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  1. I've never really got into that side of things so thanks for the insight.
  2. Absolutely bang on. If the code's broken, fix it, that's none of our business and I'm not interested in it. However I am interested in the user interface, the part of the site that I use and see (and pay for) which was fine until this update. I'm sure it must be possible to fix the code without anybody even noticing. Best thing would be just put it back as it was and put the whole matter to bed. And please, next time, to save a lot of frustration and keyboard bashing, ask before making such a drastic change. I understand that the new search has been available for ages and I have tried it a couple of times before hitting the 'Take me back' button. There must be metrics that show how many (premium) members use which search function and this would probably have given an idea of the reaction to the change before implementing it.
  3. Just 'No', a search and view now involves endless scrolling. At least give us the choice of the old compact version.
  4. Not sure if this is still active but here goes anyway. I have exactly the same problem and I too am using a ballpoint to operate the switch. I Sourced a new rear case about a year ago but haven't tried changing it yet. It's worth noting that it's not a straight swap. The rear case I've got is just that, no battery contacts, no cradle contacts etc. just a piece of plastic with a rubber switch cover, lens cover. Everything else has to be carefully removed and transferred which is part of the reason I haven't bothered. I'm glad I found this thread. The duct tape and pencil eraser method sound like quite an attractive alternative. I've attached a couple of pictures.
  5. Apologies if this has been answered already but I've just completed my first Adventure Lab Cache, downloaded my Myfinds PQ into GSAK and I haven't got time to read every thread published. Why do we need these when we already have Wherigos? I can see Wherigos on the GC map and search via PQs, I get one cache count (not 5) for completing it, there's a physical container at the end and they appear correctly in my Myfinds PQ so they don't screw up my stats. Both types of cache require a separate app on a smartphone so there's no gain there either. I've completed twenty lab caches at two Mega events where they were given their own GC code (LB prefix though) and behave as normal caches as far as stats are concerned. Thanks in advance to anybody who can tell me why I need to bother with this new type and if I'm missing a point somewhere.
  6. I'd just like to add my pennyworth; As above, not impressed when Mobipocket disappeared but have now registered cachemate and GSAK. Up and running in 30 minutes on a Palm Tungsten T5 and Garmin Etrex Legend C. What a superb combination, should have done it ages ago.
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