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  1. Thanks.. I will try that.. but, I will only get cache that have been updated or placed in the last 7 days.. not those that have been updated more than 7 days ago!Will try out different options (placed in last month) and see what give me less than 500 results.. I think that Jeremy is confirming that new caches would (should) be in the list if there were any and if your PQ size were less than 500. (If that is not the case, then I do agree with you that this would be new behavior and that that would be VERY undesirable). It does return 500 wpts.. but, I'd like to see the new wpts being reported BEFORE the waypoints that were existing and have been modified. Maybe just a sort order to check? Or.. maybe have an option "That has been modified in the last 1 or 2 or 3 days". I already have 6 PQ (that are splitted by date placed to return less than 499 waypoints) that run every Friday to get everything (≈2800 wpts) I want.. and I have one more PQ that runs for last 7 days but does not return the new waypoints anymore.. Thanks for your input Hynr!
  2. Thanks.. I will try that.. but, I will only get cache that have been updated or placed in the last 7 days.. not those that have been updated more than 7 days ago!Will try out different options (placed in last month) and see what give me less than 500 results.. Thanks again.
  3. I have a PQ that I run from time to time (and 5 mores that run on Fridays (with Dates.. to get all the caches I want)...) but that's not the point. That one PQ that I run from time to time, is basically this: Get all caches in my "province" that have been "Updated in the last 7 days". I've been running it for the last 6 months and it was working fine until recently (don't know when exactly it "changed behaviour"! ) It still gets me 500 (or less) caches that have been updated in the last 7 days, but I don't get the NEW caches (published "yesterday"). But, I use to get them.. with the exact same PQ! I'm confused.. Thanks, P.S.: I hope my explanation is clear (my first language is french and it's late!)
  4. What's going to happen when YOU get over 27 y.o.? Will we let you in the old farts group?
  5. I just received the new PQ I did this morning. Still no sign of my scheduled PQ yet.
  6. My scheduled PQ is not in - it usually comes in at around 4am.. and, I did a new PQ a couple of hours ago and it still not in..
  7. Here are the coords for the Château Frontenac: N 46 48.721, W 71 12.295. With these coords, you could build yourself a Pocket Query (if you are Premium Member) get them all. If not, here's a few of them. You'll notice there are a lot of Multis. They mostly take you for a tour around the Old City. You can even do more than one at the time. There is one virtual that you have to do.. GCHKWJ - (photo needed) Here are the 30 closest (all available now) with their distance (in Km*) from the Château Frontenac: "Code","Kms"*, "GCTYBH","0.1", "GCR3H2","0.2", "GCKEHX","0.2", "GCHKWJ","0.3", "GCPTND","0.3", "GCR94W","0.4", "GCKXZV","0.6", "GCR5ZJ","0.9", "GCQYGG","0.9", "GCTT51","0.9", "GCTQQ7","1.2", "GCRH0Y","1.2", "GCJ8XV","1.3", "GCQVV3","1.4", "GCV707","1.4", "GCR1EY","1.6", "GCRDJE","1.6", "GCRQ36","1.6", "GCTQB9","1.9", "GCR1F2","1.9", "GCR30Z","2.0", "GCR8NZ","2.0", "GCTVQF","2.1", "GCR1F4","2.1", "GCPHYR","2.3", "GCQX70","2.6", "GCN9HG","2.8", "GCRCH1","2.9", "GCQQM5","2.9", "GCNT9V","3.0", Have Fun! * 1km ≈ 0.6 miles or 1mile ≈ 1.6km
  8. vnc, ma référence à la disparition du forum était sarcastique.. et c'était surtout pour mettre un nouveau sujet, qui permettrait de montrer un peu d'activité ici!
  9. Merci Jiheffeet BlackJack65, j'ai modifié mon premier message. Il ne reste que les Suisses!
  10. Although the www.quebecgps.com website still exists, the official website for the new official geocaching association in Québec is now www.geocaching-qc.com (the site is still in french!)
  11. Est-ce que tout le monde est dans son propre forum de discussion? Les Québécois sur Geocaching-Qc Les Français sur Géocaching en France Les Belges sur Géocaching.BE - Forum Francophone et les Suisses, vous discutez où? Edit1: Ajouté lien du forum Belge
  12. And you will see, that there are a lot of Multis and a few Mystery Caches also. The multis are great if you like to walk around downtown and discover historical places and such..
  13. For the Montreal area, I don't know where you'll be spending your nights but you can concentrate your searches or Pocket Queries on these coordinates: The Bell Center: N45 29.794 W73 34.199 (20 traditionnal caches within 2 miles) - This is the place where you'll be seeing INXS The Mount Royal: N45 30.145 W73 35.639 (20 traditionnal caches within 2 miles) - This is 1.2 mile from the Bell Center. - This is a great park located in downtown Montreal. Have fun at the show and geocaching!
  14. Is that all there is to it..?? and BTW, it doesn't do it anymore, I get the usual message: An Error Has Occured Sorry, you cannot view this cache listing until it has been published.
  15. Oh, and before anyone chimes in with "this must be a GSAK issue", forget the fact the browser page is being called up from GSAK Just go to the Geocaching.com search page and do a find on "Waypoint code": I too get the exact same error when I do this. Sorry Clyde, I should have mentionned that too. I did try it that way too, so I know it's not a GSAK issue. That's why I didn't post it on your forum!
  16. While trying to go to on the cache page of GCT2JY, I get the following error: I usually go to a cache page by double-clicking on the cache line in GSAK. I even have the published log, 2 founds and 2 notes. It just doesn't seem to exist anymore. I went in the owner's profile to see if it was there and it's not! Anyone as a idea about what happenned? Just really curious about this!
  17. Check this thread if you are going to be around Eiffel Tower.. Happy caching!
  18. Cliquez sur le nom: TeamAlamo et voyez leur profile! Impressionnant!
  19. NAME: GÉOCACHING QUÉBEC WEBSITE: GéoCaching-Qc FORUM: GéoCaching-Qc - Le Forum WHERE: Province of Québec in Canada WHEN: October 4, 2003 Update
  20. It depends.. is it Dark Gray or Light Gray? You don't have to reply to that!
  21. These are the coordinates to the Eiffel Tower: 48.858205, 2.294359 +48° 51' 29.54", +2° 17' 39.69" Now you can search on GC.com!
  22. I was once approched by a cop in Laval (near Montreal, in Quebec). And it was the first time anyone would "catch me in the act" of geocaching. I was nervous but, when he got to us, he asked me if I'd seen a young girl running around nearby.. we said no and he left us alone. He didn't even ask about what we were doing or why we had GPSrs in our hands.. so, we didn't have to explain anything. Sometimes, I guess, they do work and have better thing to do than check on us! (Of course, if it's in the middle of the night and you're bushwacking in some local park with maglites.. I guess they will have questions for you!) But, if he had asked.. I would have explained Geocaching to him..
  23. Not a problem and don't worry.. I know how you feel.. see this post mine wasn't even in a menu, a tab or anything!
  24. Tools ~ Options On the "General" tab, on the top right corner, you have a radio button for "Distance Calculation"
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