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  1. After being tired or in conversation during a trip we have occasionaly blown past an exit and then looked around and said "Where the h*ll are we???" and had to backtrack. It's nice to get that "BEEP!! HEy dummy! Get ready to turn!" announcement Being at work and without Mapsource readily available I need to ask, can you plot point to point on road directions directly in Mapsource like you can with the GPSr? If you can then I can see a real easy way to do this. Just let it plot the way it thinks you should go, tweak it and then upload it. And another rookie question, after you get the route uploaded can you just pick that to follow? If you can't tell 99.9% of my GPSr experience has been that the geocache is about 150-feet off in this direction....
  2. The shortcuts are only at certain stages of the trip and like tomorrow, when we're traveling completely across the state, it's nice to be alerted when a turn is coming up and see approximately how long until we arrive Okay, feeling like a real rookie here, what's a "via point"? And can this be done thru Mapsource?
  3. We just upgraded from out Garmin MAP60C to a Garmin MAP60CSx, mainly so we could load more maps from our City Navigator program onto the SD card. We love the routing but had a question that we are sure someone has an answer to. If we have a "way" or route we go to get from one place to another, can we load a pre-determined route into the GPSr and have the GPSr follow that turn-by-turn route to drive the route again? Sometimes the mapping doesn't take into account "short cuts" or toll roads and we have relatives we visit and after many trips we have found the best way to get there which doesn't match what City Navigator thinks is the best way. We would like to load that in and have then follow that route without having the GPSr keep telling us to make U-turns and get back on "it's" route Also, can we use Mapsource or something and create a route and then upload it and follow it? THANKS!
  4. Actually, the hiding spots are exposed to the rain (which is probably why the ants are attracted there) so the powder wouldn't be a give away if it was done carefully. But then again everyone finding the cache would have power all over them and it would probably end up giving the hide away.... Where can I buy camo colored powder? Found some permethrin spray at the local Wally-World and going to try some of that this weekend (need to make a maintenance run). Hope it works and thanks for the advice.
  5. Well..... you could start small. Maybe some fire ants?
  6. Waypoint Name : %drop2-%typ1-%last4 What this does is for the waypoint name, it drops off the first 2 characters of the geocache code name (every one of them starts with GC so no need to waste 2 characters sending that). Then is sends a one letter code defining the cache type %typ1 - letters used are as follows: T=traditional, M=multi, B=letterbox hybrid, C=CITO, E=event, L=locationless, V=virtual, W=webcam, O=Other, G=Benchmark, R=Earth, and U=mystery/Unknown. Then is sends the last four log entries %last4 - Last 4 found/not found logs. Found = F, Not Found = N, No log = 0. For example, if the latest log was a not found, the next a found, and there were no more logs this tag would return NF00. Notes are not included in the %last4 tag So for a waypoint name a cache coded GCABC123 that is a multi cache and had the last log a DNF and the rest finds, would give a name of ABC123-M-NFFF Waypoint Description : %shortname-%datelf-%dif-%ter-%con1 For the name (which shows up in the NOTES screen of the waymark) you get %ShortName - very similar to the %smart tag with the sole exception that unique names are not guaranteed. This tag is far more efficient as there is no re calculation of the database if you change the length of your short names. This tag also supports the syntax %ShortName=nn The you get the date last found as if this shows up as a year ago you might want to look at it better before you waste time looking for something not found for a long time. Then you get difficulty and terrain with a dash between them. The last bit of the description is %con1 - letters used are as follows: R=regular, L=large, M=micro, S=Small, V=Virtual, and U=unknown. If the cache type is not stated, the letter used is U. This is for a MAP60CSx with limited characters.... works great so far. Just sent this to my caching nephew yesterday so I only had to cut-and-paste the instructions and explaination. Timing is everything!
