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  1. Thanks. Yes, I do remember now. Forgot that (once placed), we could find these 3 only and get to the final. Edit: Typo
  2. That would be really great! As there are French communities across the country! What do you mean by bypass legs? Can't argue here!
  3. Québec City is finally published! GCYVE8 I want to thank Goose38 for taking the challenge and, Bobinette and Cypherman for helping out complete this cache!
  4. That's not a bad guess! But, I'll be a little more conservative: 1280
  5. Ok, I've got a good news and a bad news. The good news is that the Quebec City cache has been submitted to the reviewer: GCYVE8. The bad news is that, final location is too close to another stage of another multi. Will keep you posted.
  6. Thanks e&b. Got it. And, just to keep you updated with the QC cache.. Last night, I've sent back the translation to English to Goos38. So, he should finalise his page setup shorlty. Will let you know when it's sent for review with GC number.
  7. Ok thanks. E&B, I sent you an email through your GC.com account.
  8. Pretty simple. File, Open.. load the GPX file you received!
  9. One question. Do all the caches contain a clue for the final? Or, all the caches a pre-requisit to log the final? (Ok, that 2 questions!) Quebec City cache is almost ready, should be sent to the reviewer this weekend.
  10. Thanks! Hmpft.. this then confirms that we only have 20 notifications. It is fixed! You can uncross you fingers! Ok then.. here and idea that would reduce the number of notifications.. why not have a notification for any type of cache (and not have to create a notification for each type!)?
  11. Thanks! Hmpft.. this then confirms that we only have 20 notifications.
  12. Sorry to bring back an old thread, but that's the only post I found that related to my question. I've setup 20 notifications and when trying to get the 21st in, I get the following error (shouldn't it say something like "You have reached maximum notifications (20)"):
  13. KrazyNomad, I'm the middle man in this thing with Goose38. Things are under control.
  14. You're right.. I don't need it. But, I love to have it and see how many caches are being published everyday/week.. and make all sorts of stats about it. And.. when I get my 60csx, I will be able to convert them all into POIs and load'em all in my GPS!
  15. It would eliminate most of my queries too. And, I would only need it twice a week - instead of my 9 pqs running on 2-3 days.. And, if the files is already built, no need for a PQ - just a download.
  16. Just build a bookmark with all your finds - you will get an email for every log posted to every cache in you bookmark, if you check the "Notify me when items on this list are logged" box.
  17. Double-Translation is the worst! Here's what your French text reads like when translated back to English (using goggle translation): Don't worry about me.. I can take a joke! But I guess there is some truth about that going-east thing!
  18. That translation is very funny.. especially that We're cool part! :D
  19. Looking for my last question this morning, I saw the answer.. but will let others answer this one..
  20. Lucky you! The figure I had was 12,000 miles (or 19,300 km).. close enough! Luc & Sweety, you're next!
  21. Ok guys, I found someone to place a nice little multi in Québec City. I'll be his assistant on this. So, if there are any special request (other than the page setup (logos and armories)) let me know. And, I'll let you know when the cache page is ready. Thanks for you patience.. Edit: Latest update! The cache should be in place within the next 2 weeks!
  22. Although there might be someone from Paris lurking around, you would have better chance of getting an answer on the forum of www.geocaching-france.com.
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