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  1. Agree but in a pinch it's better then driving a couple hours to get a cheaper one or back home to get the one we forgot. And that's the same that Garmin charges. Hoping to not find myself back in that pinch again. After years and years it was the first time, so now with multiple cables it shouldn't be an issue ::crossing fingers:: Up until this happened I didn't realize (and from the sound of the posts I don't think many others did either) that the data cable for the GPSr was a 'standard cable'.
  2. Can't let Pirate Wench be the only Floridian posting nature shots in here
  3. Good deal!!! Premium membership then use pocket queries (PQ) to download up to 500 waypoints with desciptions and logs (up to 5 previous logs). Then use Garmin's Mapsource or GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) to edit what you downloaded and then upload them to your GPSr via a micro USB to USB connector. Hints you'll need to do on a PDA or print them or something as I don't believe you have enough "note" room for complete hints. You will need Mapsource to upload the City Select software to your GPSr unless it's already pre-loaded. And you'll have to unlock the maps thru Garmin's webiste to upload them to your GPSr. So hopefully you have the registration codes and everything for City Select, Garmin is pretty tight about letting that get pirated. You will also need the drivers for your MAP60CS loaded on your computer (available free from Garmin). I would also recommend after you have cached that you download (via Mapsource) the info from your GPSr to your PC and save it. Then clear everything off your GPSr and load the new stuff for the next time. Then you can always reference back to your old GPSr data (I save mine by date like 2008-0401 so they sort in chronological order). The MAP60CS also has geocaching mode so when you find one you can click FOUND and it changes the icon from a closed treasure chest to an open one. When you upload it to your PC it's easy to look around in Mapsource, see where you've been and what caches you found. Saves a lot of note taking. And if you're miles and miles from the next cache and on the road, do a FIND and pick the cache (or parking coords is better), then do FOLLOW ROAD to get driving directions with turns and everything. Then when you get there do a FIND again but this time pick OFF ROAD and you can zone right in on the cache. Good luck!
  4. I am sure I could do better then the $19 on Ebay or online somewhere, but in a crunch the $19 was worth the saving of manually typing in tons of geocache coords. Hmmm, kind of wonder why all these GPS manufacturers don't state that the comm cable is simply just a mini-USB to USB cable rather then making it sound like some proprietary thing.... Money talk$???
  5. Good topic. We have a series of caches here in Florida in a large preserve, much of which is open space and can be brutal in the Florida summer sun. We have found that not only had we seen (and added to) bottles of water in the caches, but people have started leaving unopened bottles of water and critical passage points (gates and stuff like that). Might sounds like opening to door to tampering, but trust me, there are times out there in the summer when you'd climb a ten foot barbed wire fence to get to an orange on the ground and fight the fruit flies for one drop of juice! Go for it (we do)!
  6. If you think about it, STOP SIGNS at intersections are ALL the "honor system". There have been problems at some intersection but for the most part, they WORK! If they didn't then we'd have traffic lights at every intersection (and ever they have some honor system aspects to them). But we don't so it means the vast majority of us CAN FUNCTION on the honor system. There will be a few who don't comply but rather then putting police at every intersection to capture everyone who fails to come to a complete stop or give right-of-way properly, we drive defensively and try to get along. Seems to work... for stop signs and geocaching.
  7. Agreed with that one. But in many cases arguing about is like the answer given.... "zero cents"... or maybe that's "zero sense"... hehehe Cheating at geocaching as stated in the mega thread that we hoped had died, is about as damaging as cheating at recreational golf, cheating at throwing darts in your living room by yourself, turning over one "extra" card when playing solitaire, or looking up a cheat code online so you can get past something in a video game. All that's being cheated is yourself. And the people that do it are doing it to themselves, not to anyone else. And getting all bent about them doing it only adds stress to your life and degrades your life experience (and your geocaching experience). Everyone, repeat this over and over until it sinks in " OH WELL!"
  8. Was wondering if anyone has found themselves in this situation. You go away on a little trip and plan on doing some caching while there. You load up the laptop and the GPSr and when you arrive, you search, and search, and search, and can't find your GPSr communication cable! Well, happened to me today. And called all around to Circuit City, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Dick's Sporting Goods, Sport's Authority, West Marine, everywhere... and no cables in the store. "You can order them online" was the response.... gee, thanks! BUT Best Buy to the rescue. Ran to a local Best Buy and found that a Motorola Mini USB to USB Data Cable (around $19) works GREAT for my GPS MAP60C. Not sure what cables othere GPS's use but I have not seen this noted anywhere that a standard off the shelf cable can do the trick. Sure as heck didn't want to start manually entering all the coords!! How barbaric!!! hehehehe Just thought I'd pass that along if anyone else got into this spot.
