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  1. I've search for "pocket query attributes" and found this message. Sorry to bring back an old thread.. but, when would be the next update? Like a lot of people, I'm really looking forward for this new feature! Thanks
  2. Le forum est de retour.. mais pas encore le Wiki.. Misouris y travaille fort!
  3. Héhé.. j'ai hâte de voir ça.. si on va, justement, voir une différence.. de performance surtout et de fiabilité aussi. À part de ça? ça va C6?
  4. I also got the "You have reached the maximum number of Pocket Queries for this account." message. Just for the record, does the "My Finds" PQ count towards the limit of 40 PQs? Because, I have 39 PQs right now and wanted to add one more.. but couldn't. Thank you.
  5. Yep.. looks like I got everything that was missing since yesterday.. Thank you to.. whoever helped resolving this annoying issue!
  6. I just received notifies that were sent between 4 and 24+ hours ago!
  7. Me too.. I bookmarked and watchlisted a couple of caches today and they have had new logs.. but, I didn't get the notifications.
  8. Hey Rutson, Good to see you back in the geocaching community! We've already helped a Canadian traveller that will go in Paris at the beginning of April. See if this topic helps, if not, we'll be happy to provide you with more details. I used Google Earth to scout.. but, all the close ones seem to be micros..
  9. Congrats! You are very close! It is actually 4,922. That's two more than when I asked the question! See all the stats about the Degree Confluence Project. Take it away!
  10. More.. so, it is between 1956 and 10000..
  11. 1) Less 2) 173.. you are within the ±25 margin. So, you got this one. Cool! Whoever get 1) will be next
  12. 1) Less 2) Less Wow! Good for you! But, was it a Unique confluence or did other people find this one? 1) Less 2) More
  13. Some of you may know "the Degree Confluence Project" where degree confluence is the exact spot where an integer degree of latitude and an integer degree of longitude meet (ex: N45°00.000, W073°00.000) All of the 64,442 possible confluences have been assigned to one of three categories - Land(21,543), Water(38,409), or Ice Cap(4,490). Confluences that are on 'Land' are those that their data shows as being located on a continent or an island. The presence of ice doesn't change that. A confluence on a lake doesn't change it's status if the lake freezes over in the winter. A confluence located on a glacier is considered to be on land. Confluences not on 'Land' are on 'Water', except for areas with permanent ice, which are categorized as 'Ice Cap', such as confluences near the North Pole. The questions.. How many unique confluences have been successfully visited? (±500) And in how many countries? (±25)
  14. Now to my question: Who was it? Be right back with a real question.
  15. head=1 tail=2 1? I hope it's 2, I don't have a question yet!
  16. I'd look for easy rated traditionals.. they are usually there with little need for translation and yes, on-line translation can get you the "essential" meaning.. When you find out where you'll be staying and know of the caches you want to visit, a "Write note" on the cache page asking for a translation could be a solution.
  17. Do you know where you'll be staying? Or near which big monument (Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Museum..) To start you off, the Eiffel Tower is at: N 48 51.492, E 2 17.662 If you need more help, as gperlier was saying, you can try to post on the France Forum at: http://forum.geocaching-france.com/
  18. gperlier.. je crois que notre ami Guiderchachi ne parle pas français, d'où le besoin d'un traducteur de cache à description française vers l'anglais. (C'est ma compréhension!)
  19. Saw that too, today! Error is still there.. Wonder what is "Geocache Course"..?
  20. Hmm.. the first post of this thread says "no googling", I think that includes sufing .. but, since you are new, I guess we'll make an exception.. or, does Landsharkz go again?
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