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  1. I submitted a couple of series on May 15th and they not yet been approved, but to be fair i did get a message from the reviewer to list all the things i had done wrong lol, hopefully ive fixed them all now and have been waiting for a re review since the 18th, think ive irrited the reviewers with all my mistakes will be checking every 15 minutes to see if they ve made it as i set the series up for a camping event that starts at 2pm today!!!!!! gonna cry if they dont make it, been out in the pouring rain with baby, fell down a waterfall into a stream and had a 3.5 mile hike home after and got stung lots of times trying to get problems sorted in time please please please reviewers have mercy
  2. click on "reply" and type outside the quoted message and don't fiddle with the tags on it, you can delete some of the text..but do not touch the quote tags testing testing lol
  3. Over a period of a few weeks ive been working on a series, its another buggy friendly route and have waited till now to get it published so that it coinsides with the camping event by me this weekend. Problem is someone else has also just published a series and our paths cross in a few places. I need to get out there asap and move some of the caches in my series, but im worried they are then going to clash with other cashes and they wont get published in time. How do people usually check on other caches that are in the area, when planning their own cache? Do you input all the caches in the area onto your GPS then walk round with your GPS showing closest caches? This is what i do, but i have a etrex, so have to enter each one manually so it gets a bit tiresome, also, like in this case, if the other persons caches havent been published yet or are planned while you are planning yours you dont even know they ate there. Advice please!!
  4. This looks fun! Ivesigned my intent and made a start by moving on 1 TB lol
  5. Hello! Dont forget to buy some foot cream too! 'The next ones just over that hill'....lol, its my favourite phrase at the mo.
  6. This is a great idea, i hope it goes well, would love to join in next year, will keep an eye open for any sitting around down here, good luck!
  7. Hi Shiggy and bears, thanks for saying hi! Were coming up to Devon on our hols in July, hope to cover aload up there then, if the kids will let me lol. Thanks for the events info ill have to look at the dates, see if they fit with school. The caches are going down well, thank heavens! Im planning a circular route ready for, 'A choughing good weekend' at the end of the month, i got the bug bad Ill defiently be checking out Diggerhead's caches as they are so highly recommended.
  8. erm....are you talking about dividing children by adults? why!!!!! just as wierd as the email you sent me...... maybe you should keep thoughts in your head!
  9. Hi, ive been caching less than a year with 3 kids, now 12, 10 and 22 months. Weve got a Garmin etrex h, its only £60 and you dont have to put extra maps on it. Its the bright yellow one, i think i saw it in Argos. You just put the co ords of the cache in and it tells you how far away and in what direction the cache is in, we then use a paper map to work out how to get to the cache area and print off the cache details for the descrption, clue and recent logs. As for the kids getting bored, i find you have to keep it exciting by finding different type of caches, in different types of areas. My eldest prefers tricky, clever ones, while my daughter prefers click n locks full of swaps. My kids have recently got re-excited about the whole thing because they are making their own caches to put out. Then there is events, another way of getting the kids excited. Multi caches are good too, because the kids like working out clues or putting coords together. Basically, i think its as exciting as you make it! Saying that, we didnt do any over winter as they didnt want to be walking for miles in rain and wind, but thats when park and grabs are good. Anyway, goodluck xx
  10. No but there are lots of rocks around the walls where parts of the walls have fallen down, alot of caches round here are under those rocks.
  11. I was introduced to geocaching by a date from plentyoffish, i got rid of the date within the week, but kept the hobby. I would love to meet someone outdoory. Im in West Cornwall.
  12. The clue 'under or behind a rock' when you live in West Cornwall surrounded by drystone walls. Having to walk through fields with cows and bulls in. The kids not wanting to geocach when i do. Sitting down for a snack and noticing your sitting next to dog poo. Forgetting to collect co ords on a multicache.
  13. Think were ok then! They are quite close together but we did that on purpose so little kids didnt get too bored inbetween each one.
  14. The hot chocolate from poundland idea is a great one, ive seen them in there but never thought about taking them geocaching, gonna get some next shopping day!
  15. There was an event down here last month? We didnt do any over winter, so only started logging on again recently, so was too late to notice that one! We originate from Birmingham, not too far from Staffordshire. Why do the caches end up being not worth finding?? The caches we put out are worth finding if your under 4 foot high! lol my daughter filled them with easter chicks, bubbles, cars, a fm radio, mini torches and silly bands, but we did say on the description that they are caches made for young families. Im going to college in Redruth September so probably will get a few done up there. Thanks for saying hello
  16. We take sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit(including about 5 oranges, as they are my babies favourite food at the mo), dried fruit, nuts, water, yogurt tubes and a cereal bar. If ive made cake or cookies then we ll take some of that too.
  17. Hi, new to the chat room side of things, thought it was time to pop in and say hi. We (myself and 3 kids)hid our first caches today, hoping they go down ok. Aimed them at young families with buggies as my shoulders can get a bit achy having baby in the back pack all the time, thought probably other families have same issues, so thought it would be nice to have a buggy friendly route. We put 5 caches out today, hope to make the route longer, but thought would wait to see how well first 5 went down first. Looking forward to the event round the corner at Trewellard in May, will be our first. Any other westerners on here?
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