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  1. OK looks like it's unanimous. A puzzle/mystery cache it will be then. Thanks to all who replied. I will now close this one down Mark
  2. Hi gang I'm about to set free a new cache into our glorious countryside but I could do with your help.. It will be a cache that will only be found by tracking down a number of travel bugs (I'm sure you all know the idea) I'm thinking of posting it as a multi (Offset) mainly because you need to find the TB's to get to the final cache location so that means there is more than one location to find but am I right? The TB's will be moving from cache to cache (Hopefully) and are not clues that will remain in the same place for all cachers to find as with a usual multi. It can't be a traditional cache as the co-ords posted will not for the cache location It can't be posted as a mystery as there are no puzzles to solve I have checked out similar cache types via the link from Mark and Lynn's home page and it seems that they are listed as many types of cache so my question is...... What would you list a cache of this type as? Thanking you all in advance Mark
  3. I want a signal the frog antenna ball . Does anyone know where I can get one in the UK ?
  4. Glad you caught the bug, just like the rest of us. Here's to your 100th
  5. So is it safe to assume that once it's turned back on ALL the missing miles travelled by TB's and Coins will be put right then, or will we have to start all over again?
  6. I asked the very same question when I had it on my screen too. It will change to Geocacher once you get to 10 posts
  7. It's not just a problem with the Alpha quest trip yesterday. I have had the same problem with logs from over a week ago and not just on a Sunday.
  8. Since the new geocaching.com layout made it on line I seem to have had more than my share of the following problems. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed any of these problems? 1, when I try to log a coin, the page seems to time out more often than not. 2, On more than one occasion I have logged a coin into a cache only to find that my inventory still shows it as being in my possession and the cache that it's been logged into does not show it as being placed but the relevant coin page says it has been logged as being placed into the cache. The only way I can fix this problem is to delete the logs and try again. and again and again untill it finally accepts it. 3, when a coin is logged in and out of a cache, it no longer displays the distance travelled between the caches. 4, Generally the whole site seems to have slowed right down. all of the above relate to coins, I'm not sure if it's the same for TB's
  9. CONGRATULATIONS to Des & Bren and Mark & Lynn. Glad to be part of such a great day
  10. OK guys. Consider my wrists as being well and truly slapped. My coin is no longer listed as being a virtual (Just in case the boys from head office are listening) I take it that the idea put forward by the Purple Pineapple (To laminate a picture) is acceptable, does anyone know? My main reason for not wanting to let go of the coin for real is because of how much I paid for it and with my luck it would be bound to go missing sooner or later
  11. Well then it's a big thank you to Alibags and Bambi & Thumper for telling me something that I did not know Forget I mentioned my idea earlier....and it looks like I'm off to edit my coins profile now then
  12. Really !!!!!!!! I never knew that...... Where can I find more on this then?
  13. Nothing... It just adds the log. I have never had any problems adding more than 1 log to a cache. Never logged it as a find more than once though. all additional logs have always just been as a note.
  14. I have lost TB's in the past. I think mainly beause they were probably too cute and cudly, so when I managed to get hold of a UK Geocoin via ebay I did not want to end up the same way. Someone then placed a virtual Geocoin into one of my caches about 2 weeks ago which I thought was a great idea so I did the same with mine. The profile page for my coin has 6 questions. Answer all 6 and you get the tracking number. From there you are free to log it and place it into any other cache for the next finder to solve. Not quite the usual way of hiding a coin but at least I know it's going to be safe.
  15. I have been back to a cache just to pick up TB's & Geocoins on more than one occasion. But when I go on line to log them on the cache page I always post it as a note rather than a find. I say go for it Martyn
  16. If you are ever over our way (Staffordshire) You are more than happy to join me and my 2 kids aged 6 and 9. after all we could usually do with all the help we can get
  17. Nice one Andy. I'm sure most of us hope to get there one day....Though in my case it may take a few years yet
  18. If you will have a Signal the Frog going spare once you have them Alex, could you save one for me please? I would love to take one off your hands Mark
  19. Yes...Those of us who get the coins from you and are like kids with a new toy when they arrive through the letterbox ..Hi Kevin
  20. Ahhhhh so there lies the answer. Thank you
  21. Kings Wood (GCF1B8) though my log does not tell the true story I put noce easy find, which it was once i found the footpaths
  22. Not exactly an Injury (Unless you count my pride) But as for embarrasing.... Whilst on holiday in Cornwall last year I could not wait to go caching and as my closest cache was only a 10 minute walk from the camp site I just had to go for it. As I'm sure most of us have done at one time or another I decided to take the most direct route. Only to end up knee deep in mud. As I tried to pull my legs out my shoe came off and so ended up having to put my arm in too to find my shoe. After this I gave up and went back to the camp site looking half like the swamp monster.. As I had set off on foot I had to walk past everyone else on the camp and as it was my first day of the holiday. I had to put up with the grins for a whole 2 weeks. The icing on the cake though. When I went back to finish off the cache (refusing to be beaten) I found that if I had walked only another 50 yards there was a public footpath which took me straight to the cache EMBARRASING or what ?????????
  23. WooHoo look I'm now a Geocacher...I feel like the geocaching version of the ugly duckling turning into the swan But a note to Mrs B. How did you change yours as I'm sure that must have beeen written by you.
  24. Exactly..... no good for my street cred at all is it?
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