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  1. I already write the time in the logbook and in my on-line log.. I don't think it should be mandatory. And, another way to keep time is to look at the track on the computer and see where you didn't move for 2-5 mins around the cache. If you GPS's time is right, you should know exactly when you found the cache!
  2. I use FireFox and it works fine..
  3. At least someone is following the race!
  4. Pictures! We wanna see what the young lady looks like. And, of course, we all expect to be invited to the wedding. We just need the coords!
  5. In NUNAVUT, there are only 8 caches placed by 8 differents people.. In NWT, there are 33 caches and most active placer is Eclectic .. In YUKON, there are 60 caches and 3-4 active placers.. In MANITOBA, there are 764 caches.. I bet someone will be willing to help, if contacted! Look these people up.. send them a message. You'll get your missing 4! Good luck!
  6. You have to remember that a query that has never run will run almost instantly. Recent queries tend to take longer because of this:
  7. yay! you're up Oh well.. here goes. We all know there are more now, but.. In what year was the full constellation of 24 GPS satellites in orbit declared fully operational? 1995? Correctomundo! Take it away!
  8. I've read all of it.. Personally, I keep a list of the cachers I meet on the trails, at caches and the cachers that I accidentally bump (when not caching) into (got the sticker on my car, so they notice me!) but, I don't count the cachers I meet at events. First of all, there are too many of them and second, it's always the same cachers with a handful of new people. If I meet cachers on the trails or at a cache, I will write about it in my found (or DNF) log. If I meet cachers accidentally, I will write about in the thread of my local forum. I'll see when this thing takes off and maybe reconsider but for now.. I'm not really attracted to the idea. And, sorry Jeremy, I don't have a idea about what could improve/add additional premium member features.
  9. yay! you're up Oh well.. here goes. We all know there are more now, but.. In what year was the full constellation of 24 GPS satellites in orbit declared fully operational?
  10. Ok then.. 1 - Buzz Aldrin 2 - Amelia Earhart 3 - Karl Dönitz
  11. dictionary.. in french (my first language) it's dictionnaire.. that's where the typo comes from.
  12. To quote the guidelines... So, did you use Google or Yahoo? Since Yahoo was not explicitly named, you may be in the clear, though I doubt it... That ruling will have to be left for our illustrious quizmaster to make! TOMTEC Actually, I used a *cough*dictionnary*cough.. I was just trying to get the game going..
  13. I have a PQ of 499 waypoints and when I use the new preview in Google Maps button, I got to see (20/page) a maximum of 150 Geocaches Found in search area. Is 150 the Maximum? And, I agree with g-o-cashers, thanks for the new feature!
  14. Sloppy Seconds... Neil Armstrong was the first to walk on the moon. Who was the second? Charles Lindbergh was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic. Who was the second? Adolf Hitler was the first fuehrer of the Third Reich. Who was the second? 1 - Buzz Aldrin 2 - Felix Waitkus 3 - Karl Dönitz I admit, I had to look 'em up!
  15. To complete what he said: "..Because you wouldn't believe me anyways!"
  16. Told you it wouldn't be long!
  17. I'm from around Montréal, so it is not possible for me to place a cache in Québec City. But I'll pass on the message to the Geocaching-Qc forum and I'm sure someone will volonteer very soon. Edit: Here's a link to my (yes, it's in french!) post about this on our forum.
  18. Never mind. I messed up my profile and unselected my province.. it's fine now. Sorry..
  19. On "My Account Details" page, why did the default "List newest in (my province/state)" change to "List newest in (my country)"?
  20. You are correct that CacheStats relies on the pocket queries file. If you keep track of your finds using some other program such as GSAK, it's possible that you could export to a .gpx file and use that as input to CacheStats. Should work in theory, but I can't guarantee the results. Worked for me.. In my export to GPX from GSAK, I had to uncheck the "includes" in the "File type to Generate" section. Hmm..didn't work here. What other settings are there in the export box. GPX on. I have waypoint name set to %smart (%code doesnt work either which I think is default) This is my exact setup for the export. And also, I'm using the latest GSAK version 6.6.2 (build 20) which is only available from the GSAK support forum.
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