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  1. When www.geocaching.com or www.geocacheuk.com is set as your home page on your PC just like mine is
  2. If you have any left can you put me down for 1 please. I would like either gold or silver if possible
  3. What about all those poor people that can't swim??
  4. Order submitted........ I think, as I'm not sure if the submit link worked correctly so can you please let me know if it made it
  5. This option sounds like the best idea to me. Though not so good for all the genuine non paying members it would al least stand a much better chance of staying safe as I'm sure this low life would not even consider paying to become a premium member.
  6. I just wanted to thank all who have replied and to let everyone know that the cache has now been updated.
  7. I think you should still email the owner of the cache saying what you have stated here and if you get no reply then I would think that you should be allowed to merge the two. If the cache is close to where you live then maybe you could also suggest that you could adopt the cache if that's an option for you? You could also contact the guys at head office to ask for their advice before doing anything
  8. Well there you go.... If the boss's say it's ok then it's as good as changed Thanks guys and happy caching to one and all for this coming holiday weekend
  9. lol not exactly. it's just that one of the last logs said that they were disappointed not to find any treasure and as it's such a beautiful spot I thought it would be so much better than the micro.
  10. HI gang Is there anything in the rule book that stops me from changing my one and only micro cache to a regular cache. The location will move only a couple of feet so the co-ords will stay the same. The only thing that will change is the description and the hint so is it allowed?
  11. I know that quite a few people have had this same problem so can someone please help. I recently set up an account on both Geocaching.com and G.UK.com for my sister and although she is now shown on the cachers list on G.UK and you can call up her profile, she can't log into log into G.UK as it says user name unknown......WHY?????????? Both username and password are the same for both sites so can anyone help PLEASE.........
  12. Does this mean that everyone that is going to place a cache in England has already got a location in mind and if not, how long have we got before caches are expected to be placed? That's assuming that all cachers have obtained permission from landowners to place them, this in itself can take a while.
  13. I agree with Stuey. The Union Jack needs to look a little more like the full thing but other than that it looks great
  14. Does anyone else have any spare coins. I was too late to get my order in
  15. Not everyone will live in a county that has rolling hills as far as the eye can see so I think it's inevitable that some caches will have to be placed in locations that will only be, say a ten minute walk from car to cache.
  16. Anyone got a dog I can borrow cuz I want to play too. We have 3 cats, 2 kids and 1 Goldfish will they do instead?
  17. A very good point indeed and one I feel will sadly be almost impossible to achieve.
  18. Can I have your responses to the following "Draft Guidelines" Version-1 (12/3/07) 1. Traditional style caches ONLY I agree. It's going to be hard enough to complete even with regular caches 2. One cache only per county Ageed, due to the number of caches involved with just one in each county 6. Common Naming Structure e.g BIG Quest - West Yorkshire Sounds good to me. then people know what to look for when searching for the series. 11. Each cache to be placed fairly centrally within area of the county (to avoid boundary disputes) Is it not more important to have caches local to the individual that has to maintain it. So long as it's within the county it's supposed to be then why does it have to be central?
  19. It worked this time. 2 coins now on order, thanks
  20. I have just tried to add my order. I got as far as submitting my details but all I got after that wa the following message. The webpage cannot be found HTTP 400 Most likely causes: There might be a typing error in the address. If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date. What you can try: Retype the address. Go back to the previous page. Go to www.croaghan.com and look for the information you want. More information
  21. I would love to add one of these coins to my personal collection.
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