  9. ACK!!! I thought this topic died with the last mega-thread. Guess you can't keep a good (bad?) topic down.... hehehehe I think if you want to nail some people on this, you put some very obvious instruction to do something in the container (not a requirement for the find, just something funny).... like I have a full sized difficult cache and inside is instructions to do something right when you find it. If I ever debated if someone actually found it I could just drop them a note to congratulate them and then subliminally ask what they did when they found it. If they answer that they did what the instructions say I'd know pretty much they were there. If they skirt the question then I have reason to check but knowing the task to do so, I would only do it when I was out there. But all in all, cheaters in geocaching are just cheating themselves and should be pitied.... that is after they're tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered, boiled and skinned, and then tossed on a fire ant mount to clean their bones to be ground up and molded into fake rocks to be used for camo containers
  10. Have to be careful with good CITO folks. I have a stage of a multi that's a Diet Dr. Pepper can safe that the top screws off off and one group of cachers picked it up and was going to trash, but after walking around and coming up empty, one of them double checked their CITO booty and realized it WAS the stage! Things that "look" like trash may end up treated like trash rather then cache... especially if placed out in the wilderness.
  11. Part of the county requests for large sites is to leave part of the land as a "conservation area" open to the public. The development usually owns the property but are requested to leave this part fully open and posted accessible for public use as a conservation area.
  12. The tract of land is about 1-1/2 miles long and 1/2 mile wide so we're talking a big section of land and a big devlopment. Not talking just clearing a corner for a strip mall. Hehehehe... no bust taken and I understand. If I get SWAT called down on me for pedalling my ol' beat up Cannondale down a dirt path soon to be a road in the middle of nothing then I think Homeland Security would be proud. It is nice and I would of preferred it remained undevloped (but it used to be barbed wire fenced off land which is gone with the new devlopment). Gonna just squat on the spot from a distance and pounce when the pavement is laid.
  13. Why would anyone get upset about it? I live right next to the site so the second it was open to the public I could be there placing the cache. Would that tick the same people off? Just asking the question if that is an acceptable practice, I already know it ticks people off when you beat them to a cool spot to place a cache So I guess that means that not checking the "Yes, this listing is active (For new listings, if you want to work on this listing before it is reviewed, uncheck this box. Reviewers will only see the listing in the queue when it is checked.) " box means that for all practical purposes, you didn't hide anything. Does having a cache entered but not in the queue reserve the coords????
  14. According to Florida legal code 810.09 which states : "The offender commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, if the property trespassed is a construction site that is legally posted and identified in substantially the following manner: "THIS AREA IS A DESIGNATED CONSTRUCTION SITE, AND ANYONE WHO TRESPASSES ON THIS PROPERTY COMMITS A FELONY." Meaning the site has to have the information clearly posted for that to stick. As stated above, there is no signs at all at the one entrance.
  15. Not exactly sure the time frame and this is still purely hypothetical, just something I thought about as I was checking the spot out. As I said, the way I entered had nothing posted so I wasn't worried about being there. There is no area within 500-feet of the spot that would be outside the area, this is a pretty big land development. I have an "inside resource" to the plan so I know what is going to be left as conservation area and never developed. That is the type spot I was looking at.
  16. There is a new development being built nearby my home that is in a pretty neat location with some trees and a pretty large lake. The new road for this is being cut between two larger roads and from one of the roads there is no signs to keep out or no trespassing or anything, but from the other road there is. You can see from the construction what area is going to remain pretty natural around the lake. My question is can I hide a cache in here, post it but list it as inactive and just sit on it until the construction is done before I activate it??? Kind of a squatter's rights sort of thing. I don't mind going in via mountain bike from the road without signs and have done so several times just checking out the area and if someone said something it's easy to play dumb and leave, but I could make the hide pretty easily. Is it okay to practice squatter's rights with a cache location? Or could I even just waymark a spot and list it without even hiding something there until the construction is done? JUst curious if anyone else has done this and what the outcome was....
  17. I do recall that same line was used in The Gauntlet and also if I recall correctly, he was shot when he was saying that in both... Paddler Found and I have a good geo-relationship in that she's the voice of reason, and I'm the voice of "Come on thru, the palmettos and thorns aren't that bad and the mud not too deep and if we're really quiet we won't desturb the hogs resting nearby".... Actually that is me but then she's more the voice of "Are you okay in there?". We work well together and I think that's more the issue then who does what and when. When she says "Let's walk ahead a few hundred more feet and look for a better way" I usually tag along... reluctantly. Or if I blast thru the brush she is sure to keep track of me and my safety, or at least snap pictures of my foolishness. I don't make a big deal if she doesn't follow and often there is a better way and I'm glad she was reasonable enough to not follow. Give and take while having respect and consideration for each other, that's what matters. In geocaching and much more. And at Tybee Island you should of first toured the lighthouse, the fort, then headed back to Fiddler's Crabhouse. Then when you went for the cache you'd be a little more at ease....