  7. Originally from Burlington (but now in Florida) but we return occasionally. Like to hang out at NOC http://www.noc.com/ and we stay around the Franklin/Highlands area (like Highlands much better then the city feel of Franklin but the kids like The Warehouse). Really enjoyed the caches around there like Whiteside Mountain GC92CE that was fun to do in the sleeting snow walking the trails covered with ice My nephew is still up there and got bit by a tick last year and got Human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA) (or ehrlichiosis) and was pretty bad off for a couple weeks. I recommend tight legged long pants (like the kind with the tie string at the end of the legs), plenty of deet and check your hair and legs often. Don't be paranoid, just be careful. As far as the snakes if you walk heavily and strike your hiking stick on the ground as you walk, they pick up on the vibrations and will probably scoot away before you get too close. Watch for poison ivy, too. Seems we have a nation wide bumper crop of super potent growth lately. Too bad we can't power our vehicles off poison ivy, fire ants, kudzu and brazillian peppr trees
  8. Yup, I'm glad I read your second post before asking "What paper?" Need to take something out and treat some of these that seem to get ants bad. Kind of the nature of the beast I think, they tend to migrate to protected from the weather spots and that's kind of what we create to hide the cache container in.
  9. Could this be applied safely in the field? For example a small cache container in a hollowed out log, the container keeps the ants out of the cache but the log tends to attract ants to the area around the container. Just trying to keep them out of the hiding spot, I agree the container itself should protect the contents. We have even had small camo bags with micros hanging in trees totally fill with ants and their eggs. Hey gof1, sounds like your co-worker needs some desensitization therapy... need us to send him a care package filled with palmetto bugs? ("palmetto bugs" - Florida slang for "monsterously big friggin' cockroaches!")
  10. Have not tried mint oil but am going to try eucalyptus oil, like in the natural bug repellents (which IMHO are like salad dressing to the Florida skeeters... it doesn't keep them away). I don't spray pesticides in the wild and the ones I do use before hiding are natural based pyretherins. Only tried that once with pretty good results but only for a short time. Was caching in a light rain once out in the middle of nowhere and found a full sized cache in the base of a downed oak tree. Had to squat down in a cave like area in the roots with thorny vines all draping down everywhere. Didn't notice that a bottom corner was worn though on the big Tupperware container and some guests moved in. The lid was tight and had to hold it between my legs and use both hands to break it free. When it popped loose several bazillion big black ants and ant eggs spewed all in my lap and all over me. I made a mess busting thru the vines and roots to get them off me. Not fun. I figure there's got to be a way to keep the ants out. Or maybe I could borrow sbell111's pet and send it in first to scope the area out Great pix... hehehehe
  11. Even though we have our own special circumstances with hides here in Florida, one of the things that we share with other states and hides is our little friend, the ant. I have a couple hides that are cored out logs or sticks or other wooden objects (won't say exactly what to ruin some surprises) that are on or near the ground. Some of them have a lot of work in them but seem to often be a haven for ants. I guess when you make something dry and secure for the container, the ants appreciate the same thing when house shopping. I have tried several things from spraying them with bug spray before hiding them, or using eucalyptus oil on them in the field, but the ants seem to return to some of them over and over. Not a pleasant find to pull back a handful of ants (luckily fire ants don't care for those spots). Some of these are pretty intense hikes to get to so regular maintenance isn't fun. Does anyone have some trick that works to do something to keep the ants out of the hides????
  12. The only times I have had issues getting caches approved was due to circumstances that needed explaining. After a few diplomatic and civil conversations back and forth things settled out and either they were approved or the clear reasons were given why they were not being approved (which has been very rare). Had some run-ins with RR tracks and seen some approved when it was shown that there was a barrier between the cache and the tracks. Other then that, move it the proper distance away and no issue. As far as caches close together, I searched for a small cache a week ago along side a small stream while between stages of a multi. Came up empty so moved on to the second to last stage of the multi. When I got the coords for the final I found it was within 50-feet of ground zero of the one I was just seeking. I understand it was grandfathered in from back in the days before being required to enter all coords for a multi, but it was a little startling to be searching in basically the exact same spot for two different caches.
  13. The location is the end of a little culdesac road that has little shrubs all along and around it. There is literally nothing on the whole road except field. This is a newly devloping area for small businesses but the only thing they have completed to date is the roadways. And with the market the way it is that may be all they ever complete. When you're at this spot there is nothing around for hundreds and hundreds of feet in all directions so if a muggle were around you'd be very aware. I like the spot, don't care to much for the hide technique, and surely didn't feel cozy opening the cast iron cover... but curiosity got the best of me (as it usually does). Are locations like this (but not the exact hiding spot) fair game as it's property for sale (I assume, but no "for sale" signs posted and no "no tresspassing" signs either) and probably owned by some big corporate devloper that would probably take you a lot of effort to even find out who it is, let alone how to contact them for permission? It's not marked as a construction area or anything. Just street signs and stop signs and shrubs. Also, I would assume that most, if not all, water main valves and all stuff like that are located on the county easement and not really on personal property, and that would make them county property and not personal property. I may be mistaken but they're always out near the roadway and the county (or whomever owns the roads) would have an easement on both sides.
