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  1. Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Memorial ! GCHAJZ Where does grandma live?
  2. Okay that wasn't fair Sweetheart Sweetie Pie Sweetie I quit.
  3. Sabbath Sable Sacred Oath Sadie Sadie Hawkins Safari Safe Saffron Saga Saga Continues Sage Sahara Sailor Sailor Moon Saint Laurent Saint Tropez Sake Salamander Sales Tax Saloon Keeper Salsa Salt Box Salt Of The Earth Salty Salvatore Sam Sam Spade Sam-I-Am Sambuca Sammy Samson Samurai San Clemente Sand Rat Sandalwood Island Sandbox Tree Sandman Sangria Santa Clause Santa Fe Santa's Little Helper Santini Santo Sapphire Sapphire Blue Eyes Sarasota Sarasota Springs Sarge Saru Sasha Sashimi Sasquatch Sassafras Sassy Satay Satchmo Satellite Orbit Satin Satin Wood Saturated Vapor Sauce Or Saucy Sausage Sauvignon Blanc Savage Savannah Savernake Savoy Sax Fifth Avenue Say Anything Say So Say What Scaled The Wall Scamper Scampi Scandalized Event Scarborough Scarlet Scarlet Letter Scarlet O'Hara Scatter To The Wind Scenic Beauty Schatzie Schmoo Schmooze Schnapps Schnook Scholastic Attainment School Mistress Schooner Schuy Schwarzkopf Schweppes Scintilla Scooter Score Keeper Scorpio Scotch Scotch Tape Scotty Scoundrel Scour The Kitchen Scout Scout Master Scrappy Scrappy Too Screw Driver Script Girl Scrooge Scrooge McDuck Scruffy Scrumptious Scuba Scud Scylla Sea Breeze Sea Dog Sea Dog Sea Horse Sea Raven Sea Serpent Sea Shell Sea Urchin Seabreeze Seal Sealed Book Seated Scribe Second Baseman Second Hand Secret Garden Secret Service Security Blanket See Ting Seismic Proportions Self Starter Seneca Sense And Sensibility Sera Serenade Serendipity Serengeti Sergeant Sesame Street Set It Off Seuss Seven Sumurai Seventh Heaven Seventh Seal Seychelles Seymour Sgt. Pepper Band Sha-Nok Shadow Shadow Box Shah Shake Down Shake Rattle 'N Roll Shakespeare Shalimar Shamrock Shamu Shane Shangri-La Sharkey Sharp Shasta Shawnee She's The One She-Devil Sheba Sheer Sheik Shelley Shenanigans Sheriff Sherlock Sherwood Shh I'm Incognito Shih Liang Shiitake Shiksa Shim Shim Shiree Shim Shim Shiree Shish K Bob Shiva Shocking Pink Shoe String Shoeless Shogun Shooter Shop O Holic Short Cake Shorty, Shortcake Or Shortstack Shotgun Show-Off Showboat Showoff Shramsberg Shrapnel Shredder Shrimp Shrinking Violet Shylock Siciliano Sideways Sidney Siegfried Sienna Sierra Sight For Sore Eyes Sigmund Silhouette Silk Stocking Silky Silver Silver Belle Silver Gray Silver Spirit Silverspoon Simon Simply Red Simply Red Sin Sinatra Sinbad Sinbad The Sailor Sinclair Singer Singin' In The Rain Sir Arthur Sir Wesley Andrew Sissy Sister Of Mercy Sitting Bull Six Toes Sixty Four Dollar Question Skater Skedaddle Skeeder Skidder Skies The Limit Skinny Dip Skipper Skippy Skittles Sky Sky Hawk Sky High Sky's the Limit Skyrocket Skywalker Slate Sleeping Beauty Sleepless In Seattle Sleepy Hollow Sleestack Slicker Slim Jim Pickins Slippers Slobber Puss Slobber-Puss Sloppy Joe Sloth Slugger Slums Of Beverly Hills Sly Smack Dab In The Middle Smasher Smokey Smokey N' The Bandit Smoocher Smores Snaggletooth Snaker Snap Snarl Sneakers Sneezy Snick Snack Snickers Sniffer Sniffles Snifter Sno-Pea Sno-Pea Snocap Snoogybear Snooker Snooks Snookums Snooper Snoopy Snooty Snorter Snow Bound Snow Cone Snow Days Snow On The Mountain Snow, Snowball Or Snowflake Snow White Snowberry Snowbunny Snowman Snuffles Snuggle-Puss Snuggles Or Snuggle-Puss Soap Box Derby Soar Like An Eagle Social Climber Society Of Friends Socks Socrates Soda Pop Sodium Carbonate Soft Shoulder Solar Eclipse Soldier Of Fortune Soleil Solemn Vow Solo Solo Man Solomon Solstice Something For Nothing Something To Talk About Son Of Fury Sonata Song And Dance Sonic Boom Sonic the Hedgehog Sooky Sooner Sophie Sorbet Sorcerer Or Sorceress Sordid Details Soueee Soul Mate Soulier de Satin Sound of Music Sounding Rocket Sour Ball Sourdough Southern Belle Southern Comfort Southern Comfort Southpaw Sox Appeal Space Capsule Space Jam Spacious Approach Spades Spaghetti Spago Spam Spanish Fly Spanish Jasmine Spanky Spare Change Spare Tire Sparkey Or Sparkle Sparkplug Sparrow Special Privileges Specs Speedy Spell Bound Spellbinder Spencer Little Man Sphere Of Influence Sphinx Spice Girls Spice It Up Spice World Spick And Span Spicy Spider Spider Lily Spider Web Spike Spike Lee Spinner Spiny Lobster Spirit Spirit of 76 Spirited Guy Spitfire Splash Splash Guard Splendor In The Grass Split Decision Spock Spoiled Rotten Spontaneous Combustion Spooky Sport Spot Spot Light Spring Fever Spring Has Sprung Sprite Spuds Spur Spumanti Spunky Sputnik Spy Spy Who Loved Me Spyro Square Root Squat Squeaky Squeeze Bottle Squid Squirt St. James St. John Stan The Man Star Stardust Or Starlight Stargazer Starlet Steady As She Goes Stealer of Hearts Stella Stellar Sterling Stetson Sting Stinker Or Stinker Belle Stinky Stir Crazy Stocking Stuffer Stoli Stoney Stony River Stop 'N Stare Storm Or Stormy Stormin' Norman Stormy Weather Stowaway Stowaway Strawberry Pie Stray Strider Streak Of Lightening Strega Strudel Stubby Or Stubbles Stump Stunt Man styx Successful Position Sue Suzy Sugar Sugar Daddy Sugar Ray Sugar-Plum Sugar-Plum Fairy Sugarbaby Sugarbaker Suggestive Poem Sukiyaki Sulfur Sultan Summer Sumo Sun Dance Sun In Splendor Sun Ra Sundance Sundown Suni Sunkiss Sunny Come Home Sunny Daze Sunnybrook Sunrise Sunshine Super Cool Superman Supernatural Being Supertramp Sure Bet Surprise Attack Sushi Suspension Bridge Sussudio Swami Swamp Thing Swampy Swan Princess Sweathog Sweet Cheeks Sweet Cheeks Sweet Dreams Sweet Georgia Brown Sweet Heart Sweet Pea Sweet Potato Pie Sweetheart Love and Valentine Swiss Cheese Swiss Miss Switch Hitter Swizzle Swizzle Stick Swoop Into My Arms Symbolic Logic Symphony Syncopation Music Synergy
  4. hollyburn

