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  1. What's the point of the worthless automated email from GC stating your cache needs maintenance simply because it's had a couple of DNF's? and more annoyingly getting the email only hours AFTER the cache has actually been found!!!!!! I understand that some people do neglect their needs maintenance logs but if they ignore them then I'm sure another email from GC won't make any difference. I should also point out that giving a cache a higher difficulty rating means just that, so you expect to see a higher number of DNF logs or are we turning into a nanny state where every cache needs to be a D1/T1. COME ON GC get your act together and delete this useless automated email message, or at the very least only send it if there have been a minimum of say 5 or 10 consecutive DNF logs.
  2. Is Anyone else having problems with adding favourite points to a cache page? It lets you add a FP but when you go back to the page it seems to disappear. Also I created a list for my favourite caches but it won't let me add to the list either! :-(
  3. I have been geocaching since 2005 when the hobby was far more enjoyable than it seems to be of late. Back then it was always a pleasure to go out and find new caches as more often than not it was placed by a someone who wanted to bring others to a place of interest or beauty and if a trackable was listed as being in a cache then there was a 99% chance it would be there. OK roll on to present day and you find a whole now caching experience, I think a lot due to the invention of the mobile app and the roll of the reviewer which may well now be an overworked individual trying to keep on top of the numerous amount of caches being submitted for review on a daily basis. Speaking personally now, I have noticed the huge amount of nano & micro type caches placed without thought and consideration for either the local population of non cachers or the interest of geocachers to find. Only today I read a log from a cacher who had gone looking for a cache only to find it missing only hours after publication because the local community were alarmed by the sudden activity outside of private homes. We have also raised concerns with reviewers as to suitable locations and cache placement NOT following geocaching guidelines when placing by a school for example, only to be told by one reviewer that he was happy for the cache to be there as it was far enough from the school entrance, even though it was placed inside the school grounds. Admittedly this particular cache was placed by a pupil of the school so maybe they do not realise but the same child also placed a cache outside his home and actually states as much on the cache page listing so that in itself should raise possible security issues so again should have been picked up on by the reviewer. As for the introduction of the mobile app it has produced a whole new species of geocacher who really has no idea how to cache properly as they will log a find numerous times on an individual cache page or pick up a trackable because they like the look of it and have no intention of moving it on. As for placing a cache, we have found glass caches with all kinds of contents which are not permitted like food, sharps, etc In summery I truly believe that geocaching.com/Groundspeak needs to think long and hard about these issues as without radical change the hobby is destined to become extinct in a matter of years as the original geocacher who spent his or her money on a dedicated GPS'r will simply get fed up of finding useless bits of plastic attached to a trash bin, or the new breed of cacher who thinks it's great to find a couple of caches then go out and place their own without consideration for where it is placed and who it might upset. Lets not give geocaching a bad name. Reviewers as a whole need to be retrained and simply dismiss anything that does not abide with geocaching guidelines. If I were a reviewer, half the caches that I have found of late would never have been published on my watch.
  4. Hi gang Anybody know how to add a link to street view onto a cache page so that it opens up to an exact location? Thanking you all in advance Mark
  5. Sent request for new my finds PQ and email arrived very soon after from Nicole saying it had been reset so just wanted to say a big thank you to all you guys out there who put in all the hard work keeping us lot happy. It's all very much appreciated
  6. Thanks for all the great feedback so far guys. Looks like there are loads to choose from Your help is very much appreciated
  7. Thanks for that but don't think they do personalised logo's. I just realised that I also asked for you guys to send me web links but guess I could get told off for encouraging advertising so if you can help me out can you drop me a PM instead please. Sorry edited to say yes, I see they do provide the personalised logos
  8. More questions for my fellow cachers to help me out with please I'm thinking of having a stamp made for logging my finds and wondered if you good people could recommend a good place to buy from. I would like to submit my own design so also wonder if anyone can give me an idea of how much it's likely to cost too. Any links to websites or examples of personal stamps that you guys already have would be much appreciated Cheers gang Mark
  9. Exactly that max. It always takes an age to accept but today it seems worse than ever, So it's not just me then
  10. Why. without fail does running the my finds pocket query never work properly? Yes I am a premium member and yes there is always more than 7 days between running the query from the dedicated add to queue button. I only have 1 other query running so it's nothing to do with exceeding the number of queries I have running either. Does anyone else have this problem or does anyone know how to cure the problem. I run everything through firefox but can't see that being the problem as it never seems to work from IE either.
  11. I hope I can get to be a proper geocacher like you one day A VERY BUG CONGRATULATIONS
  12. Try the postcode search on the GC home page. According to that I live in Ireland and work in Germany That's one heck of a commute Nearest cache: 294.3mi from your home coordinates Tried that. Still works fine for me. The only thing I will say that my closest cache should be one that I own but it's down as being the 4th closest and to my reckoning is about 1/2 mile out but a darn sight closer than Germany or Ireland
  13. Well if the prizes were to be awarded to the owners of the coins which have travelled the greatest distance than I stand no chance at all as mine has managed less than 2.5 miles in 6 weeks
  14. I don't know where you guys must be looking but it works fine for me that's assuming you are using the hide and seek a cache option?
  15. So can I take it from the lack of replies that nobody apart from DivingDJ owns one yet then?
  16. What a great tale to share Wendy. Sounds like something I would end up doing too...lol I can't believe you told them you were looking for aliens ....Scarey situation to be in at the time I'm sure but it made me smile when I read your log. Thanks for sharing your story.
  17. Well according to the Garmin website the 300 does not come with the topographic map I think that's about it though, though I'm not sure about the inbuilt memory Again quoting from Garmin, the 300 has 850MB but it does not state a size for the 400
  18. Hi gang I'm seriously thinking of upgrading my GPS and am 95% certain that I will go for the 400t but after trawling through page after page of reviews on the net I'm still not getting the kind of feedback I'm looking for. So I would like some reviews from you guys, If you own one what do you think. In your opinion was it money well spent, would you recommend it as a must have or do you now wish you had chosen differently? What are the good points, are there any bad points, is there anything it does not do that you wish it did, is it easy to use? Your opinions would be greatly appreciated before I part with my hard earned Thanks in advance to all who reply Mark
  19. Ok thanks for that. I just need to persuade the wife to let me spend our money now then
  20. Darn it, you have me looking now.. just been checking out the garmin website but as usual the compare link is broken so can anyone tell me briefly what the difference is between the 400i, the 400c and the 400t. I have seen the 400t listed on amazon for £295 can anyone beat that? Also can anyone tell me if they think that the Oregon is a better buy than the Colorado?
  21. OK tell me more....where do I get this software then?
  22. Following on from this thread. I also know of a local cache to myself that seems to have been neglected by it's owner and the last few people to find the cache have commented on it's lack of maintenance. It's one that I would hate to see get archived and I have emailed the owner to ask if I can adopt it but what happens if I get no reply from them. Could I be given permission to adopt it from anyone other than the owner and if so, how do I go about it? Edited to add that the owners registered since 2001 and have found a total of 18 caches so not what you may call keen cachers. they last logged into geocaching.com in July of this year
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