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  1. What a great idea. I have submitted a recent photo taken whilst on holiday in Cornwall.
  2. It looks like it could have been the start of stone age geocaching. I guess the only problem they had was where did the put the batteries
  3. Where do I find the PowerPoint Presentation? I too would like to know where to find the poweroint presentation please
  4. Mine is taken from my email address. I wanted to create a hotmail account but everything I tried kept coming back as being already taken. My kids were sitting watching TV at the time and on the screen was a character called The Mighty Shark so I typed that in and the rest as they say is history.
  5. Thank you one and all. map is now looking more like it should be
  6. Thanks for the reply but I know that, that is not the answer either as it is in an area of the country that I have not posted any logs/notes relating to any caches
  7. Ok thanks. then the answer to your question is no I have not found any.
  8. Hi John I hate to show myself up here but in answer to your question. Whats a YOSM cache?
  9. The map on GUK.COM shows locations of caches that I have supposedly visited even though I have not. The interactive map is correct but the map on the stats page is not. Has anyone else had the same problem I wonder? I thought that it would correct itself when the map would be next updated but the error remains.
  10. Do you mean that the caches are not showing in Google Earth? If so, have you checked to see if the box is ticked next to where is says Geocaching Network KML.
  11. Sounds to me like this guy may well be a new geocacher in the making
  12. Thats great news Nick. I hope you re activate all your caches real soon Regards Mark
  13. GPS? Started off with a Garmin Venture, Now have a Garmin 60CS Time caching? First find 19th Feb 05 How did you find out about it? Aritcle on TV (Countryfile) saw it on the Sunday, went out and purchased GPS the following day. Most in a day? 9 FTFs? 7 How do you take your listings with you? Usually print out Favourite 5 caches found excluding events (no getting out of this one!) (GC7B18) Foggy Field (GC7744) The Frenchmans Grave (GCGNB1) The Mysterious Roman Steps (GCQ4AJ) Harlech Hilltop (GCB74A) Black Head (Cornwall) Favourite 1 cache set? My latest. (GCXM16) Give Us A Clue. (9 stage Multi) What roughly is your "Found" to "Did Not Find" ratio? About 25/1 How many caches in the dark have you found? 2 to claim the FTF 5 caching annoyances? Muggles Flying insects Brambles DNF’s Getting caught in the rain without waterproofs 5 caching pleasures? FTF’s Meeting fellow cachers The joy of finding the cache The peace and quiet of most locations Logging my finds Easiest find? Easiest and quickest find was (GCH7TX) Blithfield Port. Saw the hidey hole before we even left the car. Walked 6 feet from car to cache. Hardest find? Far too many to mention Hardest puzzle completed? Don’t do many puzzles. Not hard ones anyhow Hardest puzzle yet to complete? I will let you know when I try and find it
  14. Well I think what you have done with your disclaimer is spot on and I am thinking of doing the same with my caches after the recent events that have come to our attention over the past few hours.
  15. That's a BIG CONGRATULATIONS from me too. Well done Izzy and Paul
  16. Thanks for the update on Ewen. I know he has a long way to go yet, we are with him every step of the way.
  17. CONGRATULATIONS to the Bolas Heathens. A great achievement for a real nice family. good on ya guys
  18. I tend to do most of my caching alone and although my wife knows where I'm going I never tell her the exact locations. She does tend to phone me at least every 30 mins or so just to check up on how I am, but there have been times (in the mountains of Wales for example) where there has been no signal and god knows what I would have done then. After hearing the terrible news about Billy Twigger I think my attidude towards caching will be changing and I will now be leaving a full list of caches I intend to visit so at least someone will know where to start looking should the need arise.
  19. Although we have never met, it goes without saying that my thoughts and best wishes go out to both Ewan and his family.
  20. A permanent fixture in my caching bag and a must for everyone I think. A pair of welding gloves. They are real thick and long enough to cover past my wrists and stop almost all thorns, brambles etc.
  21. Talking of lost/missing TB's, I have just received and email from someone in the States telling me that one of my TB's was not in the cache that it had been listed as being placed. They had emailed the previous finder (Who by the way had held onto it since December 05) and all he said was he had logged it into the wrong cache. I went to check his profile to see which other caches he had done recently just in case there was any note about placing my TB, only to find that he had not done any other caches since May 06 and he had supposedly dropped off my TB on 17.8.06 so how can he accidentally log it into the wrong cache I wonder? I know it's ONLY a TB but it really annoys me to think that people take these TB's and have no intention of moving them on even after contacting them and asking them politely. Never even got an email to say sorry for holding on to your TB for so long.... Sorry for the rant but I really need to let off steam...lol...
  22. 1.3 miles and I still never managed to claim the FTF
  23. Yes I watch every cache, TB & Geocoin that I find until the next cacher to find it makes their log.
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