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  1. Now that you have a Grab Coordinates tools, maybe you could permit to enlarge the 1st column, i.e. the Code column. Because, what use to fit doesn't fit anymore when you add the 01 at the end! Just a thought.. Thanks.
  2. Hi Clyde, When I click the "Show Full Change Log" link in the "Load Summary", it loads the "C:\Program Files\GSAK\data\[dbname]\Log.htm" in Internet Explorer, even though my default browser is FireFox. When I type "C:\Program Files\GSAK\data\[dbname]\Log.htm" in the Start|Run box, FireFox starts no problem. Is there an option in GSAK to fix this? Oh, and while I'm at it.. could you make the mouse cursor snap to the active buttons (if option is set in the mouse properties)? If not, you might have a reason, if you don't mind sharing it. Thanks for an extremly useful software! Keep up the good work!
  3. Here's the top 25 (user id) as of today (August 9, 2005).
  4. NAME: GÉOCACHING QUÉBEC WEBSITE: Québec GPS FORUM: Québec GPS - Babillard (Forum) WHERE: Province of Québec in Canada WHEN: October 4, 2003
  5. Il faut simplement cliquer sur le lien or convert to NAD27 at Jeeep.com situé juste en dessous des coordonnées de la cache.. et la conversion se fait automatiquement dans les différents formats.
  6. And the fact that you can load GPX files.. Tracks, routes, waypoints.. I just love it (but don't load too many tracks.. it really slows down the software!) These are tracks in Québec City. White Icons are NOT FOUND caches. Green Icons are FOUND caches.
  7. Ciao! Papa de la GrosseFamille Member of http://www.quebecgps.com/
  8. Ciao! Papa de la GrosseFamille Member of http://www.quebecgps.com/
  9. Sorry, no. You could however work around this by setting up a macro command using the INPUT and WEB commands Set $locations = "1 - Home" + $_crlf + "2 - Some place" + $_crlf + "3 - Another place" INPUT Msg="$locations" # replace %lat, %lon below with the actual location coordinates IF $result = "1" WEB URL="http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=45.5,-73.7&daddr=%lat,%lon&hl=en" ENDIF # replace %lat, %lon below with the actual location coordinates IF $result = "2" WEB URL="http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=45.5,-73.7&daddr=%lat,%lon&hl=en" ENDIF ........ Now just add this macro to a tool bar button and all your locations in google are just a mouse click (and option number) away. Thanks Clyde. I'll try it.
  10. Hi Clyde and all, I use GSAK like crazy having all Québec's caches in it.. worth every $. I have created the 2 followings URLs for Google Maps: 1- GoogleMaps(Directions)=http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=45.5,-73.7&daddr=%lat,%lon&hl=en 2 -GoogleMaps(Location)=http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=%lat,%lon&daddr=%lat,%lon&hl=en 1 - is to get directions from my home to the cache. 2 - is to get the start/dest "pins" to overlap (so I only get the cache location) My question is about %lat and %lon.. are there equivalent Special Tags to have the lat lon of the "location" selected (home, office, chalet - defined in the locations tab of the tool > option menu? This way, I wouldn't have to hardcode the lat lon on my 1st url. Thank you for an excellent product! Ciao! Papa de la GrosseFamille
  11. I get that too when I get poor reception. I've seen speed up to 1700Kph (1056Mph) while drive at normal speed. But, the fastest my Legend has really travelled is 800Kph (approx. 500Mph). I was on a plane between NYC and Montreal. That was cool! Ciao! GrosseFamille
  12. You're right. There is an angle. I didn't make the difference between aerial and satellite photo. But for the price, I'm willing to overlook this! Ciao! GrosseFamille
  13. Did you try the new GOOGLE MAPS (still in Beta)? Try this link here That's the Olympic Stadium in Montreal (Quebec). Ciao! GrosseFamille
  14. 1 - what is GSAK? 2 - The order is important.. if you want the "start" pin to be at the starting point and the "end" pin to be at destination. Plus, it make a difference for the turn by turn directions! 3 - Unfortunatly, yes, it has to be on the road. Ciao! Papa de la GrosseFamille!
  15. In fact you already can - just type the coordinates into the search box but you need to use the DD.DDDDD format. If you use GSAK you can create a custom URL: Google Maps=http://maps.google.com/maps?&ll=%lat%2C%lon&spn=0.01,0.01 which opens Google Maps at the cache coordinates - unfortunately it doesn't yet show a pin-point - the cache is in the middle of the screen. There was a work-around to get a pin-point but the work-around no longer works - that's what happens when you mess with Google Betas If you go in Directions and enter starting coordinates in "Start Address" and destination coordinates in "End Address", you'll get both start/end pins with the trail in between the 2 points. Ex: Starting: "45.5000, -73.5000" End: "46.5000, -74.5000" Now, if we could export that to .GPX or something! Ciao! Papa de la GrosseFamille!
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