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  1. I did a cache in Wales in the middle of last year "The Frenchmans Grave" and spent a very long time between a tree and a rock face looking for the elusive box. I must have been there for a good half hour when I turned around and saw an old couple sitting eating a picnic and watching me. I thought I had better go explain myself so went over to tell them what I was doing hiding behind the tree. The old lady said "well we were just talking about you. I said to my husband that you must have been sleeping rough" To top it all the final cache location was nowhere near where I had been looking....
  2. Ahhhhhh right. I just assumed it was something you could edit. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi ya all On the subject of Avatars, I was wondering if someone could help me out too. As you can see from mine I have the word Tadpole at the bottom of mine. This is nothing that I have added myself and I can't seem to find how I can change it either. If I go to edit my profile, all it will let me change is either the avatar image or my name at the top. Can anyone help me out please Mark
  4. Well at present I don't have a paypal account and I would only be setting it up if it is needed so if there is an alternative option then please let me know, If not then I will set up an account.
  5. Thank you.....Can't wait to get hold of them now then ...oh one other thing...Will I need to pay with paypal ?
  6. Hi Guys I just wanted to check with you if it is OK for me to place an order for the english coins seeing as I'm not a member of the UK Geocoin group. I am in the UK so I qualify in that respect..
  7. Hi Guys This is not exactly related to the question of a chat room but I have just been to log into geocacheuk.com and found the following message "This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible." I see that someone else has posted the same note on here earlier but I was wondering if anyone else is getting the same message?
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