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  1. Hi, Up to now the Montana's been superb, best yet, however now when i add new road routing sections from basecamp, some legs just lock up the screen others turn the montane off. These road routes usually go over water. A pain in the bum, to say the least, as I leave for a 3 week road trip in 2 weeks. "That said I'm reverting back to Version 2.6" How do you do that? Cheers Mark
  2. Hi, Thanks Splashy, but as above tried it loads of times. As above I've contacted Garmin and await their response, will reply as soon as. Yogazoo; look forward to any info you get, likewise I'll reply with mine. Cheers, Mark
  3. Hi, Like earlier posts, my compass won't calibrate on the 3rd step, and I've done it out in the open, any ideas. Thanks for any help, Mark
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