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  1. hey san diego people!

    we are moving out of san diego, and there are two puzzle caches of mine in MTRP which i think should keep going. i am looking for someone to adopt one or both of them:


    the dude's cache: GCXJ6V - rjbloom is taking this one.

    it's a numbers game: GC18821


    the third, chopper rescue, i am ok with letting die, but if someone wants to adopt that, too, that would be great:



    oh, then there is great googly moogly, which is on the north side of cowles. this also can go away, but is up for adoption:




  2. Has there ever been a comment that you have made on these boards that is not negative? Just curious, because I don't like to judge people I have never met, but you seem like a total a-hole. Especially to have so strong opinions about something that doesn't even effect you. IMHO.....


    The image that the public and state park managers and volunteer staff might have wrt geocaching most definately does affect me. That I feel so passionate in that regard ought not be viewed as a threat by you or anyone else. You'd be better served, in my opinion, worring yourself with those who so proudly gave that embarrassing rant wrt those "rusty old cans". But no, they are your partners in the betterment of the game.


    I hope that you all really enjoy the "campfire event", Native American sing-along and ice cream.


    you just proved eric and hill right.

  3. In this particular situation, guidelines have been in place since 2003 for caches placed in Anza-Borrego for which each cache owner must comply and agree with. This is not a strict case of "don't ask don't tell". Perhaps KitFox has forgotten he agreed to the guidelines when he placed his cache. The rest of you seem to just be spouting opinions without any knowledge of the situation whatsoever.

  4. I was sort of hoping that we would have a chance to work something out with the Rangers before this issue hit the forums and created the stir that was eventually inevitable. Too late for that now. But be advised that I have been working with the staff at GC.com to respond to this announcement and I have exchanged e-mail correspondence with Mr. Jorgensen. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss more specifics of the dialog that has been opened. -MR


    Any suggestions as to what to do in the meantime with our caches? Disable/archive/just sit tight?

  5. Mr. Ramius just shut down goblingirl's new cache in Del Cerro park, mentioning something about a HOA, and stating "I don't want anyone to experience what occurred several years ago in this park.'


    This sounds juicy! What happened several years ago? :(

  6. 193,327 Views :D and only 10,096 replies. :D Whats up with that?? Come on you Viewers start making some replies. Don't be afraid, some of us don't bite, :lol: but then again Harmon is harmless I hope!!! :lol: Isn't he??? :P



    ok then. this is a reply.




    Show me an example of an "event temp" cache that is posted on the site.

    The event is published, not the temporary cache(s).


    exactly. and an event shoule only be attended once.

    what goes on at the event is irrelevant. if the caches are not listed on the site, they can't be logged on the site.

  8. Cross country means little to me. When I go cross country skiing, I don't leave the 4000-acre park. Our high school cross country team runs only a few miles.


    "Cross country" is pretty self-explanatory. If someone told me they were planning a cross country trip, I wouldn't think they were driving 3.5 miles. Cross country skiing and running refer to the style, not the distance.



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