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  1. I found it to be extremely tacky to recieve these two logs:



    June 21, 2008 by xxxx (4114 found)

    Power caching around Alberta with xxx and xxxx.



    Find #2455

    Time of the find: 20:31

    Find # 69 of 92 for the day

    Time between finds 00:00:54


    June 20, 2008 by xxxxxx (3823 found)

    Up in Edmonton and Sherwook Park area power caching with xxxx.


    xxx & xxx


    Time of the find: 20:31

    Find # 69 of 92 for the day

    Time between finds 00:00:54



    Yeah, those are annoying to receive. Even though we do the total number and then "x of x for the day", we also include a story about the day, why were are caching this area, and usually a few more things. Then in another paragraph we always talk specifically about the cache. How much we liked it, if it needs maintenance, sometimes we add pictures (although we have been taking a ton lately and we are far behind). I think it can be tastefully done without coming across as bragging or tacky. Here is an example of what we do:


    Example 1

    Example 2

    Example 3


    As noted before, we like to have the number associated with the log since GC does not do it for us. Just something simple so we can track our progress through out the year.


    But yes,


    "579. Stop 6 of 14. Time: 13:45. TFTC."


    bugs the tar out of us.

  2. However, it can be a tad inconvenient. There are some in my area that have hidden over 100 caches. They cannot possibly maintain all of those caches so when someone posts a "Needs Maintenance" log it ends up sitting there forever with nothing ever being done. We did a cache in the last month or so where the description said we were looking for an ammo can, but then all we found was a test-tube. Apparently someone posted a maintenance log that the cache had been muggled. The owner could not even make it out to verify it was gone, archive the cache, or replace the container. Another benevolent cacher happened to have the test tube and replaced it for the original cache after a series of DNFs. The hider has still not updated the cache listing or the expressed thanks to the person who hid the replacement, even though they have been on the site and found caches since the original DNF.


    Moral of the story: if they hide too many, it will eventually catch up with them. We once had 15-20 going at one time and that is about all we were comfortable with. Moral 2: it gives you new areas to explore and hide caches, making the game better for everyone in the long run. I don't think there should be a limit, but I do think people should use common sense.


    Just my $.02

  3. We do it for most of ours, both the overall number and the "X of X for the day". It has nothing to do with bragging about numbers or trying to be tacky. I am a total statistical junkie and I like to look back and do my own calculations. Also, as a cache hider, I like to hear stories of caching experiences. I love getting logs with "X of X for the the day" because it shows that someone took enough planning to come and find one of my hides and likes sharing their story. I would much rather have that than someone posting a "TFTC" or "TNLNSL". As for the total number on the log, GC does not have that functionality and I like to keep it for my own records. It's like creating little time capsules. I can go back and see what I did on a certain day, in what order, and how many I had on that specific date.


    Talk about much ado about nothing.

  4. I always buy one extra so I can activate it and share it with others, but I am having trouble locating the activation link on coincodes.com. The only Earth Turtle I see is the 2008 version. Anyone know where I can find the link to activate one of these? Thanks!


    Email sent


    :lol: Got it. I will try that out. Thanks!

  5. I always buy one extra so I can activate it and share it with others, but I am having trouble locating the activation link on coincodes.com. The only Earth Turtle I see is the 2008 version. Anyone know where I can find the link to activate one of these? Thanks!

  6. Not to mention that they are not entirely feasible for paperless cachers who only get 5 logs with a GPX upload. Since the cache owner is the only one that can change the coordinates on the listing page, which is what GSAK uses to send waypoints to GPS and PALM units, it would not have the correct information if the cache was moved older than 5 posts ago (i.e. owner maint, write note, found it w/o moving it, etc) or after you load the GPX file into your device. Plus, like the poster above noted, they are not allowed by current GC rules.

  7. Steph...decided to procrastinate today on cutting the grass and started to fill up a coin case with your designs...hmmm once the neptunes arrive I'll be having to start another.

    (or better yet, will have to do a little begging to Byron for another big one)





    What an fantastic collection and a wonderful display. I was lucky enough to get my first turtle and they arrived today. I will also be getting some Neptunes. I'm so excited but I hope to keep trying for some more of Stephanie's designs. Patiently waiting for her to announce her next design.


    WOW! That is a nice display case. We are only missing a couple of coins....thanks for sharing this great idea!

  8. Any nuvi is capable of the paperless option if you run one of the macros (I think jjreds is the latest one, but I am not sure). However, I would not consider the nuvi a very accurate unit for finding geocaches. It might get you within 20-30 feet, and if the difficulty is 1 to 2 you may be able to find the cache just by using your geosense, but most are not water resistant. I would use the nuvi for its paperless functions, but stick with the handheld unit for geocaching if you have one available.

  9. I would like to wish my mother a Happy Mother's Day as well. Since we moved to New York I don't get to see her as often as I used to, but she is in my heart everywhere I go and I am blessed to have such an amazing person as my mother.

