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  1. You can't go far wrong with the caches on and around Cannock chase and not too far for you to travel either
  2. If John and Isaac are on the case you won't stand a chance of the first to find anyhow, Isn't that right John?
  3. Hi Toni Just wanted to wish you luck with your first cache. Let's hope it's the first of many
  4. Thanks Stuey. All now sorted. This thread can now be closed.
  5. I have just picked up one of my own TB's and now want to edit the profile page but I'm sure the option to edit has gone. It now only gives me the option to either recalculate the distance, Mark it as missing or move it to it's last location so how do I edit it's profle now. Can anyone help?
  6. I have just returned from a 2 week holiday to Mevagissey and have already booked to return next year so will that count? PLEEEAAASSEEEE
  7. OK done all that but all I can still see are the little blue dots on the map, not the new icons which I have added so any suggestions please. I'm sure the answer is a simple one (he says hopefully )
  8. Thanks for that...Looks like a bit of heavy reading..too heavy for this time of night so I will check it out over the weekend
  9. Hi gang I have just purchased a copy of memory map 5 and am very impressed with it so far, but I was wondering if it’s possible to import the different icons that represent the various cache types. I have tried importing the waypoints for all caches available in the UK and I think that importing the data as loc files seems to be the best but all caches are shown with the same icon. I tend to take my computer with me a lot when I go away and do not always have internet access but being able to open up memory map and display most (if not all caches) would be a good way to get around this problem. But being able to know if a cache is a regular, multi, event, etc would be great to see just by looking at the screen so do any of you clever people out there know if it’s possible? I know that there is an option to import icons as bitmaps but if I did this would it update the icons automatically or would it meant that all 19,000+ uk caches listed at present would have to be done manually? Thanking all who reply in advance…. Mark
  10. Yes, you can still count me in too. Sorry for the delay in replying but I have been away on holiday and have only just noticed the thread
  11. OK not to worry I have just found the answer. I can do it by creating a pocket query
  12. Hi Gang I'm about to head off on holiday to Cornwall and have been looking at a few caches to do along the way. The problem is the caches are covering a distance of about 250 miles. I have added the ones I'm looking at to my watchlist so can anyone tell me if I can download the waypoints from the watchlist. If not do you have any suggestions please? I don't really want to do them one at a time I would prefer to do them all in one go. Cheers Mark
  13. WOOHOO........ got my coins today too. Great job and great coins. Thanks
  14. Welcome to the gang Toni... always good to see some new names on the forum
  15. Well I say if someone wants to place a micro in the middle of a forest then let them. As I have said many times before. If you don't like Micro's then don't go looking for them. simple answer don't you agree?
  16. WOW......great looking coin. I can't wait to get mine....
  17. I'm interested to know why this option was removed. Does anyone know?
  18. If it were not for an article on TV I would never have got to know about geocaching but I can also see your point, Too much publicity is not always a good thing.
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