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  1. I guess it could be more useful if you log on to gc.com from a wireless device... but, I can see how it can be useful to new users logging in for the first time. I rarely go to the home page.. I usually go straight to my account page. I agree! Unfound would be a big + Edit: Yes, it looks ok this morning! Thanks for the quick fix!
  2. It's actually near Brussels. That what I first got. Then, after a Ctrl-F5, I go thrown somewhere near Portland, Oregon. My connection is out of New York!
  3. Bienvenue dans le monde du géocaching! Quel est ton but premier? Le géocaching seulement? Ou, tu veux l'utiliser en randonnée, en voiture, en bateau? As-tu des buts secondaires? Quel est ton budget? Plein de questions pour mieux cibler ton achat!
  4. Hey! Looks like this update fixed the foreing accent/special charaters problem in the nofication email! Yay! Thanks.
  5. I must admit, I didn't know picLENS/CoolIRIS.. this is a very cool tool/feature! Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the info and I'm glad you like the screenshot!
  7. Any updates on the problem for special/international characters in notifications? It's funny how the title and only part of the body is not showing properly but it seems ok a little bit futher down in the body Thanks!
  8. I am accessing cache pages on a Mac using Safari and Firefox and on a Windows XP laptop using IE and Firefox, and the pages look the same on all of them. Do you have a firewall blocking images/maps? Or any GreaseMonkey scripts that don't work anymore?
  9. Actually, one is for Archived (Jan 27) and the other one is for UnArchived (Jun 26). If you hoover your mouse over both you will see that. There are no maintenance logs in that page.
  10. You are welcome but in the future please understand that we see them all and are aware of them even if we do not acknowledge the problem individually. I understand.. but, this is MY most annoying problem and it was also reported by 2 other users. A simple "Notification Special Characters problem: working on it, but not top priority at the moment" would have been nice. Thanks for reading, and mostly, replying!
  11. I don't want to be called by name, just an acknowledgement of the special characteres in notifications ( & ), French characters ( é à è ô) and other "Nordic" characters (Æ, Ø and Å, æ, ø and å) showing as "& # 2 3 3" (without the spaces) in email titles and bodies. I reported that on page #2.. the problem is still there for French charaters (à è ì ò ù é ê â î ô û À É ë ...) and still no news about it!
  12. I reported that on page #2.. the problem is still there for French charaters (à è ì ò ù é ê â î ô û À É ë ...) and still no news about it!
  13. Having the total number of PQs is much appreciated, but I really don't see the point of numbering each one. Agreed! But, I have a "Prime Suspect" GreaseMonkey script () that lets me know.. still works well. I suspect that it will only lead to more "I can only create 39 pocket queries!" threads here in the forum. But, incase someone wonders it's 39 PQs + 1 "My founds" PQ per week = 40..
  14. It does work now! Yay! Thank you. Now, could you remove the dot after the newly added numbers as it is already separated by a vertical line? Although I like the numbering of the PQs, it added one column and now all my PQ names are on 2 lines (not pretty). I get around it with the Ctrl-Minus in FF3 which brings everything back on one line.
  15. Special characters in notifications email title and body shows "& # 2 3 3" (w/o the spaces) instead of é (for example) since the 22nd. This was a problem in the name of cache owners in GPX files (that seems resolved now).
  16. Cacho O'Plenty, you almost remembered correctly. All PQs are scheduled. GC.com processes newest PQs first.. but, I have 5 PQs, that ran withing the same 10 minutes last week. Out of the 5, only 2 got in.. the other 3 should have followed. It can only mean that a lot of new PQs have been scheduled to run today.. or something..
  17. Thank for your reply WeightMan. I ended up copying my other 2 missing PQs and they got through just fine too. I was mainly asking because someone else I know had the same problem and it took him a while to understand how to setup PQs and he doesn't want to do the whole copy/duplicate thing.
  18. I only got 2 of my 5 PQs today. They all got in fine last week at approximatly the same time. Anyone esle using GMail have that problem? Trying to figure out where's slow down! I did get other emails. And, I also copied one of my existing PQ (that didn't get in this morning) to create new one, ran it and it got in within minutes!
  19. What about existing caches? (in Canada Post mailboxes)
  20. ok! Thank you for your fast reply!
  21. Has the "special characters" problem been forgotten? or may be postponed to another release? Thanks.
  22. Hmm.. you mentionned special characters, so I guess that would be the problem reported here.. I'm surprised that a major release like this one did not correct the "special characters" problems like these: - In GPX: - In Pocket Query preview:
  23. Ok.. I closed my FireFox and restarted it and it works fine now. Is it coincidence or my FF was the problem? Edit: Typo
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