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  1. I'm in, although we have changed our geonick from bnprood to account for our newest addition (born June of last year). We are not really collecting coins anymore, but I do enjoy a good fantasy baseball league. So, I will but a coin for the winner, but I will not accept coins if I win. If I do win, I will ask you to send your coins to another person. This year my team name is Batter Up! (I was the Rodeo Clowns last year). Good luck everyone!
  2. All coins are now $4 or 3 coins for $10. Shipping prices remain $2 for the first coin, $.50 for each additional coin. Please email for international shipping quote. Please see post #11 for current availability. Please email through our profile of you are interested. Thanks!
  3. Glad they got to you safely. Enjoy!
  4. Updated to reflect recent sales. In the process of starting to adopt the coins over to those who made purchases this weekend. The above coins are still available. Please email through our profile if you are interested in any.
  5. Updated to reflect recent sales.
  6. Earlier this month we took our infant to Disneyworld and daddy discovered Disney Pin trading. To make room for our newest obsession and the related purchases, we are selling our entire geocoin collection (except a few that are near to us, have sentimental value, or are our mileage trackers). The activated ones are being offered on the forums; the unactivated ones are being sold on the auction mega-site under our user ID (bnp!bnp). I will adopt the coins over to you once payment has been received. Nearly all of the coins have logs associated with them, mainly from event dropped/discovered/retrieved logs. To look at the unique icons or read the logs of coins you are interested in, please follow this link to be taken to our trackables page. The price we are asking is $5 per coin unless noted. Shipping will be $2 for the first coin, $.50 for each additional coin and will include a padded mailer and delivery confirmation. All coins come in the original plastic sleeve; many of which have never been removed from the sleeve. All coins are in very good to excellent condition. There are no scratches or blemishes of any kind on the coins. If you are interested, please email me through our profile as we do not check our forum inbox for messages. Geopelli Geocoin Center Benchmark Micro Geocoin OKIC 2007 Hogwild World Famous Travelling Geocoin Paperless Caching (PDA) - light does not work Dude, Donde Esta Mi Chevy? Piggy Bank Geocoin Geocaching is the Key Autism Awareness - Finding a Solution Permanence Guideline DNF Micro Kiwi Fruit - New Zealand Cache Around the Clock GeoGems (Diamond) GeoGems (Ruby) CACHE-O-RATER Coexist Geocoin Original Mimbres Geocoin - Black & White ($10) Antique Gold Pocket Decoder ($10) Compass Rose (Gold) Geocoin 2007 ($10) If you are interested in looking at our auction coins, please visit this link. New coins will be added over the next few days so make sure to check back. Thanks for looking.
  7. First, I apologize for the tardiness of this post. The holidays took me by storm and we had family in for the better part of two weeks to visit and see our son enjoy his first Christmas. With that being said, congratulations to Team K-Mom for winning the inaugural season of our geocoin league. A hearty congrats is also in order for the Cache Tigers on their stellar play. If you two ladies could please forward me your addresses, I will get your coin winnings packaged up and sent out this week. As with any first-year league, I learned quite a bit about being a commissioner and have had discussions with several owners about possible changes to the setting for next season. Rest assured that there will indeed be many tweaks by the time the next season rolls around. I hope everyone had an enjoyable time and will consider playing again next season. Who knows, perhaps I'll start a baseball league in a couple of months! Happy (belated) New Year and congrats to Team K-Mom on a spectacular season!
  8. Wow! Great cause, great coin. We would definitely take a few off your hands.
  9. I almost forgot, I got one from Team Haynes last week that was very theme-appropriate! I got one today from Big Daddy that I have been seeking for quite some time. LOVE THEM BOTH!
  10. Glad it got to you safely! Hopefully you didn't have it already.
  11. Excellent! I am out of town now but I will look forward to them when I get back home.
  12. I meant to do this earlier in the week, but I have been under the weather and taking care of sick kiddo at the same time so much of my free time has been spent sleeping! Coins started flowing in this week and I wanted to get an up to date list out here so you know what you are playing for! The list is current as of today's mail drop at my house and this list will be posted on the league website as well as the GC forums. Old Leatherman Coin - Team GoGints Constellation Bronze (not sure of official name but very nice and BIG coin) - Team KMom New Zealand/Kiwi Gold Geocoin - Rodeo Clowns Love Geocoin - Silver/Purple Heart Edition - Coe Kidz Cornucopia Geocoin - Dreds Dogs Scouting Coin** - Boiler Todd With Todd's geocoin, there was a snafu with the mail service so we are working on our respective ends to try and locate the coin. If you have not done so already, please take a moment and send in your ante coin. There will also be a cointest this week for a TSun Cache Hopper coin, so watch your emails for specifics about who will win the coin! Good luck in week 3, everyone!
  13. Received an awesome midnight madness coin from Avroair today: THANKS MARK!!! Also, shipped out a coin to Hawaiian Honu today. Thanks for a great season Team Haynes!
  14. Glad you joined! Sorry about the baseball league...it was a good battle.
  15. We are down to one final spot in the league! If you are interested, now is the last chance to join! As an added incentive (cointest), the next (last) team to join will receive a Geowoodstock Cachekinz! Registration for the league will end today, so get in while you still can! As always, please feel free to contact me through my GC profile to register or if you have any questions.
  16. As I said on our league discussion board, I think you did a great job putting this together! I am definitely looking forward to do doing this again next year!!!
  17. Okay coiners, the deadline for signing up is fast approaching! Test your fantasy football mettle in this exciting head-2-head league. If you have trolled this thread and are interested in playing this season, there are still slots open. By tomorrow, Monday evening, entry to the league will be closed for the season. However, WE STILL NEED AT LEAST 2 MORE TEAMS (but preferably four). I have a couple of non-geocaching team owners willing to fill in if we need them to, but I would really prefer to keep this to geocoin collectors so the competition will be that much more exciting and meaningful. If we get 10 teams we can play with that number and I will just lengthen the season and cut a week off the playoffs. Remember, in addition to the coins won by the top 3 finishers, I will be sending out random coins throughout the season (at least three times) for leaders in mystery statistical categories (which I will announce as the season progresses). SO PLEASE, if you are interested, send your contact information through my GC.com profile and I will send you an invite to the league. -Brian
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