now back to working (or at least looking like it)
  19. Well, a "real" geocacher would send that 60CSx down here to Bradenton to see how well it worked compared to my 60C. I'd even pick it up! I'll send it right back to ya.... the 60CSx I mean.... really... trust me! <<IMPG quickly looks up how to disguise his 60C to look like a 60CSx>> Welcome aboard... lots of good caches in the area and if you get a chance to head a little east of you, I would highly recommend Where The Green Fern Grows. Ol' Bubba Hide's pride and joy (and the #1 rated cache in west central Florida). Wait!!! You actually have mud up there? We just have wet sand.... hehehehe
  20. Ґ rӘΛllЎ thїnk thάt sџppџrtЁrs Θf thә lΞttΞr "Ә" wїll crγ fфμl μnlәss wЁ hάndlә ΛLL vǾwΞls ӘqμάllЎ. ϊnfϊnϊtΞMPG PRǾVΞ ҐT!!! hәhәhәhәhә
  21. Good points. With the issue of keeping geocaching the best it can be, the discussion time would be better spent discussing what can reasonably be done to deal with the issues that take away from geocaching rather then semantics of what constitutes "degrading" and fluff like that. Always believed that if you want to bring a problem to the table you better be setting your concept of a solution right beside it.
  22. The implication that someone has offerred examples of how fake logs have caused problems with regular caches. Not saying there is not the potenital, but there's potential for a lot of things and a lot of them will never happen (or if they do they will be so subliminal they will go un-noticed). I'm not going to waste a good worry on fake logs but if they do rear their ugly head around my caches I will deal with them accordingly
  23. Now I didn't say I wasn't in the admission's office. So please stop by and see Mr. Jack Maynard in Room 208 in Parsons Hall when you get a chance.... Hehehehe... just kidding. Good luck there! Lived in New Albany for a while, nice area, nice school.
  24. As I sit here at work taking a mini-break (one of several) and post to the forums, I wonder how many others out there have that little IE window open and steal away a second every now and again to pop a message in the forums. Do you consider it 'goofing off' or saving your sanity? I mean I could always take up smoking and snag a few dozen break a day, but I think this is better for my health. At least my physical health... How many forum contributors are at work right now? Or where are you when you post? And don't worry, I'm not affiliated with your H.R. Department.... really. I'm not. Really. Oh yeah, please include your employee # and department name at the bottom of your posts.
  25. Thinking???? Me? Oh no, don't tell my boss. Next thing you know he'll make me work.... ::infiniteMPG tries to force a little drool out:: Ahhhhhhh.... much better ...at work we have to stay in character.... hehehehe
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