  18. We have a stage of a rural multi that is a soda can fridge safe where the can looks 100% real, weight, too. The top unscrews and the coords to the next stage are inside. One group of cachers grabbed it up to CITO and searched like mad and gave up. Then the cacher who picked it up took a second look and had an AHA! moment and then they had to figure out where to put it back to. Luckily they got it right!
  19. Well you can just wear an eye patch on both yer eyes when you see my posts or I'll have ya walkin' the plank! Arrrrrrgh!!!! hehehe Been hesitant on posting too much but these are some of my favorites. And I don't think it would be obvious which cache they were to anyone who hasn't already found them. Haven't seen too many locals in here so not overly worried but hopefully it will spark someone's (evil) imagination And anyone willing to spend days hogging out a tree trunk stump and haul the massive thing out to a hiding spot, more power to 'em! hehehehehe
  20. 1 minute 18 seconds before I could stop laughing and start typing.... good one!!!! We did several Altoid caches (outdoors) in Boca Grande (Gasparilla Island, Florida) and a few were easy finds but then I pried them in the sprocket of my bike, beat them with my frame pump, almost broke the blade off my pocket knife and tried just about everything short of a hack saw before getting them open. Then the contents were soaked and covered with rusty slime including the log. Wasn't hard being stealthy finding them, but all that pounding and cursing made us look like crackheads in need of an Altoids box fix....
  21. Last of my give-aways.... many of the places we hike and bike in the area are current or former cattle areas or very rural lands so running across old bleached skeletons or bones is not an unusual occurance. Occasionally I snag these when I'm out for reasons you'll see below. Of course I'd hate to try to explain what I'm doing mountain biking with this big bone in my hand but luckily have not been put in that situation... yet. When people run across the bones they look like this (of course this is sitting in the parking area before being taken to it's final resting place.... all bow) : This is the bone supposedly in it's natural stae of being. Another view of the other side... yup, just a bleached out cow bone. But if you look at the end kind of closely.... you'll find..... ...out pops a waterproof match holder micro cache with a Quikrete custom cap job. In order to do this I mounted a screw in the cap of the match container so the Quikrete has something to hold to. Already had bored a hole in the bone so I inserted the match holder bottom in the hole and then wrapped plastic wrap over the bone. Pushed the cap thru the plastic wrap and threaded it on the base. Then just glopped on (yeah, "glop"... it's a geocaching cooking term) mixed Quikrete and let it dry for a couple days. Then pulled the Quikrete and match holder out, unscrewed the cap, removed the plastic and it was a perfect fit as it was molded in place! The Quikrete in the close up end view still was a little gray but as it dried completely in the sun it matched the bone perfectly. Like I said, last give-away for the day....
  22. Just so long as they hate me as much as the cachers around here already do! Muh-ha-ha-ha-ha.... Be sure to add to bottom of listing page --> ©infiniteMPG Hated 'n Lovin' It! Inc. hehehehehehe
  23. I only have about 230 to pick from and some of them are in North Carolina so GOOD LUCK! hehehehehe Actually my only worry about posting camo jobs in here is giving away secrets to local wenches... errr, I mean local cachers.... Does anyone else worry about posting 'secrets of our hides' in here and ruining the fun for people seeking your caches?
  24. Okay, getting a little less worried about posting camo jobs here so I'm going to pass some more along (and I have quite a few documented). There was a cache that got destroyed from construction but the 'reason' for the cache site was still there. Didn't want to give up the location so went camo instead. Surrounding one part of the area was some old concrete blocks on the ground, most of them filled with sand and debris. Been there for many, many years (and hopefully remain there for many more). With local plants growing near them all. Looks like this : As you can see, most all of the openings are filled with sand while others are filled with leafs and other clutter. Blocks have been there a while. The one opening on the right side is filled with sand with a plastic bottle lid sticking up out of it. If you snag the plastic bottle lid and pull up, this is what you get : A nice little Lock-N-Lock tucked away inside. The lid is actually has a piece of plywood attached that is covered with Quick-crete and dipped in sand with a part of a plastic bottle cap wood screwed on to make sort of a handle. Made to fit snug in the block opening. Fun times!
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