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  1. That's the scoop! just 5 posts above yours.
  2. going to http://www.geocaching.com/my/ works fine but going to some cache page takes for ever, doesn't work at all.. but others work fine!
  3. 8:55am here in Montreal and can't get any geocaching.com page to load.
  4. This thread also asks the same question, does it not?
  5. Since I won't have time to check on the other answers, this one is close enough.. precise date is October 4, 1957. Take it away VO2WW!
  6. We have a winner! NRCANs Geographic Names Query doesn't distinguish between French & English names so "cache" shows up quite a few times - 27 in Ontario alone! take it away GrosseFamille.... - DonnaG Do I get "A NEW CAR!"? Ok.. When (precise date: year-month-day) did the Soviet Union launch Sputnik – the world's first satellite?
  7. It's just like the Price Is Right! 1$.. uh, I mean 250.
  8. That's good.. but why would you have to change it when your name should be there by default?
  9. Un résumé de ce qui a été écrit jusqu'à présent Québec Site Web: Association Géocaching Québec Forum: Association Géocaching Québec - Forum France Site Web: Geocaching en France Forum: Geocaching en France - Forum Belgique Site Web: Geocaching.BE Forum: Geocaching.BE - Forum Suisse SwissGeocache.ch Québec - Charlevoix Geocaching Charlevoix Québec - Québec Forum de l'Amicale des Géocacheurs de la Grande Région de Québec Québec - Sagenay/Lac St-Jean Regroupement Geocaching Saguenay Lac-St-Jean
  10. No googling! As mentionned in the first post
  11. Les Pocket Query (.GPX) ne retournent pas cette information. C'est à toi de le faire manuellement dans GSAK. Si tu ne vois pas la colonne FTF (PAT), tu n'as qu'à l'ajouter en faisant "View" "Add column" et cocher "FTF". Il n'y a pas de colonne pour les STF (DAT) mais tu peux utiliser les champs "User Data" ou "User Data 2". (oops.. trompé de forum.. je crois que j'étais sur le forum de GSAK! Utilises-tu GSAK?) Peu importe.. la première phrase dit tout!
  12. Right there, at those precise coordinates.. Not sure.. I know where it is but not the country.. unless it's in Equador?
  13. Here's another personal/trackable Quebec Geocoins All info available here
  14. Although a lot of new roads are missing with V4, I like V4 better because all the streams are shown. There aren't much new streams! And when caching, if you are 7m from the cache, that 7m is often on the other side of that stream!
  15. That's what I thought too. But.. for my knowledge.. how would you use howk is a sentence? Oh no, not another howk? (Or.. Oh howk, not another false peak? )
  16. Hmm.. if I read the hint correctly.. I say H.F. Reign would be correct..
  17. Et un autre tout beau, tout chaud! Regroupement Geocaching Saguenay Lac-St-Jean
  18. I miss the days when the 3 finger salute would fix all computer problems! Edit: Working for me too now.
  19. Hey! Nice.. I keep a close count on the caches placed in Québec.. picked a number, 256, and multiplied by 5 - not all the provinces are as proliphic as Qc and Ont. While we wait for the next question, I'll ask one to keep this place busy. Q: if it is in fact true that the spike is driven into the centre of the earth, how long would the spike be? I'll accept the answer in units of metres or kilometres. hint: it would be a hell of a long spike I skip my turn.. don't have any Qs! But I'll try to answers.. 5000Km?
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