  10. They play the game their way and I play it my way.


    That is the best attitude to take. I used to race out the door to find them too, but now I just kind of roll with the punches and let them go crazy over a silly number. What does it get them in the end? Another listing on their cache stats? Fame and glory in their local caching community? Everyone has their reasons, but I agree with you...let them play it their way and we can play it our way. That is the beauty of geocaching. Kind of gives us more motivation to go out and hide multis and puzzles now!

  11. Received mine as well! They're beautiful!!!! Just in time to take to the ASP Geobash IV and SHOW-OFF!!


    hmmmm- wonder if the mouse got any??


    ;) You are just around the corner from us and we did not get ours today. I am so sad. :)


    Happy for you though! :D

  12. We have actually had both units and currently use the GPS60 as our unit of choice. We used the HC when we first started caching and it worked great...until the joystick broke. That sabotaged the entire unit and we vowed to never buy one with a joystick again. However, for the money, you get many more features on the HC like a color screen, basemaps, and more memory. Other than the joystick, we really loved that unit and probably would still be using it. It should come with a 1-year warranty if something happens, so IMO that is the better of the two.

  13. my recommendation is activating them and creating a wooden coin or a laminated picture of your coin so that it can still travel around from cache to cache and you can keep it with you ... like a stunt double.


    I would never log a photo of a trackable. . . . I suspect most cachers wouldn't. I would imagine this is outside the guidelines as well.


    Actually, it is a fairly common practice. Geocoin theft is a pretty common and unfortunate occurence, therefore coin owners make a copy of the coin and release it into the wild to travel. The best ones are pictures of the front and back of the coin mounted on wood or plastic and look very similart to the original coin. It serves two purposes: the owner does not have to worry about it getting stolen, and the cacher still get to have the icon added to their find list and move it along like a normal trackable item.


    While I always enjoy finding a real coin in a cache, I certainly understand why owners use this method with their coins. Imagine someone that owns and sends out 10 coins at $10 a piece...that would be quite an investment to lose.


    To answer the OP question...if you plan on trading coins or selling them at some point down the road, unactivated coins are preferred. If you collect them to show off and want to own them so the cool icons show up on your profile page, then you would activate them. Or you can keep some for traders and activate some for travelling around with you (which is what we and a lot of other cachers do).

  14. Im probably not going to be around for this sale, if anyone out there is willing to put an order in for me it would be GREATLY appreciated. I would be able to paypal the money directly to Tsun, so It would never even come out of your pocket. And as a thank you, I will send my personal trackable token to you.

    If anyone is willing to do this, email me and we can get it set up. Thanks...


    I'll be on and I can try to grab you some. As long as TSUN is okay with you paying for your portion of my purchases then we are good to go.

  15. pilotsnipes,


    Leaving your macro for jjred’s would make me feel like a traitor abandoning a lifelong friend. Your macro has VASTLY increased the usefulness of our nuvi. In fact, if it was not for your macro we would not have bought the nuvi. We can’t thank you enough for the enjoyable hours and hours of time we have spent searching for benchmarks and caches with the help of the pilotsnipes macro.


    --The TillaMurphs


    Ditto. The first time we used your macro we almost felt guilty for having all of the cache information, clues, logs, maps of other nearby, at our fingertips. Now we cannot live without it and its functionality. Thank you so much for the work you put into this macro!!!!

  16. As long as you find enjoyment in the hide then it doesn't really matter what other people think. Sometimes the aerial images are quite a blessing if you are in an urban area with a lot of signal bounce. In other cases, like a DNF we logged the other day, our GPS was off quite a bit so we came home and looked at the map to see if we were in the right area...we were not. Geocaching is different for each and every person and as long as you are having fun and finding caches the way you want to, let nobody dictate how you find them. The best way is the way you like to do it. :P

    Just my $.02

  17. ATMouse - as a thank you for your personal donation to our small event, we are going to send you a 2008 Christmast Edition TSUN Earth Turtle Coin (Red/White) for your event. It is the least we can do to show our appreciation. We'll drop it in the mail today or tomorrow to the PO Box on this thread.


    Hopefully next year we can make this event since we live so close now!

  18. We use the Garmin nuvi 200W for uploading waypoints and it is great for paperless caching because you can upload cache descriptions, hints, GC numbers, previous logs, and it even tells you when you are getting close to caches (if you have the right PQ running). However, there is no way that I would trust that unit, or any Garmin nuvi product for that matter, to hunt a geocache as a handheld. The +/- accuracy on the nuvi models is somewhere between 20-40 feet and that will just not do when you need to be within 5-10-15 feet to find a geocache.


    You will probably not find an all-in-one GPS unit that can route you, hold cache pages, description, etc., without spending more than $200. If you already have a handheld GPS that you use for geocaching and want to find one that you can use is your car for trips and then add features to for customized geocaching, then the nuvi is a good choice. We use ours with a Garmin GPS60 handheld unit and the combination works great, but our next purchase will be a Colorado unit that can do it all...once we have the money. :P

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