  14. Pill bottle had an official printed geocaching log sheet in it with other geocacher's signatures and dates on it. And I wrote the owner who has acknowledged the issue and is looking at moving it.... so in a nutshell, yeah, it was the cache
  15. I agree it's an innappropriate spot but I'd rather handle it with diplomacy and reason then just take out the sword and lop off their hands. Too many ticked off angry people running around in this world already then to unnecessarily create another one from just because of their lack of knowledge. Email was sent and it's being handled... no one mad, no one defensive, no one turned off about geocaching.
  16. I have hung around a guard rail with muggles all around with no issue, don't think I could pop open a water main cover with a single muggle around without attracting unwanted attention. "What are you doing inside that water main cover, son? "Finding this little pill bottle. It's a secret game called geocaching!" "Hmmm.... put down the pill bottle, turn around and place your hands on the hood of the car...."
  17. Agreed, but without a live web cam nearby the chance of actually capturing the Kodak moment is quite slim... I did email the cache owner and explained my concerns and the potential for damage to the local geocaching community (especially since the county we are in is quite relaxed about GC but the neighboring county is as tight as tight can get). He replied back and thanked me for letting him know, said he had scoped out some other hiding spots nearby and would check into them again now. Very receptive and understanding Thanks for the help!
  18. I guess this leads into a question of how to handle this. I am not a complainer and don't want to run around pointing fingers and emailing reviewers (even though some in the area are). The couple times I have run across things like this I just privately contact the cache owner, mainly because of pride or somehow protecting the integrity of the game. I know some people just blast the owner in a log and write the reviewer... not my style. How do you all handle these things, especially when they are just borderline?
  19. Just upgraded from a MAP60C to a MAP60CSx to get the expanded memory and have a few things that hopefully I can get more quickly and clearly answered here rather then by RTFM... 1) On my 60C when I was seeking a waypoint OFF ROAD it would immediately jump to the compass/pointer screen and when seeking something ON ROAD it would jump to the map page. With the 60CSx no matter which way I seek a waymark it switches to the map screen. I saw the settings for switching to compass when under a certain distance but tried several things and didn't seem to change anything. 2) With the dynamic compass I expected more reliable pointer accuracy then the 60C but even after calibrating the compass it would rarely point in the direction the target was and several times would be pointing directly behind me. This was while holding the unit level while searching. And how often do you have to calibrate it??? I think the pointer was more stable and accurate on my 60C withOUT the dynamic compass. 3) Is there a way to turn OFF the dynamic altimeter? Seriously, I live in Florida and if it's required to change more then 50-feet it's because I'm in an elevator. 4) When searching for a waypoint, I see the screen with the waypoint names on it. I select a waypoint to seek and select it how to search (on or off road). I now have several screens of information available like the TRIP COMPUTER screen and the GEOCACHE NAVIGATION screen with the compass pointer, BUT no where do I have the waypoint NAME available anymore. I can click on NOTE and see the notes for the waypoint, or I can eat up one of my data fields with WAYPOINT AT DESTINATION, but is there any way to see the NAME of the waypoint I am currently seeking???? Same was true with the 60C. Not sure the firmware or software loaded on the unit so maybe an update will help out, but right now these things are a bit of a pain. T'anks!!!
  20. I felt a little odd doing it but didn't see any other place to look. It's at the end of a circle court road that will someday have businesses on it but for now is vacant. Nothing around for now. Agreed on that topic, too. The biggest negative I saw in it is the next cache was the same cacher and a similar location so the first thing I did was yank the water main cover off and poke around. Probably not a good habit to have someone pick up. My thoughts exactly. Opening up a water main cover to work on it and finding a perscription pill bottle inside would definitely alert someone that the pill bottle didn't belong and needs to be disposed of or somehow handled. Would be one thing if it was camoed somehow to blend in, but just tossed under the cover to me has "someday MIA" written all over it. And another worry would be if they opened it, saw what it was, and then alerted the authorities that cachers are gaining access under water main covers to play a game would give GC a(nother) black eye.
