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  1. Well thanks to all who have tried to help. I am so close to getting it to work but as it's now coming up to 2am UK time I think I had better call it quits for now and will try again in the morning. As I said if I type the full url into the browser window at the top of the page it works fine but as soon as I try to open it via my geocaching.com profile page all I get showing is the full url listing and no image Anyhow...thanks again Mark
  2. HMMMM now there's interesting. I tried that but it did not work either. I have just cut and pasted the url link that you sent me and it opened fine so I tried the same with my TB that opens too if I cut and paste the url but not when it's pasted onto the geocaching stats page
  3. I am not clear on what you are referring to. Could you point out a cacher's page which has what you want? BlueDeuce's answer only tells where to get the pics, not how to display them, from what I can tell. Hi Uncle Jimbo The cacher I'm talking about is PazaUK http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=31...44-6647f9c7ab96 Thanks Mark
  4. BlueDuece more help required if you can please. I have done what I think is correct but all I get to show on my profile page is the full url listing I have entered the following. can you tell me if I'm doing it correctly? http://img.geocaching.com/stats/tb.aspx?guid= (this as per your instructions) followed by the guide found on the TB url which I know has to consist of 32 digits and 4 dashes. any additional help would be gratefully received.
  5. Many thanks for that BlueDeuce. Your help is much appreciated
  6. Hi All I have just checked out the profile page of a fellow cacher and they have all their TB's shown on their cacher profile page. Each one neatly listed with its picture, Its total distance travelled, and its current location. It looks real neat and I would like to do the same. Can anyone please tell me how it's done? Thanks in advance Mark
  7. How dare they. We all know you are much more of a Northener then a Southener. Well to me you are Mandy
  8. I read Izzy and Paul's 900th log earlier today so came to add my congrats only to find that I too missed Diane and Ron's latest milestone. So now can I say A BIG BIG CONGRATS to Diane and Ron for your 1800th and Izzy and Paul on your 900th 4 of the nicest Geocaching type people I have the pleasure of knowing.
  9. Nice one Mandy. I hope to be a great cacher like you one day
  10. That's the extremes that cachers have to go to, to try and beat Izzy and Paul to a FTF
  11. Added my name to the list too Another great looking coin
  12. HEY......I have a bag full of the darn things...not quite that colour but hey you can have 1 of mine for the bargain price of only £10 Seriously though I had 24 of them off ebay for less than £10
  13. I got my first calendar 2 weeks ago and when it arrived I was so impressed that I just had to get me another so I can have one for work too. I am pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of 2 of these works of art so thanks again Mandy for all the hard work....and oh by the way... I think that September will be my favourite month for next year
  14. A great looking coin and I would love to add a number of them to my collection. As for my prefered choice of the 3 designs, I like option 3 the best, though all 3 look fantastic.
  15. OK so I messed up again Mandy. I see you already said seaside... so my last and final suggestion.....well for the next few minutes anyhow... How about a photo by a castle? plenty of them to chose from []
  16. OK....OK I was just kidding with the last one. How about a photo on the beach?
  17. WOOHOO It's arrived. Another outstanding job Mandy. Thanks for all your hard work and for 2 verry good causes. My one word summery would be BRILLIANT
  18. A BIG BIG BIG congrats to John and Isaac on a great milestione. Will we see you at this years Cannock Chase christmas event I wonder?
  19. OK thanks to one and all for your replies and thanks to Lactodorum. I will contact you shortly with a few more details.
  20. Hi gang Ok here's my question. I have a multi which was created almost 2 years ago. it's a 3 parter with the first 2 parts being mocro's which seems to go missing quite often, though the final location has always been quite safe. For this reason I would love the final part to remain as in my opinion it's in a great spot. Ok I hear you all shout. just archive it and create a new regular, but the problem is this. After creating my multi someone else placed a regular very close to my final location and I'm sure if I tried to create a new one it would not be allowed as it would then be too close to the other cache location. So can I change my existing multi to a regular and keep the same cache page and just edit the listing. Hopefully all I need is for the boys at head office to update the co-ords.
  21. Looks like fun. Will give it a go when I get home from work later so watch this space.
  22. No it Isn't All I got was this message Mambo Logo GeocacheUK This site is temporarily unavailable. Please notify the System Administrator
  23. Fat chance Even if you attach a big big mission statement to the bug I'd give it hmmm... 5 finds maybe. An interesting exercise. Any other bets? Jon Hmmmmm I think 5 is a bit ambitious Jon. I say it won't get past 1
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