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    Google map changes

    "Your search was larger than 15 miles. Please zoom in closer." = NOT COOL! I know this has been brought up numerous times during the testing phases but apparently has not been addressed. A variety of ideas on how to address the broader search area were suggested. I had my favorites but would accept basically any one of them as long as the search area is much larger than 15 miles! The 15 miles is fine for dense urban areas but what about the rural areas where the cache density may be less than 1 for every 15 miles? I can reiterate suggestions if need be but I know they are out there...let's us them!
  2. To address the zoom out issue I would agree with those who have suggested that a limit is set on the number of caches displayed rather than a miles zoomed limit. My vote is for 100 caches displayed (I would be happy with 50 but I am sure someone out there wants twice as many as I do). Thanks for always trying to improve the maps...even though it sound like we are all complaining, we do appreciate your work!
  3. The new maps are nice except the 15 mile max "feature". I don't live in a super saturated cache area and like to google map my way through various trips I make. The 15 mile max "feature" doesn't allow me to do a lot of the overview searching I used to be able to do In fact I have a couple caches in an area where my family lives which, other than a single cache, there aren't any even within 15 miles...the 15 mile "feature" may be nice for Seattle but in the Midwest I must say I don't care for it... Plus the "old" state maps are broken so I cannot even use that option Okay, enough ranting...I will use the "it just came on, let's wait and let them make the tweaks" mindset and wait a week or so for the additional improvements!
  4. Vtop

    State map error

    THANKS FOR FIXING THIS! I just knew my patience would finally pay off. KUDOS to whomever at Groundspeak addressed and corrected the error.
  5. Vtop

    State map error

    I too have been waiting for this feature to get fixed. I like to see where the new caches are in a given state. I really wish that this would get fixed...I have been waiting for quite a while now...please!
  6. I also noticed this. While I really like some of the other mapping features, this one (although generic) really does fulfill my generic needs at times... please come back!
  7. Is anyone heading to the Lake Hallie area this weekend??? Please stop by and grab these TBs!!! The cache is now disabled but not removed and the TBs need a new home. Drop me an email is you want help locating the cache & its TBs. THANKS!
  8. Does anyone know if there is a geocaching group active in the Chippewa Falls, Lake Hallie, Eau Claire area? If so, could you add my request to their message boards...Thanks.
  9. I left a couple of TBs from Nebraska in a cache in Lake Hallie today. I was only able to visit one cache on my trip and this was it. Unfortunately the cache container was not large enough to get the TBs into so I double bagged them and left the TBs with the cache. Now I need someone to come along (the quicker the better) and rescue these 2 TBs from their temporary resting place. The cache is Hallie Hideout (GCJ719) and the TBs are Lavender Bunny (TB11RDZ) and TravelBookLogBug (TB151WP) your help getting to these TBs and rescuing them before Mother Nature liberates them is greatly appreciated! Thanks! vtop Gretna, NE
  10. Map Maker Utility 1-Visit the link above and generate your map 2-Save the resulting .gif somewhere on the web (not your computer) 3-Use html on your homepage to include the map 3a-look for "How do I Get a Photo to Display on my Cache Page?" here if you need some help. Good luck.
  11. I have seen several cache descriptions say that the container is a blinkie. What is a blinkie? I gather it is small but what in the world is it?
  12. Burz Off This tool removes burrs very well! My wife got it for me after she got sick of pulling burrs of my caching apparel.
  13. For the last couple of days the map has not been displayed on cache pages for me and the click on the map feature isn't working either (the expandable google map that is). I haven't seen other similar posts...what gives? Is it me? The map results link which goes to the "old mapping" feature works just fine... Confused, I am.
  14. Paperless caching is the best option for powercaching. I have found it does take away from the "personal relationship" I like to form with a cache before I visist it - but then again it is still caching! Purchase (there are options here but the "standard" is as follows): 1-PDA (if you don't own one already) 2-GSAK (you can trail for like 21 days and then get a nag screen until you register); GSAK is a computer database program which displays all the cache information in a row / column format 3-Cachemate (load onto your PDA); Cachemate is a database for PDAs which stores all the cache information Since you are already a premium member 1-Create a pocket query with whatever criteria you desire 2-Open the pocket query results in GSAK 3-Choose what caches you want to send to your PDA (I usually do all of them) 4-Export the data to a Cachemate PDB file 5-sync your PDA with your computer 6-Open cachemate on your PDA and choose what database to load the exported file into (cachemate will ask you this) 7-GO OUT CACHING
  15. Has anyone used Ziploc® Twist'n Loc Containers?Ziploc® Twist'n Loc Containers Everyone talks about Lock n Locks but I cannot find them locally anywhere (and the web isn't a whole lot better). The Ziploc® Twist'n Loc Containers look like they should work but being outside in the weather always adds a whole new dimension. Input???
  16. Thanks to those who helped me out on this. If anyone is travelling the I-80 & I-76 route from say York, NE to Denver, CO and back and would like a short list of caches with very easy access along the way just let me know and I will give you the list I came up with.
  17. I will be traveling to Colorado Springs, CO from Gretna, NE between Christmas and New Years to visist my in-laws and would love to grab a couple of caches on the trip. I have done some looking on the maps and it looks like Kearney would be a good place to make a quick grab (I am open to other suggestions as well since I will officially be stopping when my daugher decides she is hungry). My biggest issues will be speed & winter accessibility. I will be traveling with my wife and 6 month old daughter so I won't have lots of time (10-15 minutes while she eats) and don't want to be stumped by a cache completely under snow either. I would appreciate some quick suggestions from any locals along I-80 in western Nebraska Thanks! PS - regular caches are my favorites but micros are cool too!
  18. Vtop

    Jeep Hog

    There is a cacher in my area (SE NE) who has logged finds for 15 white jeeps. 8 of those jeeps are still in their possesion...what should be done?
  19. If you are not a premium member use the search by state drop down choice on the front page of the geocaching website, then click the map link...http://www.geocaching.com/map/OH.asp and then zoom in where ever you want in the state. Not the most convient but it works. If you are a premium member I hear pocket queries work well or the interactive maps.
  20. Is it "acceptable" to log TB visits to virtual caches if you take them with you there?
  21. I am wondering if there is "an easy way" to get a map with markers on it for each geocache I have found. I have seen what looks like google maps with multiple markers THAT I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO DO! Looking around a bit I am inclined to think I need to use the google maps API. I looked at this a bit and get the feeling this is more than what I want to have to do (host a free access web page, write some code to present the maps, etc.). Am I thinking it is harder than it actually is? I know a bit about computers but I am not a programmer. I would consider myself a high level user. I used to use the mapping feature on keenspeople but it has been out of working order for quite some time now. I also don't want to have to buy any more software. Am I out of luck on this one?
  22. Thanks to everyone for setting me straight on this one!
  23. Yes I admit I am ussually a lurker - but I am coming out of the shadows to ask a TB question. I like to watch TB's which I have helped move along and got notification of one of the TBs visiting 3 caches in one day! A single cacher had taken the TB along with them for the day and logged the TB in and out of 3 different caches - and then also kept the TB! This cacher has way more finds than I do so maybe I am the one who doesn't understand but I thought TBs where not only to see how far they could travel but also how many different cachers could help move them around...what is the purpose? Is it acceptable to log TBs in and out of your caches along the way? I could see doing this if the TB goal was somehow linked to moving multiple times with a single cacher but this TB doesn't have anything like that at all.
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