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  1. Who supports every geocacher..... family.
  2. Thanks for the contest! I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  3. Everyone is out caching. This is a slow process.
  4. Where is everyone? Cache Blitz today.
  5. Why the difference? I guess we have more taxes here. Why were the roads blocked?
  6. Gas here is $1.25 / litre Time to stop driving and save the planet
  7. I think you can see barely one of those BCGA geocoins.
  8. We have decided to go to St. John's for this trip. Thanks for the heads up on the GREAT WHITE NORTH GEOTOUR. Now that seems like a challenge. Maybe could get a few of them this summer.
  9. Thanks for your responses. More ideas welcome.
  10. I might have a 3-4 days to cache in Newfoundland this summer so wondering if someone can suggest an area that would offer some great scenery and fun caches. I'm just starting to think about this so any help appreciated.
  11. I guess I missed out (forgot address oops) but see some BC cachers got in so may see some of your coins soon. Thanks for your generosity!
  12. Love new coins. Thanks for the tip guys! Order placed.
  13. how many are there already? pary must have started.
  14. 2006 Jeep (only because I was sideswiped by one recently)
  15. Since I overposted before.... Last name: Bryne Fish: religious symbol
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