    My turn!

    I was going to say Bryce, maybe Arches.
  5. So I didn't read the directions. SCOOBIE Scooby Scooby Doo Scoot Scooter
  6. frenil friend Noclue Merry Christmas!
  7. Wub sure is cute! Merry Christmas!
  8. Merry Christmas! If Santa rode a motorcycle, what kind would it be?
  9. hollyburn


    Did I get in under the wire? Have a great holiday!
  10. Call off the search party. Betty has ben rescued!
  11. Costco on Grandview Hwy in Vancouver has a 23 piece set of Lock & Locks for $20. Round 1 x 100ml, 1 x 300ml, 1 x 600 ml; Rect 2 x 350ml, 1 x 1L, 1 x 2.3 L; Square 1 x 600ml, 1 x 860 ml. + 9 lids + dividers to make up 23 pieces
  12. Sounds like a good deal for 10 containers but I never thought I'd be buying from The Shopping Channel.
  13. Thanks for the cache ideas. The view from Tunnel Mountain was fabulous and we thought we were quite high up until we got to Sulphur Mountain, then Tunnel Mountain looked like a small hill. Views are out of this world. We didn't go to Root Canal as we heard there were bear sightings nearby. Will check out Othello Tunnels after the blasting is finished.
  14. Also if driving here on Hwy 99 try Q.E.2 GCHPAA and if you have time VanDusen Botanical Cache GCPDEG (admission fee) is fun. Enjoy your time in Vancouver.
  15. Thanks for the tips. All sound great and I especially can't wait for Root Canal. Still time to post others if you think of any. Cheers
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