  21. Did a little caching between chores recently and one cache I found was a medicine bottle just tossed into the sand under a cast iron water valve cover. This isn't like a manhole cover, these are the ones that are about 6-8" wide and around a foot long, for the main shutoff water valve for a house or small business. It's not easy getting this cover off and felt there might be some people a little hessitant on pulling a water main cover off to look for a cache. Just wanted to know if this has come up and if this is an acceptable hiding technique. Also I think the first legit person that opens this to access the valve will toss the hide away so I don't see this as a real secure hiding spot. T'anks!
  22. Wasn't trying to make your mind up, was just giving you my humble opinion and my history with Garmin, glad to help. My old MAP0C got the buttons all worn off from waaay to much use and abuse and rather then selling me a new button pad overlay (also waaaay out of warrantee) Garmin actually replaced it with a factory refurbished unit with a 1 year warrantee for $25 (and they paid shipping). So when I bought my 60CSx I bought a new refurbished one from a Garmin dealer (on Ebay) for a lot cheaper then a NIB one. Still has a 1 year warrantee and IMHO just as good as new. ... now hit the trails!!!
  23. You can look at it like buying a car, if you buy the 60CSx and put a good screen protector on it (like Invisible Shield) a year down the road you can recoup probably 75%-90% of it's value back. So while you're waiting to make up your mind you'll have a kick butt GPSr to tool around with and if and when you decide on the 400t, you can plop your 60CSx on Ebay and get around half the cost of the 400t back. A friend of mine at work had an old Magellan GPSr and thought it was great, had it fall out of his bike pack and get run over by a truck He just now bought a color eTrex with the SD card (tight budget) and he is just blown away by how much better he likes this unit even though he heard both were equally as good. Getting something beats getting nothing, and like I implied in my previous post, if 6 months down the road Garmin pops out a new GPSr that is a hardware improvement from what they are learning from the initially released 400t units, you'll appreciate having had a piece of proven and field tested hardware in your hand that let you get by until all the fixes all were put into place And if (more likely "when") Garmin pops out the new and improved Colorado, trying to dump the buggy initally released hardware won't be easy (trust the word of an owner of a MAP60C on this, who watched the 60Cx and then the 60CSx come out a few months after he bought his bleeding edge 60C).
  24. I debated this same thing for a long, LONG time and finally decided and just received my 60CSx... and guess what? I got 3D topographical maps for our whole region included for FREE!!!! Oh yeah, guess I should mention I live in central Florida and we have no topography to speak of here I bounced this issue of 400t or 60CSx for months and months and here was my logic, I have been using a 60C for ages and it's second nature to me and my fingers. I don't even think about it to operate it, and I was pleased to find the tactile feel was better on the 60CSx then my old 60C. With City Navigator it does everything we want to do and I have a Palm Tungsten Tx and a great quick access holster (magnetic cover) that is a breeze to use. We kayak, hike and mountain bike and GPSr is with us thru it all. The 60C has tumbled down hillsides, fallen off the handlebar, swam in the rivers, been thru the mill. I also have a Minolta Z3 we always took along. I just bought a Sony Alpha A-100 and a nice Tamaron lens and took it on the kayak once and scared the cr@p outta me worrying about it. Now it only goes on regular hikes and outtings, never again on the water. The Z3 I don't mind hauling around everywhere. Same goes for the GPSr. I don't mind having a $200 piece of hardware along that maybe goes for an occasional tumble. If that was a $600 piece of hardware I'd worry about it too much (not just damage but getting lifted if not watched) and probably back off the intensity of the ride, hike or paddle (I don't mind living on the edge). The 60CSx will do more then we even need a GPSr to do (we did get by with a eTrex Vista with hard copy GC printouts) and at some time in the future, when they work the bugs out, we might upgrade again. But I got caught in the "bleeding edge" technology buying the 60C (no expansion card!!!) and don't care to have those regrets over my head for a couple years. Congrat's on all those with 400t's but don't expect us 60CSx'ers to be too jealous
  25. Was thinking along that line but already have a 2Gb SD from the camera I am scrapping. Thanks!
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