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  1. Pocket Query start date use to be "inclusive".. meaning that a PQ selecting caches placed during , between October 13 2007 and October 14 2007* would return all caches with a "placed date" of "10/13/2007" and after and before "10/14/2007" including caches placed on "10/14/2007".


    Now, a PQ with the same dates as in the example above.. return only the caches with a "placed date" AFTER "10/13/2007".. excluding caches placed on the 13th.. the starting date of the PQ (so, only the caches placed on the 14th, in my example).


    Sounds like a "greater or equal" was changed to a "greater than" (or something like that).. is that something wanted? Requested? or what?


    * Also, we use to be able to select the years beyond the current year. Now, we are stuck making PQs end at "Decembre 31 2007". Events are placed in the future.. and I like to have a PQ that checks the next three months for new events!


    Thanks for reading.. ;)

  2. Salut a tous


    Es-ce que quelqu'un sait s'il existe une site qui ressence les caches les plus extrême? genre sur une via ferrata ou en plongée sous marine ect..?

    Je n'en connais pas et encore moins pour Europe.


    Par contre, aux États-Unis, il y ce bookmark qui liste une série de cache extrême: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...9c-f65dc0d28de0


    Une recherche avec les mots: "+extreme +bookmark" (sans les guillements) sur le forum présent, devrait te sortir une liste de sujet qui discute de géocaching extrême! :laughing:

  3. While on vacation in Alaska/Canada we accidentally came across a cache but have been unable to find a listing for it on any of the caching websites. The cache was located in a large turnout off of Highway 2 at the border between British Columbia and the Yukon Territories. It was a large rubbermaid type container hidden under a bush just at the edge of the turnout. We believe it was called "Geo-Cache #8".


    We would appreciate any information anybody can provide regarding this cache. We left some travel bugs there and are concerned about them. :laughing:



    Do you have approx. coordinates?

  4. Clyde,


    My userid does not work at the temporary forum site; do we need to set up "new" accounts until the everything is back to normal?



    Yes, you have to setup a new account.. a simple proceduer but will keep spammers out!


    And, this is only a temporary forum..

  5. Will there be a "count" displayed somewhere?

    (I know, it's not about the numbers.. look at my stats! :P )


    Ex: Total Records: 40 - Page: 1 of 2

  6. From what I've seen, it's a one way feature.


    If you accept to be one's friend, you have to send a request for them to be your friend. You don't get added automatically.

    Incorrect. You will automatically appear in their list.

    Then.. there might be a small delay for me to appear in my friend's list.. I'll check again!

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