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  1. Very sad news indeed. My thoughts and best wishes go out to Mrs Snail's family.
  2. Thanks for those kind words Brian. Without giving too much away. you can rest assured that there won't be quite so much leg work required for this one but you will need to do a bit of swatting up to find it
  3. OK suitable location found and email sent to land owner requesting permission to place the cache so now keeping my fingers crossed
  4. Thanks to all who have replied so far. So long as I can get it approved and permission granted to place it, it looks like I will soon be placing my 8th cache so hopefully it will be out there in the next few weeks so watch this space...
  5. I am thinking of setting a new cache which will tell a gruesome tale of local history. The problem I face is the tale is of a brutal murder and before I even go any further I would like to know what you all think. Would this be seen as being too morbid to be placed in the first place. I would also like to know what the boys at head office would think about placing such a cache. Would you allow it to be published I wonder? As I said at the start this cache is only an idea at this stage and I would still need the permission of the land owner though I’m hoping this would not be a problem as they granted permission for one of my other caches placed a while back on the same area of land. Just for your information, the murder took place way back in 1919. so what do you think good idea or bad idea?
  6. It's not just after dark that you have to worry. I was questioned by the police a while back now as I was standing at the side of my car putting some stuff in the glove box out of my caching bag. They thought I had broken into the car and was taking it out. I was parked opposite the police station at the time so who in their right mind would be breaking into a car there? I guess I must have the kind of face that looks like trouble.
  7. Well done you I hope you realise, we all want your phone number now so we can rely on you for a PAF when we go looking for it and get stuck
  8. Sutton park sounds like a good spot to me. I was over there lasdt weekend doing Bridge Too Far. If it goes ahead you can count me in for sure
  9. GOOD LUCK Make sure you let us all know how you get on. good news or bad
  10. Woohoo I got mine What can I say Mandy, It looks great. You did a real fine job I can see that Ron of the washers is going to get mugged at the event on Saturday with people wanting his autograph. Such a fine figure of a gentleman lol Thanks again Mandy.... Here's to next years
  11. Sorry to hear of your troubles Nick. I have been approached many times by dogs whilst out caching but only once have I felt threatened with the dig barking and showing it's teeth and thankfully my kids were not with me on that occasion. The owner of the dog was close by but did nothing what so ever to call the dog off which left me feeling like I was not welcome in the area even though it was on a public footpath. My point being, yes maybe the dog was at fault but I feel if a dog has a tendency to be aggressive towards strangers then the dog owner is to blame for letting the dog off the lead in the first place.
  12. Go on then, You talked me into it, Here's my chrimbo avatar I would just like to say that I'm here every day but I don't see my chrimbo avatar from last year in the list above
  13. I have to do the same. . back to the question in hand though. Micro's good or bad? Well in my opinion and I'm sure this has been said many times before. Micro's are fine and if people don't like them, then they don't have to look for them do they?
  14. I have had the privilege of being one of the first to take a sneak preview at Decembers page and based on what I have just seen I think we are in for a real treat. (and no I’m not Mr December before anyone asks ) I can see that Mandy will be doing this job every year from now on.
  15. That goes for me too Mandy. Feel free to use my avator or any of my pics in my galary if they are of any use to you. You can also put me down for a calender please.
  16. I have just tried again. This time all it did was take me back to the order page ready to add my details again. I just hope it's not actually registering all these atteempts at trying to order them as I can see me ending up with loads at this rate
  17. I have just tried to add my name to the list but when I submitted my request all I got was the following message. Warning: main(../Connections/coin.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/kammneve/public_html/coin/Connections/coin.php on line 11 Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required '../Connections/coin.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/kammneve/public_html/coin/Connections/coin.php on line 11 Any ideas anyone?
  18. Looks great but as stated by the Purple Pineapple, it would be nice to be able to zoom in on the map a little more as all the icons tend to fall on top of each other at this scale. (We are never satisfied are we) OOPPSS I take it all back..... I just found out you can..lol...Sorry
  19. How sweet. But rather than create a new cache why not pick a cache that you would like to visit and contact the owner to ask if they would help you. You could then write a note to your girlfriend that would be addressed to her only. You could then post the letter to the cache owner and they could then place it on your behalf. The note could be a final clue which would say something like, look in the pocket of the one you love. She could then reach in and find the ring etc.
  20. I nearly always have my camera with me I have even thought about buying a dog lead to carry in my hand then for all they know the dog is off running around in the woods somewhere
  21. Is it just me, or do you agree that your average muggle must think we are up to no good. Ok so those of you that have met me might say it’s just me looking like a thug that’s the problem but on more than one occasion (yesterday being the latest) I have come across people whilst out walking in the woods who distinctly look uneasy as they see you walking towards them. I guess it’s a sign of the times where by people are naturally cautious of strangers especially if they are walking alone in the woods etc, and if they stumble upon you whilst you are rummaging about in the bushes then I guess I would be suspicious too Then there are the night time caching trips that most of us have done at some time or other. What the hell must they think of us then, wondering around in the middle of nowhere with a torch and bag I hasten to add that if I’m out caching with the whole family then there appears to be no problem it’s just when I’m out alone. So is it just me or does anyone else think that your average geocacher must be seen as someone that is out there obviously up to no good?
  22. I have just remembered another pic I would like to add to the list of hopefuls. This time taken in Wales.
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